Second Pregnancy: Every One Is Different

Even Pros Learn More

Each pregnancy, like each child, is different. You're a pro now, you've already had a baby - but you may be in for a few surprises with the next pregnancy - both emotionally and physically. There are some consistencies in pregnancy, but you may begin to feel some of the physiological symptoms earlier with your second pregnancy than you did in your first. The stretching and pulling of the uterus may happen several weeks earlier because the uterus may be less likely to give way, having been stretched before. You will likely feel the almost imperceptible movements of the baby earlier as well.

But, I Don't Have Time!

Remember when you spent long hours just musing about your baby and all of your energy went into the planning of the nursery and into your pregnancy? Now you have a little one and you have neither time nor energy for anything other than ensuring life remains somewhat smooth running. You fear you won't have enough time, energy or love for this new baby. Your partner may be less interested in this pregnancy than the first and you're worried about that as well. All of this is really quite normal.

Do Something Together

It may be a good idea to take in a few birth classes with your partner to enhance the emotional involvement and attachment to your new baby. By spending the time focusing on the baby growing inside of you, and by having time alone with your partner to put your attention on the new baby, you'll be able to form a bond with your unborn baby. And, the added bonus is that there will likely be things you didn't hear or learn the first time through that you'll pick up the second time. It may help to quell any concerns you may have about labor and birth, especially in light of the fact that you've been there and done that, and you know what to expect.

Don't Worry - There's Enough To Go Around

Another very real fear for second time mothers is that there just won't be enough love to go around. After all, you simply adore your first child and what can be more intense than the love you have for that little person? Remember, each child is different and each one brings with them a special set of gifts and characteristics which make them unique and wonderful. Love is not something you measure out, nor is it qualified. You'll fall in love with this child in a wonderful and special way, especially suited to them and to yourself. Take your time and enjoy the moments you'll have together both before and after the birth.

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