Short Cervix Dilated At 20 Weeks

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Percy - January 12

hi, I was at 20 wks and went into PTL. I have fibroids and they were causing me some discomfort, but I knew something was wrong with the pain I was feeling. This is my second pregnancy, but first to reach 20 wks. I m/c at 8 weeks at the last pregnancy. I saw a regular OB GYN because my high risk dr was on vacation during the pains. It was the day after Christmas. The regular OB didnt know what she was looking at. She told me it was nothing and I should go home to rest. It was probably the fibroids. Two days later I was still uncomfortable and worried. I called my regular Dr and she saw me immediately. after her exam she rushed me to Labor and delivery and admitted me. I was experiencing PTL and my cervix was down to 1.2 cm! They rushed to hydrate me amd stop the contractions that were now 2 mins apart. I was in the hospital for three days and they were able to stop the contractions. I was given ,medication, but they said that I could not stay on them. The best they could do was send me home and be put on bedrest. I am now at 23 wks and praying all will go well. I am not sure what else i can do. I am not even sure how strict they want my bedrest. I am trying to stay in bed all day and night,except to go to the bathroom. it is really hard. i have another dr's appt next week to find out how I am doing. i am not a candidate for the cervical st_tch due to my fibroids.


GiGi - January 14

They never told me a length at 32 weeks. I don't even think I was measured by ultrasound.


liznlil - July 18

well, im 20wks and have a fibroid 4cm. im scared. but hopefully things will go well for me. what was the outcome for you.


liznlil - July 18

can you please tell me what was the out come of your pregnancy. I hope all went well!


Jessebear - January 7

Hey ladies, I went through something simliar. At 18 weeks my cervix was a good normal 40 mm. At 20 weeks I was down to 20 mm so I was put on bedrest. I laid on my left side only getting up to tinkle for those 2 weeks. After those 2 weeks I was taken to the hospital because I had 5 mm left!!!! They did a cerclage and put me on bedrest for the remainder of my pregnancy. When they took the st_tches out I carried my son for another month before he was born (8 days after his due date)!!! He is my little miracle. If I decide to have more children they will put in a cerclage each time as a precautionary measure.


Rollerderby79 - July 8

My daughter is 17weeks and dilated 2 cm. She had an ultrasound this morning but I dont know the results yet......


Dee0401 - July 13

I suffer from IC. My son was born at 24 weeks.I spent 5 day on strict bedrest in the hospital.He spent 3 months in the NICU.He is now a healthy and happy 2 1/2 year old.I am currently pregnant now & have been on the P shots since 16 weeks.I had an emergent cerclage placed at 18 weeks b/c I was 2cm dialated.They told me the chances of it working were very slim..that is devestating news,especially since I had just found out I was going to be having a girl! Well I am currently 31 weeks & all is well so far.I am on bedrest at home..I only leave for u/s appts every 3 weeks (& monthly doc appts.)It is pretty boring but my daughter being born full term is worth it.We are almost there...just wanted to share my story for those that need encouraging hope...believe full term is possible even if the odds are against you. :)


jessprater - September 1

Emmajane- I am in the same situation, now 21 weeks. I had a cerclage placed at 14 weeks as a precaution and my cervix was 5.4cm a week after but 2 weeks later my cervix was at 1.6cm. so i am on bedrest now for last two weeks, went in today because i felt pressure and i am dilated to 2cm but only 75% effaced. Ive tried every med now and nothing works. My last pregnancy 4 years ago was an issue as well however the meds did work until i got an infection and was forced into labor at 24 weeks. He was born 1 lb, 11 oz but he did survive and is very healthy. I agree it is very scary to not know what changes can occur in a week or two until its too late and you had no warning. Now the problem is keeping my bulging bag from rupturing and my cervix tearing from the st_tches on my own at home. Wish they would take it seriously and admit me, it would be so much easier and really ease my mind. My goal was 30 weeks but now I am praying for 25-26 weeks at least. good luck to you!


Julie Hink - March 1

Hello I am new to this forum, I had a previous preterm delivery at 26 weeks with a singleton baby now I am at 26 weeks but pregnant with twins. I had a cervix check every two weeks and was great at 4.0cm till last week and I was 1.6cm went back yesterday and it was at 0.9cm so my high risk specialist admitted me last night on strict bedrest. They say the babies can come super fast or they can last a few more weeks they arent really sure. Has anyone else had such a short cervix and was able to keep the baby/babies in longer? I am super scared.


Percy - March 4

hello Julie, I have not been on this post since the whirlwind of having my first child in 2007! That pregnancy was the catalyst for my initial posting. It was a harrowing time getting him to 35 weeks. I spent 2 months in the hospital. I went into preterm labor again at 25 weeks and I was admitted. He was coming OUT! But we really tried to keep me from contracting. They gave me medication to stop the contractions. I got to 35 weeks and he was breeched. They told me one day that his heartrate was irregular, so he had to come out. I was on strict bedrest. I could not get up for any reason. it was really hard and my husband couldnt stay with me and work at the same time. He would have been too exhausted. I guess what I am saying is, it was really hard, nerve wracking, scary, lonely, felt sorry for myself, and just really realy hard. BUT, I had a beautiful baby boy. he was fine and is now a wonderful "almost" 5 year old. I did get pregnant a second time. I was told that as soon as I knew I was pregnant, they would put me on Progesterone shots weekly, on simi bed rest and NO strenous ANYTHING! It was hard being on bedrest with a toddler, but I had a better time the second time around. I still went into preterm labor. I delivered at 35 wks again. Now, I have two healthy boys! To Julie, the strict bedrest is hard, but you can do it! With my 2007 prenancy, I lasted with contractions starting at 20 wks! I didnt even cough too hard :-P I was that scared. But, in the end all you can do is to be prepared and dont exert yourself too much. If you can, no working, no picking up anything that makes you bend, and just get comfortable and stay in bed. I didnt prop myself up in bed since it puts pressure down on the uterus. I put a pillow under my legs to help relieve some strain and laid flat for 5 weeks before they admitted me to the hospital at 25 wks. Every week counts :-) I was on a stool softener to lessen the pressure on the 'lower areas." (too much info?) Ask for help with your first son, dont worry about any dishes, cleaning, ANYTHING. Stay in bed. I wish you the best!


Samantha111dean - October 29

Hey yes I'm going through this now I'm 20 weeks pregnant and I'm dilated 1 cm and I'm on medicine to relax the muscles but I keep having bad thoughts I'm so scared I'll lose my precious little boy and this is the most scariest thing ever ! If anyone has any good thoughts for me please let me know



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