Castor Oil

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YIKES - May 22

YIKES! I took 2oz of castor oil with orange juice this morning. An hour later I started puking, i have since puked 4 or 5 times and had horrible diareah. I hope I didn't go through all that for nothing!


blondy - May 24

Well i didn't end up taking the castor oil... I am not at my due date and still NO baby.. I figure i am going to let him come when he wants


muneca - May 24

im 40 weeks today ... my doc told me that i need to get a c- section but i cant get one until i go into labor..i dont see why i have to be overdue to get a c-section.i wanted to get one today but he dosent cooperate with me very well.will castor oil help put my body in labor so i can get a c- section


Christina - May 24

People...("well", "im just warning you", "ugh"...etc) she is just asking if it helps. Its a common question. Why wish harm on her and her baby just because she has a question! You are rude and evil people!


brit - May 26

i took some castor oil and an hour later or more had her on May 3, 2005 she was 8 lbs 12 oz


Blondy - May 27

Well i saw my doc wednesday and I asked him if castor oil will harm my baby if I was considering taking it.. He said that it won't harm you or the baby. The only thing is that it will gurantee you is the poops and possible puking... so I guess that answers your questions


Linda - May 28

I'm not a big fan of castor oil -- well, to be honest I'm not a big fan of any unnecessary interventions, because all interventions carry risks. But as far as castor oil goes, my own experience was terrible. It didn't affect the labor or baby adversely, but it made *me* miserable. You couldn't pay me to do it again! A lot of women, though, have no trouble tolerating it, and it kick-starts labor (as long as their bodies are ready.) Still, why do it? Why not just wait for your body to do it, your body knows better than you when it is ideal for labor to start, after all. Here's one reason you might want to rethink using castor oil:


ERIN - June 2

I used 2 oz. of castor oil with my first son and I had him 24hrs. later, it was a long labor but it was my first child. It was comforting to know after all the bowel movements I knew I wouldn't do it during labor!!! I am already due again with baby number two and I might do it again, my advice get a good night's sleep first, I took it at 9pm and didn't sleep cuz I was on the toilet or sitting in the tub, so my advice take it after you have slept the night. It does work


tiffany - June 2

I took castor oil and all it did was give me bad diarreah for 2 days. I did have some bad contractions a few hours later but didnt last long. It's just different for different ppl. Good Luck


Christine - June 6

My Grandmother swears by castor oil and orange pop. She says no juice, it has to be fizzy. I tried the oil with juice with my first pregnancy and it did nothing. I just took it three hours ago with the pop and I am feeling awful. I am throwing up like crazy and have the "runs" bad! I just hope it is all worth it. I am 2 days over and really want the baby to be here by the weekend. If you are going to try oil be ready to be sick!!!


OverDue - June 7

Thanks for all the advice ladies ... lol


Nicole - June 8

I took castor oil one night and all it did was make me sick. A few days later I took it again, and it made me sick again. I figured 2 times was enough and I wasn't going to try to force my body into labor anymore. The next morning I woke up having contractions 2-3 minutes apart. I got to the hospital and was in hard labor for 7 hours before I asked for pain medicine. 5 hours later I still hadn't progressed enough to have the baby v____ally so I ended up having a c-section. It wasn't so bad until I got a look at my baby. My baby’s face was so bruised due to inducing labor before my body was ready to. It was like he was just hitting my bone over and over again without anything happening. At the end of 13 hours of labor I had only made it to 8cm and I had started at 4cm. My baby is just fine now, but just be careful and make sure you are ready for anything that might happen.


Breesy - June 8

I honestly have no idea but am dying to know !!! I was gonna try some fresh pineapple


jen - June 8

im 41 weeks today and my midwife suggested i take it tomorrow morning with my breakfast i'm 2-3 cm dilated and 75% effaced right now so i'm taking it tomorrow :) we'll see


I Did It - June 9

I took some yesterday about 4oz and it had me in the bathroom all night. It was disgusting ... I have no contractions ... no near death expierence ... although I was praying to god to make me stop running to the bathroom ever 5 minutes ... I dont know if I want to try it again ... I dont think it really works.


Sgarza - June 9

What week is considered too early to try to induce labor using castor oil??



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