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DANI - February 26

Just to let you know that with ds that's all i craved and he is very healty, smart and growing fine. Just remember to take your prenatal vit. that will help supplement what your not getting and drink lots of water. gl.


dukeblue1212 - February 26

Most fast food restaurants do offer "healthy" alternatives. Salads, grilled chicken, chili, yogurt, baked potatoes are just a few of the healthy alternatives. I work two jobs (8am to 10pm) so I don't have time to pack every meal I'm going to eat for the day. You obviously can't eat burgers and fries every day, but there are some healthy choices out there.


jenna32 - May 18

As long as yo are taking your vitamins and it isn't like everyday !


Kspa - July 19

Fast food is harmful. You don't know what you are getting in the meat. A lot of the meat is full of dioxins and other toxins. If you saw the way these animals were cared for before they were killed, you would be appalled. And they are shot up w/ anitbiotics b/c they are kept in horrible conditions and they are so unhealthy. It's not worth it. Eat a hamburger that is lean from a real restaurant or make it yourself.. The fats they use to cook and fry are awful as well.


sarah21 - September 12

Ooh this thread got me fired up. Hormones and harmful antibiotics and additives are in ALL food you buy unless you make tons of money and can buy organic food. I, for one, can't afford it. And I leave my house at 6:50 AM, get home at 7:30 PM and don't have time to cook and can't afford to eat at a "real" restaurant every day and don't have the energy to make and pack up my own food to take with. So I get stuck with fast food. Yeah I try to be smart about it. But really, get over the hormones and stuff-- it's in what you buy at the grocery store, too.


Chris1975 - September 13

Sarah, I totally agree with you. Even the fancy expensive restaurants dont always serve organic foods, plus all those meats & veggies at your local supermarket or green grocer... yep theyre not hormone/toxin free either (unless you get organic foods which cost sometimes 3 times the price). I dont think there is any foods you can have these days that dont have some added chemical or hormone!! Even walking thru the city and breathing air is bad for you!! Having a go at people for having a bit of fast food now and again is ridiculous and uncalled for..with prenatals and healthy eating aside from those bad meals and some daily exercise, i doubt your in any danger whatsoever, both for the baby and yourself. Ive craved cheeseburgers from mcdonalds for past 2 mths, and hadnt eaten them before that for years. But on days where i eat them, i make sure i have another of my meals loaded with veggies and have wholegrain bread or cereals for brekky. Moderation is the key here.


inuk-mama - September 13

Ok, this is an issue that really gets me. I am pregnant with #3 and I have to say, I HAVE NEVER CHANGED MY EATING HABITS!!!!!! I eat what I want, when I want. The whole thing with "stay away from this, or stay away from that" drives me crazy!! I'm not saying to run out and stock up on pop and chips but I have never cut out the caffeine while pregnant. I drink MAYBE one mocha a day. I eat junk food when the craving hits, and eat 3 sqaure meals a day. With # 2 I craved hot wings so I made hot wings almost every night! This time I crave fruit, mostly nectarines, so I eat them daily. If I want McDonalds I get it. I take materna vitamins daily and I have had three healthy pregnancies. Do what you want


TatiK - November 21

inuk-mama you said it all! Don't stress your self out with eating only healthy. Give your body what it wants sometimes too! Just don't pig out LOL. I craved pizza with my first. Gained 30lb when I was in labor and I lost all the weight after labor (nine months) that is. It takes nine months to put it on and it will take at least nine months to take it OFF. As long as you are giving the vitamins your body needs you are good to go~ enjoy your pregnancy louisa3


adellamarie - December 29

I agree with Inuk-Mama on the part of eating whatever you want - in moderation! Right now I'm craving Heinz Tomato Juice and can drink a large can every 2 days. I try to eat healthy, but the smell of meat cooking at home makes me nauseous!! I'm 12 weeks pregnant and as of this morning, coffee also makes me feel queezy (obviously baby doesn't like it). This is my first pregnancy and I'm trusting my instincts and my baby to tell me what I shouldn't eat. I am also getting opinions left right and center and am already tired of it. I'm taking my vitamins, I'm eating as healthy as I can (I haven't had potato chips yet!) and according to the docs, baby is doing just fine and so is mama! Isn't that what really counts???


carrie27 - April 18

A prenatal supplement is a SUPPLEMENT, not a replacement for eating whole foods. If time and convenience is the issue, have foods that don't need a lot of processing: a banana with peanut b___ter, almonds and dried cherries, or cuc_mbers in yogurt. There are so many quick, easy snacks that are made of real food! Rather than "treating" yourself to fast food, "treat" yourself to real, delicious food, like frozen blueberries, fresh pears or peaches or a homemade ginger-banana-mango smoothie. The effects of industrialized, chemical-enhanced, over-drugged food aren't immediate. It takes a lifetime of fast food "indulgence" to see the impact (and we are experiencing that impact now in our national health crisis.) Nothing dramatic will happen to a developing child from a little bit of fast food, but why not stick to whole, natural, (actual) foods and help ensure that your child isn't one of the 20% (that it one out of 5! 6 kinds in an average cla__sroom!) between the ages of 6-11 that is obese (not just overweight- clinically obese!)(Stats from US center for disease control and prevention).


mommy_2_3 - February 26

I don't that fast food is that bad if it every once in awhile. It is vitally important to eat healthy because the nutrients go to the baby first before going to you!



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