Maximum Number Of Cesarean Sections

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to Susan-from 4-c/s - October 4

I am so concerned for you! Your bladder stuck to your uterus is not a good thing, you don't get proper bladder functioning and such. I did not have my hysterectomy at the time of my 4th c-section...he was a preemie and I had been in labor a total of 5 times with him (took Yutopar daily for 5 weeks trying to get him to term) so they did not want to do any more to me with my bleeding probs, etc. Anyhow, I had the hysterectomy 10 long years later. If you begin to have problems don't wait or let doctors tell you lot's of women have painful, labor -like periods after you are done with your c-sections. You have doc_mented proof your bladder has adhesions, ok? Do not suffer as long as I did and caution other women you meet about the terrible, long-lasting side effects c-sections can have. My 37.5 hour unproductive labor (w/no epi, just IV meds) was better than all the after-effects I have had. Good luck and be your own advocate when you are done with your babies. Be careful!


nicole allison - October 11

here is a very interesting article you all should take a look at. it pretty much says that other than a longer surgery and increased scar tissue, there is no difference in risk involved between your third and ninth c-section.


Tania - October 14

Hi Nicole couldn't find your article tried typing what you had but no luck it said it was not found, I found the blackwell site though is it under something else?


- - - - October 29

Every woman is different and maybe for some women two sections are all they can have for health reasons but I know a woman who is about to have her ninth C. So it depends on a woman's scarring, individual health, etc. Your doctor will be able to tell you specifically.


turbotif - September 23

has anyone gotten any answers on how many are safe? -- I am looking to get pregnant again.. this would be my 5th Csection... my doctor told me she had delivered 5th and 7th for two of her patients... I have moved to a new state.. so I will need to be looking for a new OB doctor... kinda scared


tinadadd - October 30

I have had 3 c sections and would like a 4th but was told I have a thin uterus, does this mean I can't have any more?


Katrena - October 30

Hello Tina I have had 3 C-Sections and came through all of them fine. If your uterus is thinning you risk the chance of your uterus rupturing. You really need to talk to your DR and let him or her know what your wanting they can give you better odds and information on whether it would be a good idea to try for a fourth. Keep us informed


Katrena - October 30

Ethel Kennedy had I believe 12 C-Sections. You can have as many C-Sections as your body will allow it all depends on you and the shape of your uterus. Hope this helps


laurastensgard - December 14

My doctor recommeded no more than three. My friends doctor recommeded only 2, but I know women who've had four and my mom knows a woman who had six. I think you just have to find a doctor who will support you. It also depends on whether your sections were emergency or scheduled, and how much scar tissue you have.


ChibiKittay - March 4

I'm on my 3rd and depending on the mother and health risks you can have 5-6. But risks such as uterine tears and issues healing I've heard go up after the 3rd one. Best of luck to you :)


TANDERSON - March 18

I have had 5 sections and I have some scar tissue and everything went well.



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