Pregnant Again?

Many couples are surprised to find that getting pregnant after the first or second child is not quite as easy as before. If you've been having some troubles, you may want to consider if there are other issues at play. Check out If It's Been Awhile for an overview of what may be the problem.  Secondary infertility is more common then you think.  Find out more. You might also want to find out what kinds of things you should be considering before having another child like the best way to child space, finances, and making your other children comfortable with a new addition.

Happy Or Anxious?

Have you already gotten that positive pregnancy test? Congratulations! You are expecting again - time to get out those maternity pants! Your family is growing and your ‘baby’ is about to become an older brother or sister. In their second pregnancies, many women feel more at ease and can fully enjoy the experience. For others, especially those who had some hardships with the first, it can be a time of apprehension.  Read more about the different feelings pregnant women get during their second pregnancies and find out how to handle the tiredness of pregnancy with chasing after a toddler.  

What To Expect

Find out if things will be the same the second time around in Pregnant Again? What to Expect. Apart from looking forward to the birth of a second child, many moms are preoccupied with how this will affect the family dynamics. Our article called Preparing Your Older Child for the Birth addresses this issue and gives some practical tips. And when it comes to the big day, some parents debate whether the older sibling should be there in the delivery room. Our article on Should Siblings Attend the Birth?

can help you decide whether this is for you.  Find out all the pros and cons for having a sibling present in the birthing room.

Many pregnant women simply cannot understand how it is possible to love their second baby as much as their first. But there is more than enough love to go around. Just wait until the birth: within seconds of meeting your new baby, you’ll be bursting with love all over again!  And this doesn't mean your love for your first child will at all diminish.  You'll find you have more love than you ever knew possible.  

Chat With Other Moms

And if you have tips about your second pregnancy or interesting stories of your children at the birth of a sibling, please e-mail us. Or, share them with other readers on our pregnancy forum.


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mummy of three
hi all my son is 6 weeks 4 days old my period returned on the first of this month im now on day 20 of my cycle my normal cycle befor I had my children was 30-32 days.i have had 3 children and one misscarige in 3 years im 20 years old with pcos.. I was on day 11 of my cycle and in the heat of the moment had unprotected sex with my partner on day 16 to day 19 I had very light pink brown discharge .ofcorse I want more children I love being a mother but because I have had my boys so close together have stage 1 vaginal prolapse and stage 2 rectosil prolapse I have to go through intense pelvic rehab . im also diegnosed with pnd and bad anxiety almost admitted to hospital it got so bad im now on venlafaxine 75mg everyday and I have to stay on it for atleast six months I had to stop breast feeding because of it .. so you can see why im in a bit of a predicament . could bash my head against a wall for being so careless . im completely against abortion aswell so that's not an option either . has anyone fallin preggers so fast after having a baby(would you belive I was told by a doctore that I would have a hard time falling pregnant and that it would get worse as I got older that's why I have started so soon and so close together I didn't want to miss out on having a big family) think I should get a second opinion on that lol.
11 years ago