Drank Heavy To Moderately First 8 Weeks

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helotes - March 13

I am 24 weeks pregnant now and drank my regular 2 martini's and small gla__s of wine w/ dinner (each day) up to 6 wks when I found out the baby had a heartbeat! Was very surprised because I had been through fertility testing etc. Lot story short, I immediately quit drinking after seeing Dr. Baby is ok, except for has isolated (not in relation to any other abnormality) "partial agenesis of corpus callosum" which may cause some developmental delays. I blame my drinking on this now, but one Dr. says this there is not a fully known cause of this. Still searching and hoping I did not cause. Anyone else in this same boat? I doubt it because it is a pretty rare congenital birth defect. Anyhow, any info anyone may have would be helpful.


meowth - March 3

what is your due date? you can find on due-date-calculator.org


scared_please help - March 4

I think this might be an old thread, but I am desperate for help and am hoping that someone can respond about drinking HEAVILY before you knew you were pregnant. I tend to have a gla__s of wine or two with dinner, although some nights I didn't drink at all. When I was exactly four weeks from my last period, I had a really wild night and drank two BOTTLES of wine on my own. (I was at a party with friends, but I drank that wine all on my own, with no "help.") I am trying to find out if any woman out here has had as much to drink as I did at once, before she knew. My doctor indicated that the real concern is that I had so much at once, and he had no words of comfort, other than that we would just have to wait until our child is school age to know the harm that I have done.


mirandac - February 12

I have a daughter who we adopted. The birth mom admits to drinking one bottle of wine a day for the first 6 weeks and then drinking about 10 times during the remainder of the pregnancy. Our daughter has partial fetal alcohol syndrome or pFAS. Her problems are mild only because we are aware of her needs and get the help she needs. She does have some facial malformities which are not obvious to an untrained eye and her frustration level is low. If she were not adopted, she would not be diagnosed and would not be getting help. Bottom line: DO NOT DRINK WHILE PREGNANT. It's not worth the risk. 


jennymomming - May 9

I am not pregnant but we're trying to be. I drink alcohol everyday before sleeping and I think that I may struggle with letting go of alcohol when I become pregnant. I've heard that alcohol can affect the baby in many ways and that alcohol also mess with PT results. I hope I can do it. Reading all your comments and experiences is really helpful.



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