When Does Baby Stop Being So Gassy

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maude - May 19

Hi all. My baby is two onths old and very very gassy, which causes him to cry and wake up all the time. I keep being told that it will pass when he is older. To all moms that had gassy babies, when did your lo stop being gassy? It seems like my baby is always straining to pass gas and stools, I would say 80% od the time, he is straining, so much that he turns red and makes straining sounds. I am told it is normal, but still worries me. Would like to hear any of your stories! I need encouragement and to know this will too pass. Thank you!


SistaC - May 19

Hi maude. My little guy was very ga__sy right up until a few weeks ago, when it seemed to get considerably better. He's 14 weeks old. He still strains when he's pooping or pa__sing wind, but seems to be able to manage it much better than before. Like your little one, his wind used to cause him to wake at night and be quite miserable; now, he seems to know that if he just concentrates, he can deal with it quite easily. Hopefully, your little one will be over the worst of it soon, too. Good luck!


lexa - May 19

How old is your little one maude? Do you b___st or formula feed? This was something we dealt with also with our lo, however, we ended up changing formulas and were so much better off afterwards! We did go through a lot of mylicon drops before hand though. Some gas is very normal for babies. But for me personally, I didn't like the hard core straining and discomfort so the ped changed formula.


Renea - May 19

Is he b___stfed? If so, it could be something you are eating. I know that with 2 of mine, I had to cut down on dairy products. Watch and see if there is something regular in your diet that may be affecting him. Try to do without it and see if there is a change. If he is formula fed, maybe you need to switch to a different one. My ds (who is almost 14 mths) used to be very ga__sy and constipated---he became regular once we started baby cereal...so to answer your question--mine got better around 4 months.


lexa - May 19

Im sorry I asked how old....duh!!! It's stated there. Sorry. Mine was around 3 months when we found the right formula that worked well with her.


maude - May 19

Hi, thanks. Baby is two months old and b___stfed. I have tried to eliminate everything possible fo m my diet and mylicon drops, etc etc, everything under the sun, has helped some but he is always straining and it bothers him quite a bit. I have been told to wait it out, and was primarily wondering how long before your ga__sy babies stopped strining and haveing so much gas :) Thanks!


lexa - May 19

Well, it sounds as though you did everything with your diet you could do (as you said). It should come to a head soon. I know its hard and frustrating. Good luck:-)


luviduvi - May 19

Placing baby on belly at play time can help w/ the gas. Have you tried Mylicon drops? Ask your ped. if he is old enough for a little watered down juice.


dmk - May 19

My lo is 6 weeks and is also really ga__sy and strains. I heard the straining is because they are b___st fed and the poop is so light that it does not put much pressure on their rectum so they have to work harder at getting it out. Also when I put him on his tummy he always stops crying. he usually falls asleep too. I just don't do that at night time cause I can't sit and watch him to make sure he is breathing... The stress :)... Good Luck!


momma3tobe - May 19

Try Mylicon in with the bottle.. it is mild and safe even for newborns. Straining is normal expecially for formula fed babies, but if the poop is solid and they have to strain for a long time then a teaspoon of Karo Syrup in the bottle works really well. If they seem really uncomfy you can lay them on your lap with thier legs facing you and push them in towards thier tummy and rotate a little bit, alot of times they will pa__s the gas after that, you can also hold thier legs like that to make it easier on them to poop.


beth1975 - May 19

I swear by Mylicon. My little guy is 3 months old and still is ga__sy. He has always had a hard time pooping so he is now on laxitives. When I was b___stfeeding he only pooped once a week. My ped. said that is normal.


xoMommyxo - May 19

Its been said a few times already, but the Mylicon drops really worked for DD. And don't be afraid to use them with EVERY feed - they are totally safe. Wal*Mart has a generic version that is considerably less than the name brand and I can find no difference. Also, you may wanna double check with your pedi's opinion but I know for a fact that a 2oz apple juice (or apple prune)/2oz water mixture is perfectly fine for keeping LO's regular (even daily.) I also found the swing very soothing for my little girls belly when she was in severe pain from gas. It does pa__s, though, I promise! Good luck :D


cubbie - May 19

Hi, is he on an eating schedule? I read that babies that graze are more ga__sy than babies on a schedule.


misschrissie - May 19

I use dr. brown's bottles that minimize gas, colic, burping, etc. My baby doesn't get gas, she's just content all the time. Maybe that's why, maybe I'm just lucky. I have no clue.



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