Is It Safe For My Baby To Sleep In Her Car Seat All Night

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To Me - October 4

You moron. I did live with my consequences and I have a perfectly non-misshapen headed 2nd grader.


Missy - October 4

I didn't mean to cause a fight here, i was just wondering about my baby sleeping in her car seat because she seems more comfortable in's not about me getting sleep, it's about the safety and comfort of my baby.


anna - October 5

no problem with car seats. my daughter spends much of her time in one. her head is flat from the floor. mica is lieing....thanks.


monica - October 5

when they are in our stomachs towards the end their spines are always curved. In other countries moms carry their babies in slings all day long and they dont have a problem with their spine or suffacating.


think - October 5

Mica is not lying. Some people here just think that they are the smartest, most well informed people around this site. Just because they think they know one thing, then they MUST know everything! I suggest people do their own research. Google it or something. Then make your own opinion, if you want the truth. I can find theories to support both arguments. For an unbiased, argument free answer...look it up, these people aren't 100% accurate, and it could cost you your child.


to think - October 5

The problem is its too easy to post a question and let some one else think FOR you. You suggested that they do their own research I agree, but you may as well had said set lite to your hair. Some people are just lazy or don't know how to do an internet search. Both excuses are pretty lame if you ask me.


Steph - October 5

I would like to point out that Mica said just "google it" LOL!!! That cracks me up because even five years ago not everyone knew that google was a search engine and now it's an actual act!! Just google it!!! LOL!! I have said it to others and I think that it is tooo funny!!!


noams - October 5

I have been told that it can cause back problems. Also your baby will not be happy to sleep in her real bed later on , the longer she sleeps in the car seat the harder it will be to get he to fall asleep any where elce. How about put the car seat inside the crib , so she get used to what it looks like in there, then try to get her to sleep without it.... Good luck


Jill - October 9

I'm in the same boat. Last night, we were driving home from her Grandma's, and my daughter fell asleep in her carseat. That was at 9pm...she didn't wake up until 4am! She has never slept that long in her ba__sinet! I think as her blanket (if any) is tucked in tight kind of low, it should be safe. My daugher also falls alseep in her bouncy seat at nap time. I think it helps get rid of gas pain and hiccups because she sure loves it!


Morgan - October 9

My baby would only sleep in his carseat also - and still sleeps best there. One thing to try that has worked for me is to roll up a couple of bath towels and arrange them in an oval shape. Then cover that with a thin blanket and tuck it underneath the sides of the towels. It creates a little nest so they feel more secure in that big huge crib. This probably isn't recommended due to SIDS but if your baby is really small she's not really going to roll over anyway. Plus, if you are like me and check on the baby all of the time then there should be no problem.


KJL - October 12

When my sister was a baby she would only lay on her back. (that's when docs suggested that babies sleep on their bellies in the early 80's). She had a flat head do to this. Out of five kids, she is by far the smartest.


autie - July 28

i have read many articles that say the same thing "The car seat isn’t suitable as a long-term sleeping place; babies need to lie flat for proper spinal development"


wailing - July 28

My baby is 6wks old. He slept in his carseat a for a while b/c it's the only thing that he liked, and after nite feedings it would help w/ him spit_ting up and choking when I tried to lay him flat. I did use the Boppy to recline it a little so he wasn't sitting straight up. Now, he loves his crib. He grew out of the carseat phase after a few wks. I've read threads on here where people have their lo's sleep in carseats until they were 7 months old. I wouldn't want to do that, but I don't think a few nites here or there (not for prolonged time) will hurt anything. The decision is up to u. Alot of us do it (and alot of people are opposed to it). Good Luck to u either way:-)


jacksonsmommy - July 28

Just make sure your baby has enough neck strength. There have been a few instances where a newborn's head fell forward and they couldn't breathe, resulting in death. If you can find another place for her to sleep, such as a swing, then I would use that instead. You can never be too careful.


Jennbj - July 28

Please listen to the advice just given by jacksonsmommy, there was just recently where I live a baby that died in the car seat the very way she explained. Just be careful. It's always better to be safe than very sorry.


Quackers - July 29

Missy, wow, you started a debate, lol. I don't know who is right on here, but I see good points and bad points. When my daughter was only a couple weeks old she loved to sleep in her carseat too. We talked to her pediatrician who said that she probably had reflux and sitting up helps. The pediatrician said that it was not a problem that she slept in the carseat, but she let us know that later on my daughter might have problems going to sleep in her crib (she ended up not having a problem). What we did: once my daughter was in her carseat we would place it in the pack and play ba__sinet portion. We would tilt the carseat back a little so that her head wouldn't fall forward. We never had any problems. If I were you I would check with your daughter's pediatrician and see what he/she says. Good luck!!



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