Sharp Pain In Stomach

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Anchal - March 26

hI, I am having pain in the left side of my stomach and am concerned why is it. I have taken a urine test and am waiting for the results to come through. Please could you advise.


DorothyL - March 28

I have weired pains to. I just found out this morning i was pregnant but i had symptoms for a while now. But yeah i have weired pains all over my tummy. Im also constipated so i was thinking it might be that.


lovin_yew_oox - March 30

i have aquestion. i have a very sharp pain on my left side when i breath in and out. it also travels to the middle of my stomach and to the right side but its mainly on my left side. its hurts really bad but then goes away. it makes me have to throw up some times. i need help please get back to me asap.! thank you


sezradev - March 30

I have been having very sharp pains either on the right or left of my uterus, quite low down, but it only happens occasionally when I cough quite hard or b__w my nose (so bunged up since I got pregnant). Has anyone else expereinced this?


aaron - April 3

not seconds, minutes


TigerLilly721 - April 7

The organ on the left side just up under your rib cage is your spleen; this can become upset/swollen when your body is trying hard to fight off sickness. The gallbladder is on the RIGHT side under the ribs. As for 'cramps' during early pregnancy (1-9 weeks), this is very common, as the egg is implanting in the wall of the uterus, and after that the uterus is stretching to fit the growing baby; not an easy task. It is normal. Take a deep breath. If you have any spotting, THEN you need to contact your OB/midwife/doctor right away. Regarding the 'bowling ball' up between the ribs, it could very well be the baby's head. This is known as a 'breech' baby.


Liz30 - December 2

I been having the same problem now for awhile an they come an go plus they are ally in a different spot in near my lower stomach an someone told me that they sound like contraction that I am having but here is the weird part im not pregnant an if they are contraction then that mean I was pregnant an not knowing that I was


dekraytom - November 26

I got it .It's pretty easy to understand. Thanks.



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