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BeenThereDoneIt - July 9

I see more questions than answers... I don't know if I find it comfporting or worrisome that so many "not high risk" pregancies are told bleeding is normal. Without a definition on "bleeding". Cramping does not have to accompany a miscarriage. And bleeding that keeps up is bad even if you do end up with a healthy child in the end. It is NOT normal. It wasn't for our moms. Nor for any other mammals. It sounds like a new problem being ignored because it is prevalent. ANY bleeding more than a panty stain on a single day was cause to prescribe bedrest all in the 80's and 90's. but I noticed my last two docs kinda ignored it, even though in my case it ALWAYS is part of a negative event! I have been considered high risk. And if what I get is special treatment, I really feel concerned for the rest of you. Good , concientious Docs are few an far between. I am at 5 weeks and bleeding. Not seeing a regular physician yet. I fell off my health plan. I have to get on state aid this round. Not likely a good outcome this time. I came across here while looking at natural remedies since most physicians take the "if it happens it can't be stopped" att_tude as long as you are under the critical viability stage where they have no choice but to try every measure to save it. At age 23 terrible events led to damage to my cervix. I have an incompetant cervix. It never closes tighter than 1.5 cm. I have always had fibroids (they are always watched never did anything yet), a tipped uterus adn one ovary that was immature (until I was 32) Also high androgen and testosterone for my gender (which is critical weeks 3-7 becuase it interferes with needed HCG levels until they spike enough to overcome). My former relations were positive bloodtypes to my Negative O with Rh factor. All this before even EXPERTS did anything. I also develop Gestational dibetes when my weight goes over 200. A side effect of the pancreatic damage caused by iron overload. It is not efficient. Recently it has been found that members of my family all carry the full b__wn expression of a gene that causes Iron overload. A country doctor that had heard of a new procedure suggested it be done. (New to him in 1991). An EXPERT with a fertility group in PHX decided him wrong. My son Max died after 2 days when he was born at 28 weeks It took 13medically confirmed pregnancies before carry through- all confirmed by ultrasound with a few home tested few in between) but usually already in crisis by the time HCG levels proved me right enough to insist on imaging. Many going hurtfully farther than 16 weeks before a doc would just stop talking and do something other than "wait". I usually know by 4 weeks. My HCG is up enough to register this time. My daughter-Lucky number 13 is 13 now. Delivered the year I turned 30. #14- My son I had problems with but they refused any action until I reached 6 weeks. My Korean nieghbor took me to a man who was an acupunturist and herbalist. He gave me a tea to drink for 4 weeks. All bleeding stopped. All sketchy symptoms..stopped. Then it was time for the curclage and safety and my son Raven was born at 33 weeks at 11 pounds. I remember it and wish I knew WHAT was in that TEA! At age 40, I delivered my youngest child Robert in 2005. He was my little baby at 8 pounds. 35 weeks. There were many close calls. I was TOLD bleeding was normal during one incident at 3 months. I was adamant to be checked. I was poo-pooed. So I went to a local ER the next day and made a hysterics show for an Oscar. Okay nice old lady, we'll check by ultrasound if you are bleeding still by exam. Sure enough I was right! First indication of problem? the blood tested was POSITIVE. It was not mine! So bedrest and an anti- irritant prescription. THEN came the referral to a specialist. he just twiddled his thumbs, follwed the don't fix what aint broke philosphy adn ordered a curclage.He also did surgery to correct the damaged cervix after delivery. How sucessful? Won't know yet. What I am leading to say? Is don't panic because the tension may actually cause more damage (endorphins-good; adrenaline-bad), but if your gut says something is wrong? It is likely more so than not. The better you know your body and more times pregnant, the better you can guess yourself. Be strong against your health provider; he can be your baby's savior but he can also be his executioner. He is only human and his reason to be in the profession may color his a__sumptions and willingness to learn new information. Do you want to be the "worried mom to be who panics all the time?" but holdinjg a baby. Or do you want to be "but they said..." as you pack away things that break your heart to look at in the nursery that is converting to an office? As you look in your baby's face adn smell the sweet smell of milk breath.. what do you care what they called you months ago? I am currently in my 26th pregnancy. Least that was confirmed at least by urine test. I have had 16 double confirmed by ultrasound. i am no expert, every pregancy was subtly different. But some things remain the same. I am 43 this year. Menopause generally runs in my family about age 60. I am in a new relationship with an old friend of 22 years. I am likely to have a baby in the next 12 months if this one doesn't make it. I am an anti-candidate for most birth control methods because of my health history. And fertile as heck. So I will be around. :) Good Luck to all of you and a lil prayer your way. Life is more of a miracle that those that take it for granted can guess. The delicate dance of things to make an ambient home for a future child are complicated. I appreciate it greatly. Always welcome it. Implant bleeding is usually kinda mucusy, frothy and pinky. And not a lot of volume. Usually 2-3 days tops. If you are shedding just before implantation it is light cramp and fast. Usually very heavy on the second day. But it goes away. Placenta previa can hide. I get it becuase the break way of gravity as the child slips out my weak cervix. It hurts lower back and side. It is steady drippy and chunky. Not heavy flow unless "oh no".


Tashina - July 22

I am/was 6 weeks pregnant. I am going through the same thing as well and its so hard for me. It is Tuesday and I started bleeding Sunday afternoon and it has been non-stop since and it is a heavy blood flow too. They took my blood test Sunday my HCG levels were 69 and that i had a closed cervix. They still have not got back to me to tell me that if my HCG levels are higher or lower. But im sure that i miscarried cause my symptoms of pregnancy have significantly are disappearing. I just wish i knew if i really did miscarry so i can go on knowing that there is a possibility when in reality there isnt. :(


HopefullyMommyToBe - September 11

So my boyfriend and I are trying to concieve..and we had s_x for approx. 40 days in a row and he got off inside of me every single day..sometimes more than once a day. So we thought for sure i was pregnant. I had all the symptoms..but it never really showed up on a test. and last night i started bleeding after we had s_x. It's lighter than my usual period but i feel like its heavier than spotting should be. But it did take me about 6 hours to fill up a panty liner. Is that normal implantation spotting or am I just not pregnant..? Help please!


Elanah - January 16

i am 4 weeks pregnant yesterday i begin to bleed brown and know it is red can it be a miscarriged. was by the docter they do a ultra soun and the baby was in the uters. must i be warried



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