Conceiving After D Amp C

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patriciapvn - September 25

I had a D&C on Sept 4 2008. I was about eight weeks pregnant. I had a blighten ovum which means there was no baby just a sac. I took it very hard because one day you find out your pregnant and then later you find out there is no baby. The world just turned upside down for me. I have two beautiful girls and this would have been my husband's first baby. We have started trying to conceive again about two weeks after the procedure. My doctor preferred me to wait 3 cycles but she said he we decide to start now she said it was ok. I would like to know if anyone can tell me when will I be able to see a positive pregnancy test should i have gotten pregnant. I took one today and it shows negitive which that means my hcg levels has gone down. Since there is no way of counting the days.


Teddyfinch - September 26

not sure on your question, but the doctors want d&c patients to wait at least one cycle because it gives your body a chance to build up a healthy lining for the next shot at pregnancy. otherwise you are possibly putting yourself in danger by your lining not being strong or thick enough to hold a pregnancy and you could very well miscarry again. we owe it to ourselves to be patient and give our bodies time to heal. it's easier to wait then to lose again.


lhud537 - October 31

I just had a D&C yesterday. My gynecologist told me that the only thing good that can come from it is that once you miscarriage, you are extremely fertile for up to a few weeks. I was told I could be pregnant again in 2 weeks. Unless you dont want to try again beause you are grieving. If you feel comfortable, try again. I was told by my OBGYN that the fertility is high because the hormones are still in the system. I personally am not waiting. My friend had a D&C and was told to wait. Now she regrets it because she waited 2 months and then still is not pregnant after 4 months. It is worth the chance. She told me not to miss the small window of opportunity. I plan on trying again this about 2 weeks. The extra fertility that comes after a miscarriage does not last long so use it to your advantage. If it doesnt work than at least you tried and won't wonder if you made a mistake.


dsharp - November 12

I just had a D&C and the Doctor advised to wait two cycles.


ginger25 - January 19

I can relate to you leasa, I just had a d&c on 1/02/09 after being told at my ultrasound visit that the baby had no heart beat and had stopped developing at 9 wks, i to choose to have the procedure rather than wait on natural m/c. my doctor said i could try again after 2 months and the nurse said i could try right away very confused, my family said to wait so i can heal emotionally b/c this has been extremely diffulcult for me I have been TTC for 5yrs, Anything is possible and I just tell myself at least i know I can conceive now.


Bekgomez - February 10

I am sorry for all your losses. Positive note is we are not alone. Talking about it has been the best medicine for me. My husband and I began TTC in March 2008. Nov. 22, 2008 I finally got a postivie preg. test. You can imagine how happy we were, therefor we quickly told everyone. My first appointment was at 8 weeks, but it did not go as planned. I was told the baby had only developed to 5 weeks, and unless I had my dates wrong, the baby had stopped growing. I knew I did not have my dates wrong, so I began to prepare myself for the worse. two days later (Friday) once the blood test were in, the miscarriage was confirmed. I was scheduled for a D&C that Monday. Emotionally, I was a wreck for about a week. Physically I bounced back very quickly and never really had any majors abdominal pains. The only thing haunting me now is, can I TTC again. It is now February, but I only had one menstrual cycle since the D&C, and wondering if it is too late to TTC again. I am very proud of how well I took the miscarriage, but now sure if I could cbounce back that quickly again. I really want to try again now, but need some advise.


Delphia - February 18

Leasa - I am amazed to find your entry after doing a brief google search. I had your exact experience one week later (10 week embryo followed by a D&C last Friday). It was our first try at conceiving so that is encouraging. After reading the responses to your questions I will try to get pregnant right away. I will be 41 next week and very much want a child. I wish you all the best.


Lols - February 19

I had the exact same situation, only my OB said I had to wait for 3 cycles before trying again. We waited for those three and have been ttc for the last two months with no luck. A gff of mine had a similar situation and it took her 9 months to concieve after her d&c. Maybe it will happen when your body is ready? I wish you all the best of luck - it is an awful thing to go though. Keep on trying! L


SaraTJ - February 19

Hi Ladies, This site has helped me so MUCH! First off let me say I am 25 just missed miscarried at 7 weeks.(my first pregnancy) I had a D&C 2 days later and it has been one week. Bleeding is almost all gone, MILD spotting. The DR's are just trying to cover their bottoms when they say to wait 2 or 3 cycles. My husband is an amazing Doctor (anesthesiologist) as well as my sister (neurologist) , Dad (GP) and Mom (Hospice) USC grads and work in LA's top trauma hospital . All which are specialists! Let me say that there is NO evidence in any medical journal stating that you need to wait 2 or whatever cycles. The dr's are not up to date with current stats and are just preaching old wives tales. Also 99.9% of what they say is based off emotional well being. I have been so crushed and devastated over this loss. It took us 4 mths to get Preg and we were heart broken. My husband has put in many extra hours with his colleagues to research this at USC Norris Library! He loves me and wants the best for our family. We are going to TTC after my first Period. I just want my body to get all the nutrients back also dating the fetus will cause me alot less stress. But when we start having s_x in a week if it happens it happens. I am not into charting my temp or anything so I am just going to let it up to God. I am a big fan of Ovulation Predictor Kits, first time i used them I got preggo. My husband and father explained to me that this is natural selection (you dont want an ill baby with a short life span). The percentage is low and chances of it happening again are also very low. 20% to be exact that this will happen again. But look at it this way, we have a 80% chance of success next time. OB's tend to be over scheduled and difficult to work with bc they have such a high rate of legal matter. They dont want difficult patients and we all are going to be freaked out the next pregnancy and worried about every little thing and they think waiting will tame that. Hope this helps. I will keep you posted. Super sticky baby dust!!! If you have ANY questions just ask and my husband will be happy to help us all. He was broken too and he felt compelled to educate us both on this matter. Your body would not give you a period if it did not feel ready to conceive. However if you have a special situation then you should see a specialist and follow their instructions. I have had 3 family friends have Misses Miscarriages and TTC right away and all were SUCCESSFUL!


SaraTJ - February 20

Hey ladies I am back, so I am wondering... it's been 8 days since my D&C and today I felt like I was ovulating, so I took a OPK and sure enough its Positive! However I still have a Positive preg test and I know I am NOT. Is it possible to ovulate with a HCG still in my system...??? I am so confused.... Anybody else experience this? ahhhhh....


luvmy2dogs - February 22

saraTJ, I recently went thru all of this and it is quite an experience to say the least. I do know that OPKs can pick up HCG so that might be what is happening for you. Usually you won't ovulate until your HCG is 5 or less since that is when the body considers itself unpregnant. Also, hpt typically p/u lowest HCG at 18 or 25. Basically your levels are probably still 18 or higher if you are still getting a pos hpt. You probably are not ovulating, but who knows. The human body is so amazing so nothing is a for sure answer. It took me about 3 weeks post d&c to drop below 18 and 4 weeks to be below 5. My doctor was testing my blood levels weekly just about. It did take me a little longer and they were concerned at first that some tissue was left behind. Everyone is different though. Good luck!


pinkmom - February 24

I just had a D & E last Thursday and my doctor said wait two periods before trying to give my body time to heal. I was 3 months pregnant even though the baby died at 7 weeks.


MRSTDILLIN - November 1



hudson - December 6

This is an old post but I decided to comment anyway because it applies to me. I miscarried at 11 weeks and had a D&C Dec. 4th. It was a whirlwind of events being as my first ultrasound was the 3rd and that's when we saw there was no heartbeat. Everything went well with my D&C, no pain and I'm no longer bleeding. My doctor said to wait a month for emotional reasons but my husband and I are very eager to start right away. I understand why some ladies want to wait 3 to 6 cycles but for us we're optimistic it wasn't our time and look forward to the healthy baby that will one day be ours. I think once you're at the point where you understand you can miscarry again and it may take a while to conceive from there you decided when you're ready. This time we're not going to tell people until after our first trimester. I'm religious and I do feel everything is in God's hands. I took my last pregnancy for granted complaining about being the DD, not being able to eat all the awful food I love and not able to drink. As soon as we lost our baby it hit me how wonderfully selfless pregnancy is. I'm getting my vaccines and maintaining the same healthy lifestyle in the meantime and I look forward to the day I get to carry again.


drofnats - January 7

hi, just wondering if anyone can help me or give me advise. i had a miscarriage in 2008 & another one in 10th oct 2009 i was pregnant with identical twins, but lost one at 8weeks then the other at 11weeks, with both of these i had a d&c. i still havent fallen pregnant and am getting woried theres something wrong with me, i really want to get pregnant but cant. i have a healty 3year old, but in desprete need for a sister or brother for her, any advise xxx


sadiemom - February 25

Hi I have a friend that a miscarriage back in November when she had a DNC done. She is now pregnant again and experiencing bleeding cramping and low thc level. Could you please help she is very worried that she is losing baby to. she has just gotten pregnant she is only 2 weeks along. her doctor doesn't seem worried



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