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Jen A - January 18

Does anyone know of a formula that tastes good? I always taste everything before I give it to my daughter and I am glad that I do because I had to give her a bottle of formula the other day and it tasted so gross! It was so bitter and she just hated it! I br___t feed my baby but I am going back to work soon and will not be able to pump while I am at work (its a driving job) so i will have to supplement 1-2 bottles a day with formula. I bought Nutrimigen by Enfimil because it is hypoallergetic and it is what my midwife reccomended if I need to use formula, but like I said it is nasty and Stephanie hates it. So if anyone knows a good tasting formula that is easy on the tummy please let me know. Thank you so much.


Sarah-Natalees mama - January 18

I don't use formula but I have a friend who does and Good Start w/ DHA and ARA smells and taste the best to me, if you can say formula ever smells and taste good. But that is what I would use if I used formula.


Toya - January 18

By far Nestle Good Start Supreme w/ DHA and ARA tastes the best and smells the best...All of the other stuff had a very bitter metallic taste to it...It is the most similar to b___stmilk imo. After I b___stfed 6 months I put my daughter on good start.


Jen A - January 18

Thank you!! I will try that. I wish I didn't have to use formula either but I don't really have another option. Even on my best days I can only pump 5 oz!!


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - January 18

I am not sure which tastes the best, but maybe you could get to where you pump at least once a day, and then mix half formula and half b___stmilk, then it will have a similar taste.


tiffani - January 18

Yep, I agree. Nestle Good Start Supreme. :o)


newmom - January 18

My son only like Good Start Supreme with DHA and ARA..I gave him Similac before he didn't do good with it..Baby formula and foods for sure wont taste good to us coz they are specially mad for babies..


desiree - January 18

By far Nestle was better tasting, it tastes most like creamy milk. Similac, (to me) tasted like plastic, but it could have been the plastic jug it was sold in!!!


Jen A - January 21

I bought nestle good start, I haven't tried it yet, but good idea about mixing it with b___st milk. Has anyone tried this before? Do they mix well together?


Toya - January 21

I b___stfed for 6 months and mixing the b___stmilk and formula wasn't even necessary because netle good start tastes very similar to b___stmilk...


qiaraau - July 26

Hi Jen, its a good move tasting everything before giving to your baby. I'd like to suggest Qiara's Products, it does taste good and according to what I just read, it contains probiotics and natural ingredients and I guess it will suit to your baby as well. 


qiaraau - August 3

Hi, giving the best formula for your baby depends on his/ her age. But to answer your question the best formula I think for me, that you can try for your baby is similac, not only it is good but it is also beneficial in your baby's diet. Also I highly recommend to use probiotics which is good for your baby's digestive system. :)



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