Soda And Diet Soda Who Drinks Them While Preg

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Jenn2 - February 18

I was just curious who still drinks an ocassional soda or diet soda while they are pregnant? how often do you drink it? If you drink regular soda have you noticed extra weight gain? I am just curious as to how many women really do drink soda while pregnant? I know I do ocassionally, and I just want to hear from others.


Joanne - February 20

almost every day, but not diet soda - I heard the aspertame is bad. But I couldn't give up my cokes, so I just switched to regular.


krc - February 20

for one there is no difference in diet and regular soda. I find it funny that people who are on diets or want to lose weight think they are accomplishing something by drinking " diet " soda. ( unless your one of those that simply prefer the taste of diet vs regular ). Okay that was just me being opinionated. I drink soda whenever I get fast food which is maybe once a week, then I drink less than 1/4 and throw it out. Im not a fan of soda and soda doesn't nourish my baby so I drink water and if im craving that fizzy carbonation I drink Perrier. Tates kinda like sprite with no sugar I guess but i love it.


Nicole - February 22

Have you ever looked at the amount of sugar and calories in a regual soda vs. diet? There's a huge difference! Try about 100 calories per 250ml for regular vs. 5 calories per 250ml for diet. Also, aspartame is a huge no-no when you're expecting so you're right Joanne that having anything "diet" is not recommended. I tend to drink soda when I get take-out only. Maybe once every other week because I believe it's also important to stay away from caffeinated products.


Margaret - February 23

I do sometimes. I eat really healthy, but I find its hard to stop drinking the soda. I can honestly say that is the only "bad" thing I put in my body while pregnant. Pre-pregnancy I drank diet soda allot, but b/c I want to limit my aspartame intake....I switch back and forth from diet to regular. I know neither is good for you, but I consider that my treat.


aspartame debate - February 24

hi ladies . .. i know that overall aspartame is bad for you, but have you really looked at the study? take a look at it and you'll be surprised that the study was done on rats...and basically it concluded if you drink more than 13 cans a week then the aspartame is bad for you. I avoid it altogether but it's not as bad as it's made out to be.


k - February 24

Wow, I feel like a HORRIBLE expectant mom. I drink a caffeine-free diet coke almost every day. If I am at a fast food place or something, I'll have a regular diet coke. I limit them to one a day, which my doctor said is fine. I keep seeing on these boards lately about how diet soda is so horrible, but I'm not sure one a day is really so bad. The FDA says it's fine for pregnant women in moderation. I agree that it's best not to have any soda since there's no nutritional value, but it's definitely better than a lot of things I could be doing to my body during this time.


k - February 24

By the way--I should add that I don't like regular soda at all--I only like the taste of diet.


AshleyB - February 26

Hi, I heard that it's ok to have Splenda, because it comes from the naturaly sugar cane. And Diet 7up is sweetened with splenda, Anyone know how true this is?? Or heard anything different?


Laura - February 27

Splenda is derived from sugar but is changed artificially into a "sugar-like" compound. It is so new that no one can really say what (if any) the long term affects would be. I would treat it like any other artificial sweetner and avoid it during pregnancy. It's just not worth the risks.


k - February 27

I have read in more than one place that if you're going to choose between aspartame or splenda, aspartame is better. This is because not enough research has been done to determine whether splenda is actually harmful during pregnancy. If only we didn't crave sweet things!!!


AshleyB - February 27

Thanks for the info ladies. I'll definatly keep that in mind now.


Roary - March 12

Splenda has 4 chlorine atoms attached to it--artifically. I drank some juice today by accident with sucralose in it. I feel very upset by that....(sigh)


Terri Ruffin - April 14

I drink sodas often and I haven't had any skin problems, weight, or health problems. I probably drink at least one soda everyday from pepsi, coke, mountain dew, the list goes on. I even drank them when I was pregnant with my daughter and she is as healthy and happy as can be. I'm currently expecting my second child and have cut back, but quitting is hard to do, only if I find it extremely dangerous for my unborn will it come to a complete end. I do believe that it does cause more gas, but yeah you have to let it out one way or another!!


Erynn21 - April 15

I still drink soda, because I get so darn sick of water not diet though, I think it's gross and it gives me a headache. I don't think that the occasional soda is hurtful, if that's not all you drink. I drink water almost all the time. I usually drink 7-up, but I drink a Pepsi every now and then, and Cherry Coke. Since I've been pg. if I go out to dinner or lunch I want that. It tastes sooo good...


mandee25 - April 15

I drink regular soda once in a while but not everyday. Stay away from the aspartame. FYI aspartame can be found in gum, lite yogurt, etc, not just pop.


lilpaingin3 - May 31

my friend just had a baby that was born 2 months premature.she drank so much mt.dew while she was pregnant that the baby is now addicted and the doctors are have to give him mt.dew through a feeding tube to keep his heart rate up..



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