Abdominal Pain After C Section

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sophandbob - March 21

I had my c section almost 7 months ago. I recivered quite well, but was a bit naughty as I didn't completely rest for the 6 weeks after like they tell you to. After all I felt realy well, and felt a bit of a fraud refusing to do housework! A couple of months after my c section I was suffering from sharp abdominal pain everytime I laid on my stomach. I went to the dr who said it was probably trapped wind and gave me some tablets for colic. For a month or so afterwards it was fine, then from the beginning of february it has come back quite severely. I told my dr who said she couldn't give me pain killers because I was br___t feeding. I am now getting these pains almost everyday. It makes standing and walking extremely uncomfortable and it gets me to the point where I can't move fore fear of the pain. It is impeeding on my work because as a teacher I cannot just sit still. It is the kind of pain that you get when you are really really hungry and your belly is about to rumble although it is a lot more severe. Now it can happen at any time, not just when I am led on my belly, althought hat is the main cause.Now I know I shouldn't lie on my belly but sometimes I can't help it when I' asleep. I'll wake int he night to find I'm on my front and as soon as I realise thats it, the pain hits. I have done a bit of reading and one site sugests I could have adhensions. Does anyone have experience of this? Is anyone else experiencing, or did they experience this kind of discomfort. I am at my wits end because it seems I am being forced into stopping br___t feeing so that something can be done. The other thing I get thrown at me is that 'your weight doesn't help much'. Well, true probably but just because I'm fat doesn' mean I shouldn't be being helped to be pain free. I would like to hear any suggestions that you have or simialr experiences you've had so I can go to the dr and fight my case a little better with some suggestions behind me.


sahmof3 - March 21

I don't have any answers... sorry :-( But you aren't alone. Ever since my 3rd c-section if I move or twist a certain way I feel sharp pains on either end of my "scar" area. Also, I STILL (20 months later) can't do situps, crunches or even just sit right up in bed because it feels like the scar is about to rip open!! I don't know what's going on in there.... it's so odd because I don't even have a scar on the outside anymore other than a VERY faint white line... but something's up on the inside! Yours sounds more constant than mine, though. I hope you can get some answers and some pain meds. Do you have the option of finding another doctor in the UK? It seems they should have something they can give you while b___stfeeding, as there are several pretty strong pain meds that they give after a c-section that allow you to continue to b___stfeed.


sahmof3 - March 21

Hit submit too soon..... I also meant to say Good luck!


lin7604 - March 21

well i don't have much to help you but i had the same thing for a while, just this past week or two i have felt better but mine is only 5 months old. I asked similar questions to others and dr's and they all said it can take quite some time for it all to be back to normal, and it was normal what i was feeling, so i just coped with it. i hope the past week or two wasn't a tese and it's healing proper now so i will be pain free. still being on my belly is a little uncomfortable but it doesn't hurt so much when i touch it or put a lkitle pressure on it from my hand. i guess everyone heals differently and some take quite a long time to heal properly


DeeJay - March 21

I am dealing with similar issues and pain, and I just went to the doctor. She said it can take up to 2 years to completely heal, (it been 7 months) and she is sending me for an untrasound to make sure nothing is going on. I asked about adheasions, as my pain is very severe, and she said that I am still healing and the adheasions wouldn't have even started yet. My mom had a hysterectomy a few years ago, and still feels pain, sometimes severe. I guess its just all the muscles that are cut. I can't do situps either, and I really would like to tone up, but if I try I can't even lift my dd or let her sit on my lap the pain gets so bad. Also, I found that pain meds don't really help that much anyway. The doc said probably because it is nerves involved. Unfortunatly this seems normal, but maybe have an ultra sound just to make sure.


msnursesarah - November 24

What became of this? Did you end up feeling better? I am having a similar issue.



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