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heather - June 23

i found out i was pregnant in march. i'm not sure when my last period was. it was where i was having it about 2 times a month for about 3 months. i gave up on keeping track. my first dr appt they did an ultrasound, that was on 3-22-04. it stated i was exactly 9 weeks. they gave me a due date of 10-25-04. can you tell me about when did i conceive?


chantae - June 15

when did i conceive. my due date is july 22 2004


christine - June 23

I do not keep tract of my period to many times a month i was getting it and all that mumbo...i found out on dec 31 i was preg and on feb 17,2004 they said that i was 12 weeks 1 day by ultrasound...can you please tell me when did i conceive?


stephanie - June 23

when did i concieve, my due date is july 12,2004.


stephanie - June 23

i found that i was preganant in october of 2003. i'm still not to sure what my due date is. the doctor say's i'm due in july 12,2004.is this correct?


Jamica Samsong - October 8

I found out I was pregnant and the first day of my last cycle was Sept. 6, 2004. What was my day of conception?


krista - October 8

like march 5th


Luci - November 3

My due date is May 31, 2005 - can you tell me when I conceived?


tifani - November 4

what day did i concieve


toni - November 4

when did i concieve my due date is jan 1,2005


Danielle - November 5

i am due on april 9th. when did i conceive


Amber - November 17

When did I conceive. My due date is July 7, 2005


Crystalrose - November 24

My Due date is 05-05-05 when did i conceive???


betsy - December 1

I had my last periods in october 28,normally my periods are alway regular and now its been past a month and a week.Could I be pregnant and if so,when did I conceive?


Ruthie - December 1

You conceived 2/2/04 Your last menstraul was 1/19/04


ruthie - December 1

date of conception 2/2/04 last period 1/19/04


CLory - December 21

i just wanna know when i got pregnant im 9 weeks now so i wanna know exaclty what day it happened on



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