Weight Gain ... :(

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joko1111 - December 13

i was a size 5 or 6 weighing 117 pounds when i got pregnant. i am at 190lbs, i eat healthy but i have gained 75 pounds im 35 weeks pregnant. none of my clothes fit at 14 weeks my face looks fuller and doesnt look like me.. and i am so insecure in pictures i am afraid of reaching 200 lbs.. has anyone else gained this much during pregnancy and did it come off? please i cant seem to talk to ppl about this they just laugh and say you look fine.


PearlRawls - September 23

It's fine, yes sure it will come off. Do some light weight exercise as well.


BettyBailey - March 1

Gaining weight during pregnancy is normal and its a good sign that your baby is growing helthy. You can try some pregnancy exercises that will help you to stay fit.


CynthiaDuncan - March 14

Yes I too agree that gaining weight during pregnancy is normal.


Progenesisivf - February 7

Yes, gaining weight during pregnancy is normal, but try to maintain a healthy weight. It is important to stay active during pregnancy. Decide your pregnancy exercise routine under the guidance of your healthcare specialist to avoid pregnancy discomforts. 


wellspring1 - April 30


Weight gain is common thing during pregnancy, its important to maintain healthy diet and proper exercise which is suitable during pregnancy. It's always better to consult your gynaecologist for more details and plan your diet and exercise accordingly.


gemi - June 26

Joko hi! I can realize your problem. I suggest you that never take diet with high calories. try to eat high fibered food. You should do a light exercise to lose your weight. Try to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. By keeping these rules in mind, I hope you feel a bit change in you. you can also join our support group for further help.


Sandra_Rich - September 9

A common thing, especially if you take into account the development of the child. Weight will pass after childbirth, but not the fact that all, you need to do some exercises.


JessicaSmith12 - October 27

Gaining weight during the pregnancy is absolutely normal. Every organism is unique and if something works with one woman, it can be ineffective with you. I would recommend you to continue eating healthy food and start include physical activities in your life.  



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