Castor Oil

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Tamara - April 29

It didn't work the first time with me?just pooping and cramps.But the second time I did it my water broke and I went in and they gave me medication to dialate.


Danielle - April 29

I took castor oil today it has given me really bad diahrea but i am starting to feel tightning i think this method works on some people and not others depends if the baby is ready. if you are going to take it, i would make sure you had a nice warm drinking waiting as soon as you have drank the castor oil,


Khaira - April 29

I was 36 weeks and 5 days when i was told that castor oil would induce my labor. I was also told to use a black cohosh suppository; not feeling comfortable using a suppository, i decided to use the castor oil. The day i made 37 weeks which is when a baby is considered full term; i took the castor oil a 4 oz. bottle mixed with orange juice. AND>>>>>>>>>>>>>> all it did was p__s me off. It gave me diarrhea for a while, but not one contraction. I considered it a waste of my time.


brit - May 4

i am 40 weeks and 1 day late and i have a thing of castor oil and i was thinking on taking it but i am scard cause of the face that alot is going on in my live.


amanda - May 5

well i took some yesterday and again today...had some contractions last night...but they stopped...hopefully it will work for me!! I am really ready to have this baby!


Hannah - May 6

I am 2 days away from my due date....Mother's Day!!! I have done lots of research on castor oil being used to induce labor. But I am still in question on if it's going to put my baby at risk. I am healthy as well as the baby, I just don't know if it's a good idea. I wish there was some more studies on castor oil and pregnancy. I guess the one thing that scares me the most is that it's going to harm my baby. Oh I just don't know what to do.


brit - May 7

i am 40+5 weeks and i am not sure on what to do i can't take the normal meds. but i would like to try castor oil. my doctor said to try it and see what happens


jackie - May 10

i think if anything it helps so you dont have hemmroids from straining of taking a number 2.i think i am going to ask my doctor.i advise the same for anyone whos not sure like me.and no it does not make your baby take a c___p!!!the baby dosent ever eat what you eat..he get the nutients from what you umbilical cord is not filled with food...its filled with blood.but......from having too many frequent contractions can put the baby in distress making him take a poop and him possibly inhaling the feces.but im sure you would be in the hospital by the time contractions get that lil bro had a bowel movement and inhaled alittle but the doctor just sucked it all out as soon as he came out.he was fine.


heather45612 - May 10

I just took castrol oil at 8pm after the last drink I puked a whole lot for awhile I dont think its going to work. With my son 3yrs ago I took it and 48hrs later I had him no pucking just a little diarrah this pregnacy nothing at all so maybe its a meoth


Dore - May 10

I dont understand why women would want to induce their labor at 37 weeks. Thats way too early! Im 41 weeks and still waiting it out. Im not knocking anyone for doing this, but at 37 weeks?? a little impatient are we??


Rosa - May 11

I am 38.5 weeks should I try castor oil or wait it out?


Dionne - May 14

Midwives have used castor oil for years to help induce labor. Many doctors have said it's safe too. In my mothers day most women over due did it. Many get confused thinking castor oil caused their babies to have bowel movements in them. No, truly, most women who take castor oil to induce are already past their due date. Once past the due date there's already a higher risk the baby has a bowel movement in you. With or without castor oil most women who have suffered this would have had it anyway. Stop blaming castor oil, a safe and natural way of inducing labor. However, if their is no reason to rush labor, why not wait till it comes naturally. In my case, I have big reason to induce labor. I've gotta be back in my husbands country by a certain date with the baby. I pray that everyone makes their own decision. And to those posting the mean remarks. What you sow is what you reap. Stop wishing ill will on people and allow them to do their own research and make their own decisions.


Ash - May 19

Well im Due in 4 Days im Going to try the Castor oil with o.j. i will update on how it went tommorow


Blondy - May 20

I am due on May 24th... i am going to take some caster oil as well.... I am sooo uncomfortable and been dilated 1 cm for over a wk now... So as well i will Update you all too....


Kristina - May 21

I have been dialated to 3-4cm for the last 3 months, and recently the pregnancy has started to become very painful, I have also been to the hospital twice for my contractions. I am now 37 weeks and ready for all this to be over with and am almost willing to try the castor oil thing. I just don't know if it is the right thing to do. Please give me some feedback.


YIKES - May 22

YIKES! I took 2oz of castor oil with orange juice this morning. An hour later I started puking, i have since puked 4 or 5 times and had horrible diareah. I hope I didn't go through all that for nothing!



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