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NOTME - June 2

I believe I got my period on April 15 2012 I have on record that I was on my period April 17, but I believe I started my period two days prior to April 17th. I had s_x with partner A on April 26 2012 Then I had s_x with partner B May 9,10,16,17. Is it possible to know who would most likely be the father of the baby???


Grandpa Viv - June 14

Partner A would almost certainly be the father if your cycle is regularly less than 35 days. Ovulation is on CD14 of 28 and the egg is only good for a dya, while sperm can lie in wait for 5 days.


NOTME - December 9

Thank you so much for giving me you estimates on this! I'm due next month so I'll find out soon! I have another Question I actually found a picture showing the first day of my last period being on the 12th not the 15th like I thought. Can this make it even more likely that partner A is the father?


Grandpa Viv - December 9

April 12th plus 14 suggests ovulation April 26th, the day you had Partner A. Ovulation usually gives rise to increased libido, and that may have been a factor. Due date is then computed for January 19th.


NOTME - December 10

I see, Thank you:). I guess find out next month for sure whose the father..


Grandpa Viv - December 11

I think you are saying the potential fathers are sufficiently different in appearance that there will be no doubt in anyone's mind. Regardless, that baby will be the most loved in your life. GL!


NOTME - December 12

Thank you and yes one partner is african american and the other caucasian. I have one more question: If my cycle is a regular 28 day cycle and I started my period April 12, wouldn't partner B May 9, 10 have been around the time I would expect my period in May. I guess I'm getting anxious since the due date is so near! Partner A believe's he is the father and had almost wiped my mind clean of partner B with the calculations\estimates of my ovulation days and just hate to think he maybe disappointed. And you are right regardless of the out come my lil one will be loved either way:)


Grandpa Viv - December 14

Have you said what happened to the next period due May 10th? Were you menstruating when you were with partner B, or already late and experiencing some early signs? If you are due Janurary 19th you had to have got pregnant from an April 26th ovulation. Was your due date calculated from a first trimester ultrasound?


NOTME - December 14

I would have been expexting a period May 10th however it never came so no I was not menstruating when with partner B. As for having early pregnancy signs I was feeling very fatigue and somewhat emotional the first few weeks of May, but at that time I really was not looking for possible pregnancy signs so I could have missed some other signs. My Doctor gave me a due date of Jan. 17th calculating from my last misssed period. He also gave me a ultra sound at 3 months which gave me a due date of Jan. 12th or 13th but stuck with the Jan. 17th due date since they were so close.


NOTME - February 1

Partner A and I are the loving parents of a beautiful baby ! + :-)


Grandpa Viv - February 2

Congratulations! You sound so happy. Do you want to share the delivery details?



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