Does Castor Oil Really Work

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leaahbaby - June 28

why are you trying to induce your labour before your even full term? thats not healthy for your baby at all.


jacky2805 - August 9

Hello, I am 38 + 6 weeks, and after reading all the posts on this website I decided to try the castor oil to see if it would help kick start my labour. I'm so impatient to meet my beautiful baby (boy?) and all of yesterday afternoon I was having frequent, slightly painful contractions. Well, my partner and I got so excited (of course) with this being our first child, and were extremely disappointed when they trailed off to nothingness by that night. So at about 2.30am this morning, I took 2 tbls of castor oil straight from the spoon and chased them with lemon fizzy drink. Then went to sleep. Woke up this morning, and nothing has happened!! No bowel movements, vomiting, or cramps! So at 3.45pm today I decided to take 3 tbls to see if this would kick start something. Has this happened to anyone else??


Wellis10 - August 9

First of all, I can not believe that you are over 38 weeks by 6 weeks. I would tell your doctor that you want to be induced. I went over by 2 days and they schedule me to be induced. I did the castor oil with my first kid. The first time I tried it it did not work, The second time I took it in shot gla__ses.....2 big ones chased with grape juice. It worked that time. Within 4 hours I had contractions 2 minutes apart. and 7 hours of pushing I had a baby boy. My doctor told me that if castor oil didn't work It means the baby is not ready. That I could try again in a week or so. So that is what I did. My second one I told the doctor how big my first was and she agreed to induce me if I went over 38 weeks. So this is what happened with my second....Good Luck. :)


mandaslegit - December 19

Unless the baby is ready to come, Nothing is going to actually work. At least thats what I believe anyways. Because I am 40 weeks and am in a lot of pain also dialted 2 cm but have been for 2 weeks now and have tried everything and nothing works. I have not tried the castor oil only because I have heard it could be bad for the baby but everything else did not work.


lillianne - December 19

Castor oil will cause contractions, because it is a smooth muscle stimulant. That's why they use it for constipation, because it causes the muscles down there (including the intestines) to contract, there by causing a bowel movement. But just because your uterus contracts for a brief time after consuming the castor oil (or other laxative of your choice), doesn't mean you will go into full b__wn labor. It might just mean you will have braxton hicks contractions (false contractions) until the effect of the medication wears off. Some women don't even notice BH contractions, because they are so mild. Sometimes, BH contractions can trigger your body into having real contractions IF your baby is ready to come out. But if your baby isn't ready, it's not going to cause your baby to come prematurely. But if your baby is ready and just hanging around for no reason, It shouldn't hurt your baby to have a few contractions to help "prod" it into action. It's not harmful to your baby. Doctors tell you not to take laxatives or any kind of smooth muscle stimulant while pregnant, because it may cause contractions. So it's not that it's harmful to the fetus, it's just that it might do exactly what you think it might. Help your body have contractions. To be on the safe side, you should NEVER try this before week 39 or 40. Let nature or your qualified caretaker be in charge. Not a 2.00 bottle of castor oil and a bunch of people from the internet. Your baby is more important than that. You waited how long to have this baby? For me it was years. You can wait a few days more. If the doctor or mid-wife thinks your baby is past due, he or she will take action. Just an FYI, I tried castor oil with both my kids. It did cause mild contractions with both, but they never caused me to go into labor right at that time. But I was at 40 weeks, and labor came with in days, as I'm sure it would have without the castor oil as well.


nursebay - January 10

DO NOT TAKE CASTEROIL! I am a L&D nurse and do you want to know what happens when you take casteroil? Its a laxative and not only does it make you poop (a lot) it can causey our baby to have a bowel movement inside the uterus (meconium stained) and your baby can inhale that and cause breathing problems and pneumonia. Its not worth it. If your doctor is concerned they will induce you safely.


nursebay - January 10

Do not take castor oil-its a laxative. IT can cause your to poop and therefore it can cause your baby to poop in utero. YOu do not want this. It can cause lung infections and problems with the baby breathing. I am a L&D nurse, I've seen it first hand. the mother is devastated because she could not take the baby home with her upon discharge because her baby was stuck on oxygen and had pneumonia. Be smart people!


Amanda Roberts - October 2

Just because you have faith in God doesn't not mean he will protect you child or anyone in that matter from the actions you decide to take. If he were to do that with everone then the world would have no sin. If you have trust in God then you can trust he can get you through anything God never gives you anything he doesn't think you can't handle but he does not prevent ANYTHING from happening to you that absurd. If you read the bible a lot of people who had faith in God were constantly tested and had plenty of bad things happen to then but God got them through it. As for the castor oil thing the Dr. Wouldn't give the ok if it was that dangerous for your baby


nikkilongnikki - May 31

Hi laides ,im 35 weeks prégnant and unsure of what to do as ive been recently discharge from hospital after two days due to painfall contractions and suspected labour ,so thé hospital gavé me two lots of steriod injections for m'y babys lungs incase she comes ,but m'y contractions arent stopping they are just spaced out a lot ,so i was debateing to have some rasberry leaf tea ,as im really inconfortable ,what should i do and whats safe.nikki x



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