Can You Tell If Your Pregnant After A Week

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deliathe roddy - October 20

I had stop b___st feeding within the 1st week after my baby was born then this weekend I had have s_x I want to to no if it's possible to get pregnant again? please e-mail me at to let me no my question thank you!.


Beth - October 20

Can you tell your pregnat after having s_x a week


danielle - October 20

how you know if your preg


Elizabeth - October 22



. - October 22

the doctor should have told you to use a second form of contraception to be on the safe side, if this is the first form of hormonal birth control you have been on


whats up - October 22

why dont you ask starr miss know it all has all the answers,or do us a favor and get a life loser


tigist - October 23

if im sleeping alot and getting really tired and spotting on my period and throwing up are those sympotys of being pregnant


ashliegh - October 23

ok im 13 & i had s_x 1mth ago iwent 2 the gynecologist & had a pregnancy & std test cause i didnt use a condom & i wasn't pregnant but he said the test aren't 100% accurate so i have 2 go bck in 1-2 wks & get another test. but atleast if lik me yooh dont lik the feel of a condom then get on2 birth control.


steven166 - October 14

me and my girlfriend had s_x last sunday and she keeps complainin that she has stomach cramps i have nt got her tested yet but is dat a sign of her being pregnant or not its not her period because she is not due on for anuther 2 weeks


JMORGSS - December 9

im only 14 and i only had s_x a week ago,but im actually worried im pregnant..i feel really different and i had an usuall dream that i was a few nights ago..never had a dream like that before.I had slept with him the day i come off my period then the next day again..what do you think my chances of being pregnant are ?


JMORGSS - December 9

this is a very good question im only 14 aswell and i have been thinking the same thing,to be honest you should`nt judge us..we come on here for advise because we think it will be better but yet we still get the ha__sle... thanks


Jennniieee - January 9

Okay sooo im 20 . Im not really sure if im pregnant or not! I had s_x exactly 9 days ago... But like 3 days ago iwas beginnin to spot! And been feeling really hungry! I would think being hungry was jus me but the spotting is the onli thing that has me worried because it has never happened to me! And i dnt get my period until after the 20th of this month I took a retail pregnancy test 2 times! But both came out negative! I think its too early im not sure its my first time :/ but wat do you guys think? Plz answer !


Grandpa Viv - January 9

Jenni, do you have a cycle that is longer than 28 days? Twenty days before your next period is scarcely in the fertile window. Let's see if you get some more signs in the next ten days, then you can test again when your period is late. GL!


MotifSky - November 9

You can't find out for sure. But if you have been pregnant before, you might have some symptoms. I have a friend who has vivid dreams when she is.



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