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Lia - December 30

Hi everyone. I just found out that I am pregnant (4th child)! I'm due September 9th, 2010. I would love to share stories, thoughts and concerns over the next 36 weeks.


monkey8 - December 31

Hi Lia, I just found out today that I am prego! I tested at 9dpo, 11dpo and 12dpo....all BFN and today at 15dpo BFP. My due date is Sept 8, 2010.


Lia - January 1

Hi monkey8! I too tested at 10 dpo and got a BFN. I knew by 13 dpo that I was prego. I started feeling dizzy and light headed. I'm calling my doc on Monday to schedule my apt (Most likely for 3 weeks from now). Is this your 1st? Are you experiencing any symptoms?


monkey8 - January 1

Hi Lia, This is my second pregnancy, but my daughter is almost 16yo I have really forgoten what it was like to be pregnant. I didn't have any symptoms until 14dpo. My bb's all the sudden became sore and it felt like AF was coming. Now I am 16dpo and definitely feel "different". Looking back, on possible day of conception I was really nasuated and actually threw up once. I had very light implantation discharge at 10dpo and I have been hungry all the time. I already had a doctor appt scheduled for 1/11 for routine pap so I think I will just wait until them to get blood test and schedule my "first" appt. What about you? Is this your first?


hsuz - January 2

I am 38 and going into my 5th week. Excited, scared, feel a little 'unreal'. Due date is 9/8/10. This is my first child. Would love to share with you all! - Helene


monkey8 - January 2

Hi Helene, I am 38 too and my due date is 9/8/2010 as well. too funny! I am excited, scared and feel a little 'unreal' just as you are. I still can't believe it.


hsuz - January 2

Hi Monkey8, Isn't that something! I am still trying to adjust to the whole idea . . .


Lia - January 3

Helen and Monkey8 - I'm in shock too! I'm 36 and this is my 4th child. My son pa__sed away and I have two girls, one will be 3 in a few weeks the other is 18months. I'm starting to feel dizzy and light headed more often. Great!! I was sick with all of my kids so I don't think this time will be any different. Where are you gals located?


hsuz - January 3

Lia and Monkey8, Lia I am sorry about your son. I live 30 miles north of NYC. My sister-in-law had her second in October, my sister is due next month, and now me! 3 grandkids in one year for my parents . . . . think I ate too much dinner last nite - bloated!


monkey8 - January 3

I live in the Dallas area! I still can't believe it! I want to take a couple of more tests to be think I might call PCM tomorrow to get blood test. :)


Lia - January 4

Thanks Helen! I grew up in Queens and went to school in upstate NY. Helen and Monkey8 - I live 20 minute outside of DC. I called the doctors office and my appointment is scheduled for January 29th. I'll have my sono and OB visit the same day. I still don't know how I'm going to handle it all.


hsuz - January 4

Lia and Monkey8, I have my first OB appt. on January 19th - can't wait. Haven't told anyone yet - just me and DH know. I don't know how long I can keep it under wraps! What have you done in the past?


monkey8 - January 4

hsuz, I have only told two girls at work because I couldn't stand having a secret. I also told my husband and daughter but that was the other day. Not sure when I want to make the big announcement this time around since I am older, 38. I was 23 when I had my daughter and I told everyone about this time,5 weeks into pregnancy. Good luck!


Lia - January 4

A lot of people wait until the end of the 1st Trimester 10-12 weeks to tell anyone since the risk of m/c is lower. Of course my husband knows and I told some of my friends that just had babies and live far away. They told me at 4 weeks so I know they will keep the secret. I told people at 10 weeks with my 1st, 14 weeks with my second and 12 weeks with my 3rd. I was showing with #2 and #3 by 11 weeks so it was getting hard to keep it a secret. Oh of course my mom knew early on with all my pregnancies. I'm going to try to keep it a secret for as long as physically possible.


Lia - January 6

How are you girls feeling? I'm a little better these last two days and enjoying every minute. I was really sick from week 7-16 with all my pregnancies so......I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Is anyone planning on not finding out the s_x?


monkey8 - January 6

Lia, so far I haven't had any morning sickness, just twinges on both the left and right side of pelvic area and of course tender bb's. I am planning on finding out the s_x of my baby. I did with my first and it worked out well with being prepared. What about you?


rosenow - January 7

Hi girls I found out a couple days ago that I am 5weeks. I am due Sept8th! DH and I are thrilled. This is my first pregnancy.



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