Gestation Age

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Grandpa Viv - October 15

Rose, gestational age assumes you have 28 day cycles and ovulate on cycle day 14. Some women ovulate on cycle day 10, while a 32 day cycle would have you ovulate on cycle day 18. Sperm can last inside you for 5 days. If you are trying to figure paternity on sex a few days apart, a DNA test is the only way to go. 


trose12 - October 15

Not really concerned on the paternity. I had intercourse with PROTECTION 2 days after my period ended on the 27th of April. But the other one wasn't protected and was may5,6,7. So I'd assume I'm not worried on paternity as it would have been in may. But my question was more so if I am consistently showing 4 days earlier then my GA does that just simply mean I ovulated on cycle day 32 instead of 28?


Grandpa Viv - October 16

For sure. You more likely ovulated CD18 or May 8th and sex May 5,6,7 would have been on target. That moves your theoretical due date from Jan 26th to 30th.


trose12 - October 16

Thanks for your responses :) my due date at doctor said January 25th but she told me seems about January 29th instead. Does that still match?


Wmbd#1 - December 29

Grandpa viv- I don’t know when my last missed period was but I had an ultra sound at the end of June they said I was 7 weeks and a couple days and again on 9/12 they said I was 18weeks and 1 day my due date according to my dr is February 12th when would I have conceived? And is my ultra sound correct  seeming how I had such an early one or is it possible it’s off because now I’m measuring a week ahead but my dr is not changing the due date? 


Grandpa Viv - December 29

Wm, it looks like your last period started about May 6th and you got pregnant from sex the weekend of May 20th. Does that compute?


Wmbd#1 - December 30

Makes sense so would I have ovulated the 23rd? 


Grandpa Viv - December 31

I think a due date Feb 12 suggests ovulation May 19th regardless of cycle length. 


Spacecadet - January 20

Wondering if anyone could help me. So i found out the other day I was pregnant, had a scan and he said i was six weeks gone. I'm confused as to when i would have conceived. Is it likely to have been the 2nd of december, 5th or the 8th? Thankyou! 


Wmbd#1 - January 20

Grandpa viv Is it possible I got pregnant from sex may 17th? Or would it have been from the 20th and 21st?


Grandpa Viv - January 20

Wmb, with ovulation about the 19th, the 17th and 20th have an equal chance. A paternity test would be necessary. 


Grandpa Viv - January 20

SpaceCadet, count back 4 weeks to get the ovulation date. Sex in the five days before to one day after ovulation can result in pregnancy. Gestational age is two weeks greater than fetal age.  


vivien30 - April 4

Hello, my doctor has set my due date at aug 8, and my LMP started November 1, at my second ultrasound on March 21, the ultrasound nurse said the baby was at 19 weeks development, does that mean 19 weeks fetal age, that is conceptional age vs 20 of gestational age? Also, i had intercourse on Oct 31, but then started my period the next morning, so it is not possible that Oct 31 is the conception date, right?


Grandpa Viv - April 5

Fetal age is two weeks less than gestational age. Sex before your last period would not have got you pregnant. Your fertile window was Nov 9th thru 17 th. Hope that helps. 


apeezy - July 8

Hey so I'm due August 28th, on April 9th, it said my gestation age based on my LMP is 19 weeks and 6 days, and my GA by ultrasound is 20 W and two days. Does this mean i'm either growing ahead, or my due date is wrong?


monikadavid - July 9

If you are confused about the result then  I would suggest that you take a second opinion. This happens a lot with me as well. One doctor said my AMH levels were at 2 while the other told me they were at 0.4. So the results can differ. Just be careful. I am sure there is nothing to worry about. However, still, precaution is important. Best of luck to you.



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