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rosenow - January 7

Hi girls I found out a couple days ago that I am 5weeks. I am due Sept8th! DH and I are thrilled. This is my first pregnancy.


hsuz - January 7

Hi everyone, Welcome rosenow! This is my first pregnancy also and I am due September 9th. I don't plan on finding out the s_x - want to be surprised. I've started feeling nauseous this week - first I thought it was my sinuses but as I wasn't feeling any other related symptoms to that - lethargy, achy, fever - I've decided it must be the hormones! I guess that's a good sign.


Lia - January 7

Hi girls! Welcome Rosenow! Today is another good day. There were times throughout the day that I forgot I was pregnant. :-] At this point I'm not going to find out the s_x, but with so many ultrasounds (I'm high risk) it may be hard not to find out. We've kept it a secret 2x and found out once. The funny part is we waited until 7.5 months to find out. I'm still so excited.


monkey8 - January 7

Hi everyone! I went to PCM today and yep....confirmed pregnant! Hopefully, I will get into OB doctor by end of month! Question: Since I'm 38 and 'high risk' should I choose high risk OB doctor or just go to regular OB doctor and see if any problems arise?


Lia - January 9

Monkey8 - Do you have an OB that you like? Is your current GYN an OB? If so, I would talk to them about it. In my doctor's practice there are some doctors who consider them selves "high-risk" OBs but they are not perinatologists (High-risk - Fetal Medicine Specialist). My OB will see me for all of my "regular" appointments (monthly/bi-monthly/weekly). After my 1st appointment, she will refer me to perinatologist, who will perform my 1st trimester screen (11/12 weeks) and amnio (16 wks). So how is everyone feeling? I've been extremely light-headed and tired. Has memory-loss set in yet? It has for me!


jensam - January 11

I have felt completely normal and it's freaking me out! I got a BFP on 1/5. I wasn't due for AF until 1/8 and I feel great. It has me worried. I keep forgetting I'm pregnant! Anybody else feel fine??


Lia - January 11

jensam - When is your due date? I was so hungry last night. I didn't have a big dinner and ended up eating again before bed. I'm so exhausted! Anyone else been to the doctor yet?


kearly - January 12

hi ladies ! my name is kristina and i'm due on september 5th and would love to join in. this is my second pregnancy. my daughter is 3 so it's still a little fresh in my head. i have an ultrasound tomorrow to see the heartbeat and i'm worried sick over it. actually, started to feel sick for the first time today which is the exact same day i started to feel with the first pregnancy. would love to have ladies to chat with along the journey :-) also, can anyone tell me what week i'm in. i shouldn't be this confused about it, but if i was a full 6 weeks on sunday, am i now in my 7th week ? or my 6th week ? we are def. finding out the s_x. esp. the second time around, but it was lovely knowing the s_x the first time around too !


kearly - January 12

oh, and i was so happy to see people say they were dizzy/lightheaded b/c i've had that since the very beginning and didn't have that with my first pregnancy so it had me worried. exactly why it's nice to have people to chat with :-)


rosenow - January 12

Hi girls. thanks for the warm welcome. I am not going to find out the s_x. There are so few surprises to be had in this world. I have been feeling very tired and light headaches here and there. I was so tired yesterday and I had a hard time sleeping last night which is unusual for me. I wish I had more pregnancy symptoms so that it would remind me that yes, it's true lol Lia: May I ask why you are considered high risk?


Lia - January 12

Welcome Kristina! I'm so excited for you for tomorrow. My appointment seems like its weeks away. Well it actually is :-] Please post after and give us an update on the sono and your visit. Week Calculation - So here is how someone explained it to me: The day of the week of your LMP is the day that your week changes. For example my last LMP was Dec 4 (a Friday) so my weeks will always change on Friday. Now I'm currently, 5w4d, but in my 6th week. Not to be confused with 6 weeks pregnant. On Friday, I will be 6w0d (6 weeks pregnant) and entering my 7th week. Think of it likeā€¦. when you were 15 months old you were 1 year-old but in your 2nd year of life. Similar concept. I hope I didn't confuse you more. I just tend to stick with the exact count it is a lot easier. There is also a question when it comes to calculating how many months, since gestation is 40 weeks that translates to 10 LUNAR months but not exactly 10 calendar months. Another Topic. LOL Rosenow - I'm considered high-risk because I'm over 35 and, more importantly, my son (1st) was born with a hole in his heart that went undetected throughout my entire pregnancy. The heart disease was the cause of his demise. So with my subsequent pregnancies, I've had multiple ultra-sounds, 1st trimester screens, amniocentesis, and fetal echocardiograms. With all the testing it makes it really hard to not find out. My curiosity is tested at least once a month and they know for certain after my amnio at 15 weeks. I know monkey8 mentioned telling some co-workers, has anyone else told anyone?


rosenow - January 12

Hi girls. My dr just called and my bloowork came in. Friday I tested with 904 HCG so I am doing well so far. Still another 2 weeks before I get to listen to the babie heart beat. What a long way away!!! I am starting to look for baby stuff and cute little clothes! This is such an exciting time! Glad to have people to share it with.


Lia - January 12

Oh I'm thinking of telling my mom after my apt at 8w.


Lia - January 12

rosenow - where are you located?


rosenow - January 12

Lia: I am located in Ontario


Mandersmm - January 12

Hi ladies. I was just wondering if I could join you. I am 6w2d pregnant with my 3rd baby - I have two sons, 3 and 1. I'm figuring my due date to be September 5 but I won't know for sure until my first appointment which isn't until February 2.



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