Sex After C Section

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sunshiny - December 21

I had a c/s on Nov 28/05 and held out until last night. I forgot to ask my Dr. but my bleeding has almost stopped so I figured it would be ok. It's been 3 weeks. After reading this forum I feel much better about it. Thanks!


sam - December 22

i wasnt told when i could but i did after two weeks and apart from my tummy feeling a bit tender it was fine


Jamie - December 22

I think it might depend on the individual situation...I was told to wait 6 weeks because I was in labor, fully dilated and pushing, and the doctor wanted to make sure my cervix closed again; I think that if you've had an elective c-section where you never fully dilated or effaced, it'll be different than if you dilated or effaced a lot and had an emergency c-section.


Joe - January 14

My wife had a c-section on 12/25 and since we came home from the hospitial she was already been getting in the mood but any time I do anything to her she b__ws me off and says it feels great but since we can't have s_x thats why she "doesn't like it'. She is now to the point where she likes to tease me but I cant take it any more. Her doctor is a male that niether of us ever wanted and we don't know when she will be able to have her check up and I told her that we are not doing things intill she has her check up and it seems like it will never get here. We went from 2-3 times a day to pretty much nothing at the end and now everything is starting to get back to the way it was but it has only been 3wks and her appt isn't for another 4wks. We are both vary torn on the issue. I worry that i will hurt her and that pretty much everything will go wirong and she is wanting and some a so am I. I can't want and I can't rush what should we do?


elizabeth - January 24

i had s_x 3 weeks after i had my surgery. it hurt a bit but then i felt fine. now all that really hurts is my inscision a bit.


No way! - January 26

I know that the last post was just the biggest load of BS. Whatever, no one would physcially tolerate s_x 24 hours after major abdominal surgery. Quit posting c___p...that must be some lewd hospital you were in if you had s_x 24 hours after your c-section.


Jbear - January 27

Actually, I was messing around with my husband while I was still in the hospital too...not intercourse, but other stuff...I don't think it's really that strange.


Sarah - January 29

I have had a previous c-section in 2003 and just had one on January 23rd. With my first one, I waited 10 days...with this one I think I'll wait 2 weeks because I was a little tender previously, but after 2 weeks, I was fine. Let your body tell you when your ready...but I would really recommend you being on is less pressure on your abdomen and you can control the be the judge.


Dan - February 5

Don't pressure your partner to have s_x after C-Section. You should both be ready. I was so h__y after watching my wife pump that I couldn't keep my hands off her. We had s_x after 3 weeks and it was way too soon for her. She didn't tell me how much she didn't like it until later. Let her know that you still love her, and be affectionate, but let her decide when to have s_x, and be ready to stop in the middle if she changes her mind. Try to think of ways to make love without doing "it." Also, talk to your doctor about pains you have. Some are normal, such as an internal burning along the incision caused by revitalizing nerve endings (usually lasts 7-10 days). Others may be signs of infection on the incision or benign cysts on the ovaries (usually clears with heating pads, showers, medication, or surgery). If there is minor discomfort, be creative about avoiding what causes the pain.


Nikki - March 3

I think 6-8 weeks is perfect. But for me this is my 2nd c-section and I'm ready after only 2 weeks, I guess it really depends on your body and how you feel.


erin - March 3

My baby was born of c-section 2-9-06 and me and my husband had s_x about 3 1/2 weeks after she was born. It hurt only because I was not emotionaly ready. Physically it didnt hurt but emotionally I think it may be better to wait. Delivery and new baby is draining so be sure to consider all aspects of s_x. I loved s_x physically but mentally and emotionally I couldnt get my mind to connect with my lower parts.


amanda - March 10

well it will be three weeks for me and my doctor told me when i feel ready but not to push it. I don't think that i am ready yet any ways.


katixa - July 12

is it safe to have anole s_x after a Caesarean


pinku - August 4

My question is, My wife got ceresearn on 06.06.2008 when i can intercourse with her. Kindly advise


missyc - January 4

Thank you for all your responses. I had my son 6 weeks ago and haven't had s_x yet. I'm afraid because s_x was uncomfortable for me before the c-section. I've read all the responses and it seems that it's all based on how your body feels, not what your doctor or friends say. I know for me.. my doctor is not sensitive to my pain at all so i don't trust his answer, even if i asked him. My husband has also wanted to have s_x and it's hard to turn him down time after time but i figure... i've gone through a major surgery and have gone through a lot of pain and still am. I need to take care of myself or else i'll end up to be a bitter wife and that in the end won't be fair to him. Plus, i tell him that i can do other things to please him that won't cause me pain:)


the man - January 27

Wait until the bleeding stops and then, if you're still squeamish, try taking things into your own hands with a personal ma__sager or something (seriously, so you're in total control). If it's too much for you, then you know you're not ready for s_x. If everything is fine, you're ready to finally appease your begging husband's requests. ; )



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