Soda And Diet Soda Who Drinks Them While Preg

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lilpaingin3 - May 31

my friend just had a baby that was born 2 months premature.she drank so much mt.dew while she was pregnant that the baby is now addicted and the doctors are have to give him mt.dew through a feeding tube to keep his heart rate up..


MyLifeNotYours - June 13

WOW! The doctors have to give the baby mountain dew through a feeding tube. I simply think your friend didn't take care of her self while pregnant. I drank soda with my first pregnancy child born normal no problems. My second child I also drank soda, but I did cut down a bit, and nothing happen. With this pregnancy I drink soda basically everyday at least 1 bottle (no not a 1 liter or 2 liter)I went from pepsi to 7up or sprint & even ginger ale, cause this baby seems not to like dark soda.


hgs16 - June 18

I do drink regular soda sometimes. No more than 1 per day, but I dont drink one everyday. If its the caffeine you are worried about sprite/7-up are caffeine free naturally. You can also buy caffeine free coke/pepsi. As far as the sugar content goes.....when I have a soda I consider it my 1 sweet treat for the day ( vs. having a cookie, ice cream, etc). I eat really healthy overall and its really all about moderation with things. No, you wont gain too much weight as long as your diet is healthy and the "bad" things you eat/drink are in limited in your diet.


Floricica - November 5

I drink a gingerale every morning. It keeps me from getting sick. I am only 11 weeks pregnant and I leave the house at 7:30am every morning. SO yeah I drink that lol


newholly1226 - February 12

I drink usually one 7-up or sprite a day, sometimes 2, helps with my queasiness...then sometimes a dr pepper or rootbeer....just cause i love the taste lol.. i dont get much caffiene throughout my day but i am takin in alot of sugar, mostly because thats what i really want lol


happilymarried24 - February 26

My husband drinks quite a bit of soda and I'll take a sip from his sometimes, but try to drink mostly water. I get sooooo tired of water sometimes, though! lol If I do drink a soda, I at least make sure it's not caffeinated....I heard caffeine is bad for the baby. Is that true? I'm 17 weeks and have my first doctor app. next week so haven't been able to ask her any questions, yet :)


hmpg - July 23

It definitely works on weight increase. Occasionally it can be used but it is good to avoid on a frequent basis. Instead a cup of skimmed milk or toned milk is good.



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