Helpmy Ex Joined A Cult She S Drinkng Human Blood Seriously

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savemytail0 - March 16

This story I am going to tellyou the basics of is killing me. and I am so totally lost. A girl I dated for only a very short time last year became pregnant. she is a queen of lies and sickness. I Have found a mountain of proof showing that she is one of the originators of a cult that believes themselves to be vampires. They are drinking human and animal blood regularly. they are also using huge amounts of drugs. i have been deperately tryin to find out if the baby is ok and what she may have done to the child. She has pressed harrasment charges for telling her family and her doctors, she also propagated a story that is completely false, to play up the \"oh woe is me\" reaction out of people. the person who is helping her with this is one of the other two founding members of the vampire cult. So because she is a frail sized pregnant girl, and i am 6\'2\" and 265 an physically dominanting over most people, the court has become prejudiced toward me. I barely sleep anymore over this. I cannot imagine what horrors this child has been exposed to already befor even being born... Please understand that I am being completely honest. I personally have a hand written journal of hers that talks about her vamirism and mental issues. She was apparently put in a mental hospital by her own mother and many other disturbing facts. I have found a few people that knew her or dated her as far back as 3 years that found out about these same things, and some have written me emails and sent me texts to verify what they knew. These are just the people I have managed to find. In my investigating of her I have found a lifetime of family abuses like you have never known Or at leas i hope you havent..drugs prost_tution..violence..and mental instability.. Long and sort she is beyond mentally ill, and the court is falling for the same lovely nice country girl routine I did...I need anyhelp or advice as to how to sway the court and save tis child..The court has aleady said the if I investigae any more i can go to can they act like a girl who drinks human blood should be anywhere other than a padded room? It is complete catch 22 if I dont invstigate, how do i gather information to help the child and go in for custody?,,if I do dig for information, I go to jail and then never see the child... To make it all worse there is only one family court judge for the whole county so if the scales tip one way it is all over, and i cant even go to anyone for an appeal. Also i have absolutely no preantal right it turn out in NY to know if she has been doing any damage to this child while pregnant and involved with these cultists. i cant even have an education as to the state of the child with out DNA testing even when she admits i am the father this is unfair. I shouldnt have to walk in blind to what might be a child in a horrible state. it is either chance everything, and give in with a person like that forever when she is a monster just to know the health of a child. god please someone help me where is the fathers right groups of the world email with any ideas you may have...savemytail0 yahoo com please i hope one of you is a supe amazing lawyer


Kaci5 - July 31

the only thing I can suggest is move. Find a city with a better court and a lawyer who can do this stuff for you, then you won't go to jail. Find a good one, ANY one that's good, and send that lawyer this and your proof. All of it. In fact, do this yo lots of lawyers. Do this for TV stations. Do this even if you don't move. If the lawyer is smart and the TV stations are smart, they'll help. Probably for free. Moving would get you set up in a community where you could help yourself, but that takes time, lots of it, to become a new citizen. SERIOUSLY DO THESE THINGS IT IS THE BEST THING FOR YOU SEND THEM YOUR PROOF AND STORY HURRY.



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