Period Pains No Blood And 6 Days Late

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Pamela Nicol - November 17

HI, I have sore nipples, urinating alot, 6 days late but for 4 days have experienced the symtoms of starting a period cramps, sore back feeling sick without the blood can this happen when you have conceived reckon I would be about 3 weeks? Can someone please help!


Anne - November 17

Yes. Do a pregnancy test.


dana - November 17

i would wait a couple of weeks to take a preg test it won't show up on test yet unless it's a blood wait a couple of weeks and if you still don't start your period then take a test....that is if you can wait that long


*** - November 22

I would take a test. It could show up now. Those are the same symptoms I was having and mine was positive. I took my positive test on the18th and I would have conceived on the 5th or 6th. (used fertility monitor) If you've been cramping that could have been implantation and if it is implanted into the uterus all the way already your body will start producing HCG which makes you have a positive test. I would take one now and if it's negative maybe try again in a week or so. Good luck!


Rania Salha - December 13

Not an answer, but I am having the same problems. However, I have done 6 pregnancy tests and all were negative. I am still getting pains. Pleas ehelp me too.


Sam - January 4

Like Rania I too felt like I should share that I am 4 days overdue and am experiencing tummy pains and urinating more frequently. I used 2 Clearblue tests at the weekend that I could not tell the outcome and then used 2 supermarket brand teste that showed both negative so I am now very confused. I can sympathise with you.


sarah - January 6

i have had bad cramps and backache all pointing to a period actually convinced i was gonna have one, done test this morning-negative?7 days late


Katie - January 29

hi, i've been having the same problems...but i'm a could be stress or just body changing. I'm not sure but i just know im not pregnant =\


Mary - February 3

I would do a pregnancy test. I have the same symptoms at almost 3 weeks out from conception and just confirmed that I'm pregnant by blood and urine test


Joanna - March 1

Hi all I'm new to this but have the same sort of problems I have period pain but no period... I had unprotected s_x twice last month but it was just when I just finished my period...I have done a Clearblue pregnancy test and the result was negative... I was however after drinking a lot of juice and am concerned that this diluted my urine...I'm still fairly freaked and if anyone could offer advice I'd really really appreciate it...


essy - March 3

i cant answer that one hun but im freakin out aswell, me and my fiance have been trying for about a year, and this is the first month im 4 days late and have pains as if im gonna come on!i never miss a period or am late! i am scared cos i dont want the let down of a negative test!! but im off to the docs today and if i was you i would do the same! they can take a blood test also! all the best!


michelle - March 3

how to deal with period pains


Stacey - March 10

Ladies, neither urine or blood are definate answers. A few years ago I was 7 days late and both showed negative . 3 weeks after that, the blood test finally showed up that I was pregnant. Not all woman can use the home tests and not all woman will test positive on blood test for up to 2 months.


Alexis - March 17

Waite about another 3 weeks, and then go to your doctor and ask them to do a blood test for pregnancy. By then it should show up for sure if you are pregnant. And the reason i say to do a blood test, is because it is more accurate than home tests,( which can falsely say your not, when indeed you are). And if you are, good luck. :)


shawna - March 23

i am 10 days late on my period should i get a test done


Alexandra - March 27

im very late on my period, and im 16 years old and my period was never normal really till i got treatment then it was ok then i stopped goin for treatment and then i lost my vigrinity and i kno 100% im not preagnet and i havent gotten my period for 3 month allready and I am very afraid losing my virginity could of caused it. and my doctor said I have more White blood cells then red blood cells and i was wondering If something had to do with my virginity?


jeyda - March 28

hi i am as confused as you.i have been experiencing bad cramps sore b___sts the lot.but no period.i am 2 days late



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