Conceiving After D Amp C

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ashle - October 14

Hi Rosh- I just had a D and C on Friday. I know what you are going through. I was 14 1/2 weeks and was told on Thursday that the baby stopped growing at 12 weeks. It has been a very tramatic weekend for us. I agree that you should wait 3 months. It is good to let your body heal. I will try again in Jan. In 2002 I had an ectopic pregnancy at 8 weeks and was told to wait 3 months because I had to have a shot of methotexate. I did and got prenant right after 3 months, and then had a healthy baby girl. I also had a natural miscarriage at 6 weeks. I was told then that I only had to wait 1 month because I wasn't that far along and no medical intervention was needed. I did and then got pregnant after 1 month. I had another healthy baby girl. I think the farther along you are and whether or not the miscarriage can happen naturally or not depends on how long you wait.


lk - July 30

H leasa. I had my D and C last tues and the doctor told me to wait 3 months. I know lots of people that delivered healthy babies after conceiving right away. I will probably wait one month.


PeanutK - August 11

Boy oh boy, I can do with a friend! I had a m/c and consequent d&c on 4 Aug. It has been a week and I honestly feel like I am not coping. It was my first pregnancy and we were very excited about having a baby as my husband and I have been trying for 18 months. The doc said that there was probably a genetic abnormality and that the alternative would have been to have an abnormal child. I feel like coping with the miscarriage is hard, but coping with my husband's reaction has been far worse. He stated that he wants to hold off trying for another baby for a couple of months, while I am obsessed with trying again right away. Although I know that I am relatively young (28) I am petrified that the long wait of 18 months will be repeated. Off course the stereotypical responses of well intentioned others are making matters worse, and I have detected a bitterness in myself towards others that seem to carry to full term effortlessly and without concern. During this trying time it also became apparent that not all friends are quite what they seemed to be and I have been left feeling very lonely and unable to speak to my husband about my feelings. He feels that the baby was only 5 weeks and that we had only known for a week that I was pregnant, but what he does not seem to understand about me was that finally realizing a dream held so much value that not being able to continue it has broken me to the ground. I wish so that things had turned out differently


austin-our-sweet-angle - August 11

hi not to get your hope up ,but two of my friends had a d\c and the next month just had her baby about fourmonth old.and the second friend 25weeks.


smmom2 - August 11

LEASA....I was told to wait 2 cycles. After you have a D/C, the lining of your uterus is thinned out significantly. Waiting for you af to return and be normal again is important to make sure the lining is back to normal and not still to thin to carry a pg. I waited, and am now 37 weeks along with a healthy baby. MUCH luck to you and I am sorry for your loss.


wantabub - August 12

PEANUT K: I feel for you, on Friday the 8th August my husband and I were so excited we were having our first scan at 12 weeks and my body was showing all pregnancy signs and symptoms only to find out at the scan that our baby had died at 7 weeks. We then went to hospital to find out what options we had only to have to wait 6 hours to see someone and organised a D&C for Monday 11th August, I am now at home from the D&C still an emotional wreck and also would like a friend :-)


PeanutK - August 12

Hi wantabub - My heart goes out to you - the worst is coming home after a procedure like that and to be faced with the fact that life has done a complete 360. I spent the first week after my D&C in bed, partly because I was in quite a bit of pain as the doc did a lapscope at the same time to rule out an ectopic preg, but mostly because I just could not believe what had happened. My doc said to wait two months before we ttc again, but the nurse told me that we could try right away. My husband took the news very badly and he wants to play by the doc's rules, so we will prob ttc again in Oct.


wantabub - August 12

PEANUT K:My heart goes out to you as well -So true about coming home and your life has done a 360, our life did a 360 when we found out we were pregnant and now it feels like all the changes we made were for nothing. I so badly want to ttc again as soon as possible and have been told so many different things on how long to wait, this is what got me on this site as a nurse told me as I was leaving that it might be best to wait a year, but my husband and I do not want to wait that long and then we have been told to wait two cycles, I am really confused but I think we might just wait until after one cycle to ttc.


eclipse - August 13

From one that has been there, my advice to all of you is try again when you feel you are ready. My doctor said wait one cycle to fully heal, but I chose to wait 3 so I could make myself as healthy as possible, get plenty of prenatals and folic acid in my system, and generally make the canvas as ready as possible for the new addition. This worked for me, and I went on to have a healthy pregnancy which coincidentally was a due date exactly a year after my d and c. I think you need to do what you feel is right, and not just physically, but emotionally as well. A loss like this is very hard, and no one can tell you when to be ready to try again. I wish you all very good luck and look forward to seeing all of your future success stories, because it WILL happen :D


mccorm - August 14

Peanut K- I know exactly how you feel. Last year about this time my husband and I experienced a miscarriage. This was our first pregnancy and we were very delighted. At our first ultrasound we found out that we lost the baby at eight weeks. Doctors told us to wait three months. We did because we were devastated and not really ready to try again. My husband didn't really talk much about what had happened. I felt that my husband didn't share the same feelings of emptiness that I did about loosing the baby. Well it has been about a year since it happened and I realized that my husband was just as scared and saddened by the miscarriage as I was. Generally as women we are more open, men don't like to show emotions or they just show them differently. We waited a long time before we decided to try again, about a year. We became pregnant again in June and everything was great. However, I started spotting this past Sunday the 9th, and we found the next day that we miscarried again. I understand the feeling of resentment towards other women who don't have to endure the extreme sadness of loosing a child. But if my two experiences have taught me anything it's that we are not alone in our struggles. Talking to women who have experienced a similar situation has helped tremendously. You will get through this, I promise! We want to try again very soon because waiting the three months the first time really did not prevent anything. So I wish you luck in whatever you decide. And there are many of us with an open ear for when you feel empty or just need to vent!


PeanutK - August 15

Hi wantabub and mccorm, thank you so much for the supportive replies. It really does make a huge difference if you can talk to someone who has had similar experiences. It is almost two weeks after my d&c and I am starting to come to terms with what has happened. It is a very lonely road to healing as other people carry on with life as normal, I also guess I hide a lot how I feel as to avoid burdening everyone with feelings that can only be healed by time. I have moved from obsessing about trying to fall pregnant right away to being fearful of going through the same experience again. Mccorm, how are you coping with going trough a m/c twice??? If you don't mind me asking, was it a random occurance or is there something specific causing it? I would like to minimize all possibilities of it happening again. So sorry for your loss.


mccorm - August 15

PeanutK- I am very happy to hear that you are beginning get better. That is exactly how it works, only with time does the pain dull. I also find myself trying to keep my feelings inside because I don't want others to feel bad for what I have been through. But that is why we are all here for each other! As far as this second time goes, it is very difficult as well. I am feeling the empty heart all over again. The only thing that makes it easier is that I already know how to deal with this, but it is still heartbreaking. I just had my second d & c this morning and they are running a bunch of tests on the baby and blood work for my husband and I. We will know more information within the next couple of weeks. I just hope that these two pregnancies were just nature's doing and not a problem with us. But I will let you know. The advice I can give you is to be determined with your doctors about monitoring your next pregnancy. If I had been maybe I would have found out about this a month ago.


kera - August 17

I had a d&c after a miscarriage at 10 wks, to r/o a partial molar preg...path revieved just a miscarriage, although had heavy bleeding for 2 wks, then had to have a 2nd d&c, b/c they think they did not get it all..after 2nd d&c only had 1 day of bleeding. Dr told me to wait a few months, if we were going to try. I had some bleeding the first 2 cycles after, although it was mostly clots...finally in my 3rd month, seemed to have a regular period. I have just begun to deal with the loss, so not sure when we will try. The exprience really scared my husband, for my health. It is nice to hear I'm not alone. Good luck to all those recovering from a loss.


PeanutK - September 2

Hi girls, I have a question - it is now 4 weeks post D&C. I stopped bleeding after two weeks. We have been ttc since then. The last few days I have been spotting, dark brown in color and stringy., there has also been some bright red blood. What does that mean? How long did it take for your normal periods to reccur? Also, did you also feel so tired afterwards? I am literally sleeping on my feet. I thought it could be implantation bleeding but all home tests came back negative. Is this normal?


Qin83 - September 15

I went for checkup 8 weeks and found out that the foetus stopped growing at 7 weeks. There was no heartbeat detected. I went for a surgery on 24 Jun 2008. The doctor told me after 4-6 weeks my menses will come. Till now my menses not come yet. I went for followup 1st checkup and the doctor told me that i have a 5cm cyst in my right uterus. One month later i go back check again, my doctor told me the cyst grow smaller but the lining of my uterus is very thick. He gave me 10 days supplies of hormone pills for my menses to come. I ate the pills for 10 days and it still haven't come. The last checkup was 27 oct 08. The doctor told me to go back in 3 months time. I am not sure when will i conceive again. Any advise on this?


patriciapvn - September 25

I had a D&C on Sept 4 2008. I was about eight weeks pregnant. I had a blighten ovum which means there was no baby just a sac. I took it very hard because one day you find out your pregnant and then later you find out there is no baby. The world just turned upside down for me. I have two beautiful girls and this would have been my husband's first baby. We have started trying to conceive again about two weeks after the procedure. My doctor preferred me to wait 3 cycles but she said he we decide to start now she said it was ok. I would like to know if anyone can tell me when will I be able to see a positive pregnancy test should i have gotten pregnant. I took one today and it shows negitive which that means my hcg levels has gone down. Since there is no way of counting the days.



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