Question For Mom S Who Smoked Cigs When Pregnant

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hello - April 4

I'll be the one to say that i sometimes smoked when i was pregnant, i wont say my aunty, aquaintance etc.... Me... I quit for a while too while pregnant cause i felt dreadful doing it but if my partner at the time stayed out all night or came home drunk etc.... well when it got late i would be awake, a bit stressed and occasionally light up. My daughter was born 6 pound 2, which here is 2 kilo allergies, no asthma.... healthy.... wdrawals or anything like that......i used to think the same thing as you.... I am not proud of what i did and as i said i quit for quite some time thru pregnancy but occasionally i would give in again....... I dont encourage it but you can only do your best........good luck


BaileysMummy - April 4

My mum quit as soon as she found out she was pregnant with me, I was a healthy 9lb baby and have never had any medical issues. She smoked throughout her pregnancy with my younger sister (not many, she was only a light smoker) She was born 7lb, had adhd as a young child and also suffered from asthma. I have never been a smoker, so I don't know how hard it is to quit, but if I did I sure would have tried to quit when I found out I was pregnant. My sis smoked (may have to do with mum) and she gave up the day she had a positive test, I was so proud of her.


mandee25 - April 4

i just wanted to add that my parents smoked around me and my sis and I always had ear infections. They HURT like hell! I had a touch of asthma as well. It's not worth it to put your child through that pain and suffering for no reason.


Kara H. - April 4

There has been a direct link to adult onset bladder cancer and mothers who smoke. It is so sad that something a mother is doing now could cause her son to wake up one day at 40, have blood running out of his p___s, and find out that he may not to get to see HIS kids grow up. One of my client's husband is going thru this right now. He has already had his bladder removed, part of his intestines, when thru internal radiation and chemo, and found blood in his cath bag again two days ago. His doctor had told him that if he saw blood, the cancer is back somewhere in his abdomen. So sad. On top of that nicotine will constrict the arteries to your uterus, decreasing the amount of blood that your baby gets. This will cause low birth weight and even an increased risk of still birth. Its just not worth it.


rl- - April 4

I smoked very lightly while prego with all 3 of my boys and they were prefectly healthy I am not saying it is ok and really if you can quit then do so but I know how hard it is to just go cold turkey so I cut way down I now only smoke 1/2 pack a day so I only smoked a few a day while prego and then there would be days I would not smoke at all. I really don't think it is the right thing to do but.....


Rabbits07 - April 5

I usually try to remain pretty tactful, but your doctor sounds like an idiot. Just to make sure that there were no typos, let me confirm that you said your blood pressure was up for a bit, so your doctor told you that you shouldn't quit??? And the reason that you shouldn't quit smoking because your bp was up was what??? Please check out this link: It gives info on what smoking does to your heart, blood vessels and blood pressure....and that's not to mention what it does to your baby. I'm sure that if you just can't quit and feel you have to smoke that 5-7 cigs a day is better than a pack, but the reality is that it does affect the baby to some degree. Nicotine is a drug and gigs are full of harmful toxins and chemicals. We've heard many stories in this thread about women who smoked and had unhealthy babies as well as women who smoked and had healthy babies....maybe it's one of those things that some babies fair fine with it and others don't handle it as well, I don't know. But let me ask you this, if someone told you that they wanted to drop your baby on the floor and that it may kill them or hurt them OR they may be perfectly fine afterwards, would you let them drop your baby? I guess my point is that it's not worth taking the chance. You should try to totally give up cigarettes for both your health and the babies. There are many programs out there that provide support for quitting. I would urge you to find one of them and quit to give you and your baby the healthiest life possible. Good luck.


Tcoope58 - March 6

Okay so this stupid forum won't let post a link to an article I found interesting. If you search in google the myth of smoking during pregnancy being harmful. The first link should be something with that headline for sott . Net very interesting 


Tcoope58 - March 6

I love all these people research research what your doing and then point the internet finger of shame at you. People through out  the 20s 30s and so on have smoke cigarettes and most of the children have turned out to be A okay. Infant over eating is worse it leads to premature birth in percentages that are staggeringly  more than the percentage of smoking. May I also say that the government floods the public "sheep" with data to suggest all sorts of evidence to the contrary and not only about this but about many other things. Listen to your doctors and for the love of god stay off the chat rooms, these people are usually ass holes and or men who have never carried a child in there life. Keep doing what you can for you and your baby, and listen to your DOCTORS advice


Tiffany001 - August 11

You must quit. It is the time. You must quit sake of your baby.Quitting smoking is so tough, and it’s even harder during pregnancy. I quit smoking 6 months ago now with the help of a psychologist. I have been feeling so much better and healthier since I quit. There’s a free app called "Quit Genius"   that was featured in the evening standard today (that I thought might be useful to share. It’s called Quit Genius and it’s like the headspace for smoking. For any smokers out there looking to kick the habit check it out :)


mama13 - December 4

My friend smoked during her pregnancy, quite a bit actually. She was a very heavy smoker before getting pregnant. She cut down but was still smoking throughout. After the baby was born she went back to smoking A LOT. The baby cries so much everytime she leaves the room, and is sometimes only ever soothed when she smells like niccotine. I am not sure if it is withdrawal, but it does seem like it.



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