Declared Infertile.

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annataylor1 - July 20

Hey. How are you doing all? Hope so everyone is doing fine. I am feeling so depressed nowadays because I recently diagnosed infertility. I just came to know that I can not conceive naturally. I am feeling so hopeless now. I don't know what to do now? These days are the darkest days of my life. Please suggest me what to do now? Can I have my own child now? Please help me. I will be very thankful to all of you.


lindaswank - July 21

Hey Christie. How are you doing? Hope so you are doing fine. Well, I am really feeling very sad for you. You really suffered a lot. Going through Miscarriage is not an easy thing at all. All my sympathies are with you. Dear Anna, I had a good news for you. The clinic where my best friend had a baby through successful surrogacy, BioTex is coming to London on 18-19 August. It is the golden opportunity for you to have a free consultation there. Wish you best of luck.


ella_oscar - July 25

Hi dear! I hope you are fine. Feeling sorry to hear your heart-rending story. I have sympathy for. Infertility is a disese that destroys a woman from inside. You are going to a very tough time. Well, dear life is not a bed of roses. The one who comes in this world has to face the difficulties of life. One should not lose hope. Do not get disappointed. I would give you a platform through which you can have your baby. There is a treatment called surrogacy. In surrogacy, a woman who is called surrogate carry your baby in her womb and give birth to your baby. I know a good clinic. It is located in Europe. Their team is coming to London this year on 14-15 August. It is a good chance for you. You will get an intail consultation there. They will tell you about the procedure and all the useful information about treatment. It is going to be a great event. Do not lose this chance go and grab it. It will change your life. I wish you all the luck. Goodbye and take care.


Milay - August 2

Hi annataylor, hope you are doing good. I can understand what you are going through. Please dont loose hope dear. You have to be strong enough to fight this battle. Being depressed wont give you a child either so try to find best possible treatment for your problem.I am an infertile myself and have been TTC for last 10 years. It was a very difficult journey. Though my DH suggested to adopt but I didnt gave up and still convinced him for one last try. We are now waiting for 18 august. There is an event in London UK on 18 and 19 august. A very high rated clinic of Ukraine named Biotexcom is coming. Head of their english department Anastasia is coming with other qualified staff. They will not only discuss infertilty treatments but also give chance to sign treatment contracts. You should also come and attend this event maybe it ll help you out. If you are interested then do register yourself asap as there are limited seats.


malmom - August 2

Hi annataylor,I know you are going through a rough period right now.You must be at all time low and probably dont want to do anything.I am infertile as well and have had have tryin to concieve naturally but i can't.I too had lost hope but my husband has been shining light,he pulled me through and told me about surrogaccy. A very high rated clinic of Ukraine named Biotexcom is coming to London UK on 18 and 19 august.Their head of their english department Anastasia is coming with other qualified staff. I recommen you to visit it.As i myself am going to be there and hope to see you there as well.


nicky jam - August 3

 As we all know that every single person is suffering from another diseases. This is quite to be difficult to treat, but this is not impossible. Some doctors can said that they can treat very good and patient will recover's its health in couple of weeks. They are all fake. The treatment of these diseases are not so easy. But, i'll give you the good news that there is an event is held. This event is held in London on 18-19 August. This event is quite intersting and informative. In this event there is a team coming of doctors. They can help the patients. Those patients who lose their hope of good treatment. This event is organized by the Biotexcom clinic. This clinic is best and old clinic of Ukraine. 


ella_oscar - August 7

Hello dear. Your infertility story made me really bad. This is the difficult phase of your life. You have to face it bravely. You have to get success in it. I know infertility really hurts. Woman consider it as an abuse for her. The good news is that many treatments have been discovered for it. These treatments are working very well. Do not lose hope dear. I would give you a platform through which you can have your baby. One of the treatments for infertility is surrogacy. It is the most successful treatment. It has blessed many infertile women with the happiness of the child. A good clinic for surrogacy I know about is Biotexcom. It is located in Europe. I have also taken a successful surrogacy treatment there. Their team is coming to London this month on 14-15 August. They are going to organize a great event there. They will provide an initial consultation there. You will get all the useful information about the treatment there. I would suggest you go there.


enawatson - August 7

Hi. I hope you are doing good. Infertility is really hard. But don't worry girl. Everything will be fine. infertility is painful. But the good news is that the best thing is yet to come. The renown clinic is coming to London. They will be here on 18-19 August. it is a great news. They will bring their consultants too. They will guide on all the matters. they have limited seats. Grab the opportunity soon. Only a few days are left. it is the solution to all your problem.


serra1 - August 7

I hope you are fine. I hope that you will be a mother soon. I know that infertility is never easy. I have also faced infertility. I know the pain. But for you, I think this is the end of the problem. There is an event in London. they are coming to London to help people. they will be there on 18-19 August. They have no personal benefits. They care about people. They know so much about surrogacy and infertility. They will clear all our doubts. I hope for the best. I hope that is will be amazing that people will give them a try.


serena alibs - August 7

"Hello. How are you all? I have a great news for all of you. I am so happy that they are coming to London. Now a day I saw many women want to become a surrogate mom. I am not able to conceive naturally. So I decided this too. I really thank that clinic for helping me out. Everyone loses hope. At that point. That is the situation where you have to be strong. The clinic from which I had completed my treatment is coming to London. The date is the 18th of August. Don't miss this opportunity. They have experts with them. They will give you every important information. Good luck see you there.


HarlyJames - August 7

Hey there Anna. How are you doing? I hope its all good. I am really sorry to hear about your issues. I know it must be really hard. I have been through it all. However, the good thing is there is a clinic for Ukraine having a great event. They can help you. I had my surrogacy there. There is still hope for you. I think you should give them a try. Take care and lots of love for you. don't be stressed. Things will get better. Stay strong and positive. Positivity is really important.


ErinAva700 - August 8

Hi, How are you doing? Hope you are healthy and fine. ???? Thank you for this post. We have to share it as much as possible. This is a very great opportunity for all of us. We should attend it. There are limited seats. Have your registration. Book your seat. Delay your other work. I had already registered. It's free of cost. Just email to their official email ID. Anastasia is along with the team. She will tell us about the Bio TexCom. She will tell about the processes in detail. We will get a chance to have our initial consultation. If we want we can book an appointment as well. Good wishes to all. see you there. The clinic choice is the important step that you should take carefully in your life. Ukraine is famous for the best clinics. Best wishes for you. Hope you will be always good.


rosie123 - August 15

miscarriages are the cause of infertility as well. miscarriages are the main cause of infertility too. I hope it may only a miscarriage not infertility forever. consult the specialist in a hurry. surrogacy is the process in which intended parent sperm is kept in the surrogate woman. surrogacy is the best treatment for infertility. surrogacy will provide 100 percent result. Go in detail for the surrogacy. go in detail of every clinic. IVF also good but surrogacy is the best option. if that clinic suits you then go there. Manage an affordable clinic that suits you financially as well like Biotexcom. Biotexcom is the best for the surrogacy. This company is coming to other city but the date and venue are still unknown. Hope for best. Will keep you updated.


riazoyer - August 20

That is great news! I bet your friend is hyped. I'm very excited for her, too. IVF is such a great method. My friend had it. She was so devastated the first time. Her first attempt had failed. But the doctors encouraged her. They told her that it is normal for first attempts to fail. She tried again and conceived soon. Now, she's a happy mother. See, good things happen over time.


niyawanx - August 20

I went to a clinic in Europe to have a baby through surrogacy. It was my last option. I am happy I chose it. I was blessed with a baby. I was so happy because I realized that I made a right decision. I hope this will help others too.


malmom - August 21

hey girl,do not loose hope yet.And yes you can still have child.Getting declared does not mean you cannot have a child.There are treatments for infertility and clinics which provide these treatments.I too am infertile and am currently under treatment by clinic in ukraine.I too was declared infertile.But now i have started my journey for my happiness and will soon have it.I recommend you to search about IVF and surrogacy and a reliable clinic.I wish you best of luck.


enawatson - August 22

Hey. I am so sorry for you. I know this is not easy for you. But you are not alone in this pain. Well, your problem is different. I have never been through it ever. But I was infertile. Infertility is becoming common nowadays. I faced infertility for 10 years. I have unexplained infertility. I wanted to be a mother badly. but it was not in my fate. I decided to go for IVF with DE. I got this in an affordable package. I am happy to choose it.



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