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tsymonne - November 12

everything is probably okay. With my last child, I had brown discharge for probably the first month, and then it finally stopped. I was told that brown discharge is old blood----so try not to worry.


tsymonne - November 12

I am also having the brown discharge, but am unsure of if I am pregnant. I have had the brown discharge for the last four days, but my period is due today. However, the brown discharge is almost gone away now. Could I be pregnant?


rebellady - November 27

I have my tubes tied but I have been having brown spotting can I be pregnant


god is good - November 27

Hi last month which was october I saw my period on the 13 to the 18 but I have been have unprotected s_x berfore and have (no condom and my husband discharge in me) and now its november 27 and I still havent seen my period but I have been seen brownish discharge only when I wipe no cramps and this been going on for the past couple of weeks my b___st are very sore and I am very tired and I feel nausea alot but I dont vomitt can anyone tell me what is that cause of this could I be pregnant and if I am what are the percentage of me becoming a mom. Thank you hope you respond soon


BCFH - November 28

I have also recently had brown discharge and at one point severe cramping with a bit of pinky colour! Naturally I was very very worried, however I have had two ultrasounds; one at 7weeks, the other 6 days later, as I was so worried....both showed that everything was fine, with his little heart beating strongly! It's very hard not to worry, however just try to stay positive and visit your doctor to ease any fears you may be experiencing. I am still having brown discharge but have been told that it is just either implantation bleeding, or old blood that is coming out. Best of luck to all expectant Mums out there....


hopetobemum - December 18

HI im 22 and i just need to know if its a possibility of pregnancy before i decide to go to the doctors. I am 4 days over due for my period. i normally have a 27/28 day cycle from first day of my period. This has not happened before. Today i am having brownish/redish discharge could this mean i am coming on my periods or could it be a possibility of implantation since my last s_x was 2 December and my last day of period was 24th of november. Keep in mind i did a pregnancy test and i dont think i wee'd enough on the stick coz it said negative and i found it hard to wee.


LovelyJ - May 21

I'm a virgin and a week ago I had my period but today a little bit of blood came out of my virgina what does that mean?


LovelyJ - May 21

2months ago my boyfriend had c_m close to my virgina. I had my period regular every since,but today a week after my period a little blood came out of my virgina, what does that mean?


amber - January 17

i am 10 weeks and i am going through the same symptoms of bleeding and my doctor told me the same thing about it being old blood. it's scary but i dont get what the doctor is saying by what causes this, i dont have any cramps or bleeding just the brown discharge.can someone explain to me.


Norma - January 31

Hello... It has been since Dec of 2007 since I haven't had a period. On January 14 I had a brown discharged. I thought it was my period arriving really early but i was wrong. After the 14 of January i didn't had a discharged anymore untill 3 days ago. I started having the discharged again but not too much. It just very little only when i clean my self. Do you think I could be pregnant?


midnight2513 - February 3

I found out I was pregnant last week. I am 7 weeks along. I had the brown discharge along with what I thought was my period, but only a little lighter. I originally went to the dr because I thought my period was not ending. I was spotting for about a week after what I thought was my period!!!! I have gone for blood tests to check hormone levels, progestine, and have an ultra sound this past week. Everything looks pretty good!!! We saw the baby and heard the heart beat. This is my first child so of course when I was told I was pregnant and I was bleeding I thought I was having a miscarrige. My doctor said the brown discharge is dried blood.


hillaryallyssa20 - December 21

hi im 17, and i don't know much, but i have been having wierd symptoms for about 2 weeks i cant eat anything, even though im really hungry, when food is around me i feel like vomiting and about 2 days ago i started discharging a brown color, it feels like im going to start my period but i take birth control and im no where near period time. not to mention i missed a day and by accident had s_x, are all these signs of me being pregnant. some one help please.!!


scaredsam - April 29

I need help. Im 19 and confued. A week before my period was due i got a little pink discharge not alot though and just the once. Since then i've started noticing other signs, around late morning to early afternoon i feel sick (but i never am actually sick) thats been happening about 2 days, my b___bs had got a little bigger and are sore but not that bad, my nipples are bigger than normal and very sore to touch. I also have dark veins all over my b___bs and chest looks like a road map. Also my moods are all over the place i bite peoples head off for no reason and yesterday i cried for 10 minutes and didn't even no why i was crying. i've had little cramps but not to bad. anyway my last period was 1st april and today is the 29th April i've had unpertected s_x though out the mouth with my partner. But today i did a HPT and it was neg and i dont no why. Also i'm due on friday but today just before getting into the bath i noticed brown discharge with a little bit of blood in does that mean i'm not pregnant. I'm confused as i have all the signs but a neg HPT please help


scaredsam - April 29

i ment month


chante - February 1

ok, im not pregnant but i need some kinda answer, i had s_x the 28th with a condem with a partner and after when i got home and went to the bathroom it was like a brownish discharge and every since that day everytime i wipe its like a brownish spotting but only wen i wipe and it gets on my pantys a lil bit but not to where i have to wear any kind of panty liner or anything, what would this be? cuz i used a condem so its not like i coulda contracted an std?? im a lil alarmed but i wasnt alarmed until i started researching it on the interenet.



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