Painful Sex After C Section

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Gretta - July 8

Hi - I just wanted to post again for you future ladies to follow up - I basically stopped having s_x after we tried again at 3 months and it still hurt. So now at 4 months we tried again and it was fine! No pain at all this time around. So my suggestion is to give it a lot of time after the surgery to heal 4 months +. I told my dh that next time we are waiting a full 4 months afterwards but I feel relieved now.


MelonieM - August 7

My son is 14 mos and it can still be uncomfortable where it wasnt before, I have no idea why. My dr told me it may be because of scar tissue.


maria514 - August 9

i believe eveyone is different we are all not he same we experience different things with our pregnancy but it's good to get different advise. as for me s_x was not an issue because even tough it did hurt the few first time but we kept on trying the more i did it the less it hurt is like getting use to it again like a virgin like the majority of you said so just becareful and safe because eveyone is different


mshanson - August 22

I agree with Maria514, we're all different, everyone is going to experience this differently. My hubby and I tried 4 weeks pp and it hurt sooooo bad, we stopped. We tried again the next night with LOTS of lube, and it was a bit better, but still sore. I think basically if we just keep at it, it will eventually get better. The thing I'm finding is that I'm just not "in the mood", or at least am very rarely. Has anyone else had this problem? Is it from the hormonal changes? During pregnancy I couldn't get enough, but now I could care less. I'm just so tired from recuperating from surgery, dealing with a newborn, feeling flabby, I feel about as far from s_xy as I could get. And it's almost like I feel like I have nothing left to give at the end of the night. Does that make sense?


Tatiana5 - April 3

I'm having all the same issues. I had c section 7 months ago. S_x is still painful, although it is getting better, every time we try we are able to go deeper inside v____a. My husband wants me to go to OB to check for infections, but I thought I would search online to see if it is common or not.


TrevorsMommy - April 17

I agree with everyone here!!! It's painful! I had my c-sec 4 1/2 months ago, and it is STILL painful. We didn't try to have s_x until 6 weeks, and that first time was like having s_x for the first time all over again. For me, it hurts with deep penetration, and it feels like there is an 'open wound' up there, even though I know there isn't anything. From everything that I have read about, Pelvic Floor exercises should be done to strengthen everything. Especially if you are like me and the baby sat VERY LOW! I too wondered why it hurt so bad when the baby didn't come out of my v____a. Thanks for all your responses ladies! Makes me feel better to know I too am not alone. S_x is getting a little better. The more we do it, the better it feels. But, I still get EXTREME anxiety before we have s_x. I hope this goes away so I can enjoy s_x before getting pregnant again.


tummy tamer - May 5

hello- they held your bladder outside of your body while they cut open the uterus- things got moved- you have a scar that is not healed yet- your muscles, blood vessels and nerves were cut from the surgery- does your husband ma__sage you and your tummy? Take care of yourself! when you mean hurt the v____a, in the pelvis? surgery takes longer than you think to recover. the uterus was incised, and a baby came out, your cervix was indirectly affected- try having your husband place his clean finger inside of you, and with other hand place over your scar area- breathe into the connection- he does not have to move his finger or hand, but can move hand on top of tummy to see if there is a connection in pain level for you- breathe in love and light- be gentle with yourself- do scar ma__sage and take care!


Rooster - May 17

I'm going through this too. It's been going on for 10 months now. I'm still b___stfeeding and got my first period back last week ( I didn't miss that!!). I have to use pads as using tampons is even painful. I've had two Caesarians. This particular problem only lasted 3-4 months with my first but this time is much worse. I've seen doctors etc. only to be told that it's merely a waiting game. My husband is extremley understanding but it's starting to bring me down. I miss the intimacy of it all. The pain is incredible for me. I'm happy to know that i'm not the only one!


Truki - December 5

Thank goodness I found this site. I had a c-section a year ago. My son was breach and I tried all the different techniques my doctor suggested to turn him, but he was too big and a c-section was scheduled. After a year, I am still having problems. My right hip makes this popping sound when I lie on it and s_x is painful still. I thought there was something wrong with me and my husband thinks I'm not interested in him anymore. I want to be intimate, but I starting feeling anxious about intercourse when I remember the pain that comes along with it. I thought that by now, everything would be back to normal and my husband and I could resume our normal s_x life, but that hasn't been the case. I am still searching the internet for a solution to my problem. I just want the pain to go away.


funnygal84 - March 24

It's been almost 4 months post-c-section and i still feel a bit of pain during intercourse. it helps to have LOTS of lubrication and try different positions to find out what's more comfortable. so far i can only stand spooning. i also keep getting uti's which is part of why it hurts. my doc says this is normal though because of the catheter. i didn't know i had a uti until i was tested, because some people don't have symptoms. you might see if that's an issue. :\


foxxyb80 - April 25

Hey ladies! I too had painful s_x after c-section. My boyfriend and I tried as often as I would allow (which was like 1 every 2 weeks) from the 6week mark on. After like 2 sec we had to stop because I was in so much pain, he couldn't even get the tip in. Everytime we tried I was almost in tears! Well, finally after almost 3.5 months I figured out the solution by accident. Try rubbing your c___t (or using a vibe/rabbit/etc while he's penetrating. The pleasure will actually dull the pain and allow you to have s_x. After he's in you can stop, but take it slow. Every time it starts to hurt again, just continue to stimulate the c___t. I SWEAR this works. Good luck ladies!


lstarnes - July 9

I'm so glad something is not wrong with me. I hated s_x because it hurt. I had a C-section 7 weeks ago. This last time I didn't stop my husband and I felt like I needed an icepack to help my pain. Did anyone see a doctor to see how it can be helped.


csmom - August 6

Everyone is different when it comes to having s_x after a c-section but it's not unusual that it will hurt a little. When organs and muscles are stretched and moved during surgery it will take time for them to get back into being used again without feeling some discomfort. 8 weeks might seem like a long time to wait but everyone is different and for you 8 weeks just may be too soon. Give it a few more weeks. Also I suggest doing some abdominal exercises like Kegels, this can help strengthen those muscles and help get you back into shape. Hope that helps :-)


eaglelady2009 - October 1

Hi. i had the same trouble, but I thought it was from the intense labor that I had prior to the c-section. I had a 21.5 hour labor including two hours of intense pushing. The nurse-midwife at my ob/gyn says it is a lubrication issue and that lactating women become like "old ladies" .... but I think it felt like it was the muscles that were sore, not the skin. To the point that I don't feel like trying again for quite some time. Eaglelady


Charmie - January 29

I'm 12 weeks post op and still having pain during intercourse. We tried again tonight and UGH I am using enough lubricant but it is still painful. It definitely is uncomfortable during but afterwards i think is worse. It feels like a burn and this ache that doesn't go away for 1-2 days. I'm kinda afraid to call the doctor to get a PAP which is scheduled for April...but part of me is thinking something is really wrong.


papillon19811 - September 11

had the same problem it was extremely painful,like i was getting stabbed inside my v____a.......I took a water aerobics cla__s 2x a week for 1 month and it made it great again......I know others that tried it as well and seemed to do the trick for them also.... just putting it out there for those who feel as desperate as i did to fix the problem...... :)



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