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To those moms who have decided to breastfeed, there is a lot to know. As we have all heard, breastfeeding does not always go smoothly for new moms – especially if this is your first baby. Here is some important information that all breastfeeding women should know.  Get the facts about how breastfeeding works, what to do when things go wrong, how to make breastfreeding comfortable for you and your baby, and how to help your baby get the best nutrition you can give him.  Welcome to our section dedicated to breastfeeding health.  We hope you find all of the answers to your many breastfeeding questions.  

Breasting Feeding Mechanics

Once your milk comes in, you may feel very engorged. Read about some ways to cope with engorged breasts and how to make yourself feel comfortable when your breasts are full of milk. If you hear a clicking sound when your baby is nursing, he or she may have tongue-tie.  Learn more about this problem and about what to do to ensure your baby is properly latching on.  Get tips to ensure your baby is getting all of the milk he or she needs.

Sometimes breastfeeding can be very painful for the mother. This can be a sign of a blocked duct or infection. Become familiar with the symptoms and treatments for these problems in Breastfeeding Complications. Read about plugged ducts and mastitis and how you can relieve the pain. If you have sharp, stabbing pains while you are nursing, you should read about nipple vasospasms.  Learn more about breastfeeding problems so that you can diagnose when something is wrong and find the best way to get things back on track again.

When Not To Breastfeeding

And for some moms, breastfeeding is not recommended . If you have had breast surgery, breastfeeding may cause complications. Women with inverted nipples are often nervous that they may have difficulties nursing.  Learn more about these conditions and what they mean for your chances at breastfeeding.

Women are also very nervous about milk supply when they are breastfeeding.  Some women just can't produce enough milk to statisfy their baby's needs.  In these cases it is recommended to supplement with formula in addition to the breast milk.  Talk to a breastfeeding specialist about what to do if you think your milk supply is too low.

Another important concern is drinking alcohol when breastfeeding.  Did you know that anything you eat or drink will end up in your breastmilk.  This means your baby will be consuming alcohol too.  Just as when pregnant, it is best not to drink when breastfeeding. Also, our article on Breastfeeding and Medicine will give you valuable information about which drugs are safe to take when you’re breastfeeding and which aren’t.  Find out more about which foods and medicines to avoid when breastfeeding.

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