Drinking Before I Knew I Was Pregnant

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linzee808 - July 11

I am 26 years old and just found out i am possibly 6 weeks pregnant. This was a shock to me because i was taking my birth control on the reg. Then my doctor found out that i probably got pregnant from the antibiotics i was taking 5-6 weeks ago which lowers the effectiveness of your BC. During the 6 weeks I would go out on the weekends with my friends and boyfriend and drink hard liquor. I do know that any alcohol consumption is dangerous for you baby and I am worried that my actions have harmed my baby's development in any way. My boyfriend is extremely worried as well and is considering having an abortion. We would bot feel guilty if our baby had problems because of our actions. All you want is a healthy baby. This has caused many sleepless nights and many tears. I don't have any drug abuse problem and I am dedicated 100% to a healthy pregnancy and baby but fear the damage is already done.


lunamoo - July 12

Do not worry about a thing. I know its hard not too. Children born with FAS are of mothers who are ma__sive chronic alcoholics drinking 24 7 and most often involved with smoking and other drugs. In addition these mothers most often do not have prenatal care and are living in dire situations. To be honest I hardly know a mom that was living a virgin life style when they got pregnant. Some of them not knowing until 3-4 months. Think of the miracle that awaits you and your boyfriend, everything will be fine!


akit - March 22

It's not a big issue.But you should quit drinking now for you and your babies health


Progenesisivf - February 8

When you drink alcohol during pregnancy, it travels through the bloodstream and reaches to your baby. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy also increases the chances of miscarriage and stillbirth. You should stop drinking alcohol now. 


wellspring1 - March 20

It's always better to stop drinking during pregnancy. This increases chances of misscariage or stillbirth.


qiaraau - March 22

Being 100% dedicated to healthy pregnancy is the best choice. Think possitive. And quit drinking now. All will be well. Regular visit to a doctor will also help you and the baby. You can take supplements like probiotics so you and your baby will have extra protection and immunity.



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