Please Does Anyone Know Can I Opt To C Section In Canada

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wantC - November 17

Can I opt for a C-section in Canada?


klp - November 19

Why? Demand the best anestesiologist for your epidural instead.


cdc - November 20

Yes, you can.


ch - November 20

Yes, you can.


To ch - November 20

How did you find out this information?


Moira - November 20

Yes, in our province you may. But they discourage indiscriminant surgery.


To Moira - November 21

Please tell me how you know this. I am in Ontario. I've been doing so much research, but I'm afraid to ask my OB. He's old fashioned and I'm only in my second trimester so I don't want him to think I'm being crazy.


Kristeen - November 21

I live in Nova Scotia and I am not even pregnant yet. But when I asked my family doctor if I could elect to have a c-section for my first baby because of issues I have with a___l fissures, because I am in my late thirties and also because I am very pet_te and everyone in my family has had to have v____al intervention births, she told me that where there is currently so much debate over elective Cs that all she could do was refer me to an OB who was open to c-sections, rather than to someone who was from the old school. If I do get pregnant, I cannot see an OB refusing me an elective c-section as I do have genuine reasons for asking for one: problems with a___l fissures and I am not even pregnant yet (I cannot risk a possible episiotomy or tearing which could tear right through my rectum); I am in my late thirties; and I am very small and everyone in my family has had to have v____al intervention births. I do think the OBs are out there but a woman has to be referred to someone who is open to performing them.


Moira - November 22

Call the local office of the National Inst_tute of Health. Hope that helps. Look up the Registry of Obstetricians which has a link to Royal College of Surgeons (I believe). I will see if I can find the listings and get back to you.


wantc - November 22

Thanks Moira. I'm not sure if it is a provincial concern or not. I will speak to my OB at my next appointment. I will do anything not to tear since I am also over 35 and have had to have my labia reduced already so I'm sure there would be tearing. I can't see going through another bunch of years waiting for the pain to go away like I had to after that operation. I love the fact that I'm having a baby, but I refuse to give up my s_x life for a lengthy time again.


want C - November 23

I went to my appointment yesterday and ordered up a C-section like it was on a menu. I explained my concerns, was asked which type of cut I wanted and given a date and package for hospital surgery. I'm sooooooo happy!!!!!!!


Moira - November 23

Well, good luck then, wantc, sometimes it is, ahem....more of an experience than you signed on for. Just wanted to give you fair they can be VERY painful and hard to recover from. Good luck if this is truly what you feel you want, however.


wantC - November 24

I've hada couple of painful surgeries in my life where I was cut. I don't mind pain as long as it's not in one certain spot and that's down there.


emmef - February 5

Can I ask who you saw? My husband and I are talking about getting pregnant, but I want to find a doctor first, so I can talk to them about my concerns.


Dizzylizzy2018 - April 19

Hi There - I too am seeking to have an elective cesarean.  I asked my OB early on and she was fine with my request but she has since changed her mind.  Very frustrating as I thought I was all sorted out. Can you share your OB's name with me?



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