Albuterol Liquid Versus Neubulizer

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Kara H. - February 8

So Max has been sick for what seens like forever... we just got back from the ped. Another ear infection and his cold is now viral bronchiosis (sp?). He's bac on amox. and duratussin, ans abuterol has been added to our arsonal. She gave me the choice of oral or the neubulizer. My hubby just switched jobs and the insurance starts at day one, but we won't have any insurance cards for a couple of weeks. So I have to pay for everything out of pocket and wait to be rembersed. So I chose the liquid since I really don't have the cash to purchase the neubulizer since I am paying for all these doctor appoiments, plus meds for all three of us. The ped said she was going to put a note in his file since she saidl I would probably be call ing back for the neubulizer to be ordered. To those of you who have used both, do you think the nuebulizer is that much more effective? How much is the neubulizer going to set me back?


KLC - February 8

I've not used the nebulizer but Aaron has had bronchiolitis (sp) twice this season and the pedi put him on albuterol liquid. While the albuterol literally knocked the cough out of him in like a day and a half, it was NOT afun couple of days. The albuterol is known for making kids a bit hyper so in AJ's case because he's an infant it made him unable to fall asleep. He was just plain wrong. He was so tired and it would take us like 2 hours to get him to where he would fall asleep. I could do nothing but hold him and even then he screamed because he was just so exhausted. So just a warning try to nedicate your ds a few hours away from his projected sleep times. Otherwise, you may have the same problem. Hope he's feeling better soon!!!


J.J. - February 8

we've only used the neb, not the oral form of Albuterol. I will say that we have not seen any mood changes or sleep problems. He's frequently dosed w/albuterol and daily w/ventipulmin after 2 back to back bouts of rsv.


Danielle19 - February 8

i use both myself and i like the oral over the neb. the neb. makes me really hyper and jitery, where the other stuff doesn't and it works just the same


Kara H. - February 9

Wow, It really worked! He had two doeses yesterday and he has hardly coughed today. He is still really snotty, but I can handle that! I think he did seem hyper yesterday, but I suppose it could be that he just feels better than he has in weeks. He was bouncing so hard in his excer sauser I thought he was going to break it! He is sitting on my lap now and cackling every time the cat meows. Funny baby!


luviduvi - February 9

Kara H. sounds like you got your sweet baby back...I am so happy to hear that he is feeling better. My lo is on a oral spray neb. What is the difference?


KLC - February 9

so glad to hear that he is feeling better!!! Like I said that stuff does work, its pretty amazing.


Kara H. - February 9

Max is on a liquid you give orally like cough syrup. She said that the nebulizer can get more medicine into them since it doesn't have to go thru-out the whole body. But the liquid seemed to work just fine for us


Rabbits07 - February 9

Never used albuterol as we use xopenex and Pulmicort, but I can tell you that the neb is faster working and that is probably the only real difference (aside from cost.) Both forms should be equally effective once they kick in.


Emma255 - December 3

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