2 Preg Tests Negative 25 Days Since I Missed My Period

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kenco1976 - June 1

I too am in the same boat , i have my periods every 35- 37 days , My last period was due on May 7th 2008 making me 25 days late ! 4 Neg test , after 14 days late i went to the doctor and told me i had to wait another 2 weeks before i could be tested again i so want to be pregnant and its hard not to worry either , i have always been regular since being of the pill , i have had all the symptoms of having a period exspecially this last few days , i have felt a little sick and tired and my b___sts have been feeling heavy but this comes and goes , my mother had 3 periods and was 3 months before she knew she was pregnant with me so that might be the same, anyhow i am due to visit doc again on wed so hopefully i can have a blood test , i have not been that stressed out so i am hoping its possitive , Strange what our bodies put us though isn't it . Good luck to you all if you are trying hope poss results :-)


Isabella - June 9

I am joining the club. Last month, I though I was experiencing early preggo symptoms (fatigue, nausea, bloating). I had a doc appt. 3 days before I was expecting my period so I asked my doc to do a pregnancy test. It was negative but it only involved urination. 4 days later (one day, which is not normal for me as I come regularly every 27-28 days) I started a period which was very dark in color and lasted only 3 days. It has lasted 5-7 days ever since I started at the age of 11. At this point I had been off birth control for 8 months. This month the symptoms have become more frequent. More bloating, more fatigue and now frequent urination. I am starting to experience lower back pain and also twinges in my lower abdomen. My dreams have been very vivid and it is uncomfortable for me to sleep on my side. My b___st also were very sore to touch even. My husband and I did have relations around "O" day every day this month from day 14 to day 21 as we have been trying desperately to conceive. This month, I experienced severe cramping (more than usual) a day late (again) and my period lasted only 2 days and on the 3rd day I spotted. On the third day I took a HPT and it showed negative but I am not sure I trust it as my lower abdomen still remains abnormally swollen and my other symptoms (especially fatigue, twinges, tenderness) continue to persist. I plan to wait until next month's expected period to test again but I am growing very impatient. I feel a little at ease knowing others have experienced this but still very confused. Stay strong everyone...It will help me to do the same.


sukieq02 - July 6

im having the same problem. im 2 months late, no period, ive had a little spotting only when i wipe. this happened about 4 times total, very faint pink color. i feel pregnant, i had 7 faint positive home pregnancy tests and 11 negative. my beta blood test was 2 and my stomach is starting to grow. the first doctor said im experiencing another miscarriage, however my stomach did not grow last time, and the second doctor said i just "didnt ovulate" FREAKIN IDIOT doctor. theyve refused sonograms, i have another appointment tomorrow and im making them do one. i will keep yall posted... hopefully i can solve this mystery!


mumu123 - August 20

i am 26.i am trying to get pregnent.18th august is my normal period date. today is 20th august still my period is not starting.yesterday i test pregnancy its coming negative.what can i do now.can i pregnent or not.


Jennifer Scott - December 9

My period started a week early and never taken any pills before. When I touch my b___sts and ts not hurt!


ncdragonfly - December 13

I am in the same boat as everyone else here. My cycle is normally 25 days to the T, never have I missed a cycle. My last AF started Oct 30th and I was supposed to start again Nov. 24th. It never came. I haven't had tender b___sts or soreness in my back. I did however start using the restroom more. I have been experiencing alot of gas and constipation. I have taken several home pregnancy tests and all came back negative. I went to the doctor last week on friday, dec. 5th. They did another urine test and it came back negative as well. At this visit they did find that I had a mind bladder infection, (which I didn't know I had because the last time I had one it was extremely painful), they also said I had BV (Bacterial Vaginitis), and a small yeast infection. The doctor gave me antibiotics to take for 10 days. She also said that I could still be pregnant even though their urine test said negative. She made an appointment for me to come see her again next week on dec 17th if I still haven't gotten my period, (Which as of today I still havent.) I am so tired of waiting that I decided to go monday and get a blood test. It was only $44 through a local lab to get it done. But I have to wait up to 72 hours for the results. I am 29 years old and I have no children, and I would love to be pregnant. So all I can do is keep my fingers crossed.


YourLastHope - January 23

I had an HSG on Janurary 7th, 2010. I was supposed to start my period between Janurary 23rd and 26th. Usually, I would start having that "blah" feeling you get before your period comes by now.I usually experience this about a week beforehand. But all I've had are the following: swollen, tender b___sts, darkening of the areola, nipple enlargement, nausea, vomiting occasionally, cravings for things I usually don't like (i.e. chocolate and cheese together), adversions to foods and smells I usually like, frequent urination, bloating, gas, mood swings... All the symptoms of pregnancy. Even my boyfriend thinks I am. But, I tested this morning, with ClearBlue,and it came up negative. I called my doctor, and he wants to do a blood test in a week if I still don't start. Does anyone here know if a HSG can postpone your cycle?? And, if that's the case, why do I have all these symptoms?? HELP PLEASE!!!


MLCS0820 - June 5

Everyone seems to be on the same boat as me...I am 25 days late on my period...I've taken 3 HPTs and they have all come out negative. My husband and I just got married and hadn't planned to get pregnant yet, though we would absolutely love to be! I have a pregnancy/period tracker and it says since I've missed my period and am now 25 days late, I should be 3 weeks and 6 days pregnant. But the tests say negative and I don't feel any symptoms. Im kind of chunky so I wouldn't know if I've started to get a belly pudge yet. My next period is supposed to be in 4 days, and if I don't have a period again, then I may take another test...im hoping I am prego but that im not far along enough for a HPT to detect. Does anyone have any advice for me!?


stephz - July 19

I am right where you are. 25 days late, 2 negative HPT's. This is the second month that I have been late. The doctor also gave me pills to get things started again that I take for 10 days. I still don't have a period yet either. If you find anything out let me know! I am concerned as well.


kay9091 - July 20

hey my story is similar, the last time i had a period was may 18th. before then i didnt have a period since Jan. i had symptoms but every test kept coming out neg. so the doc had prescribed me medroxyprogesterone to take for 10 days (it build the your uterine lining to make your have a cycle)... i wasnt sure about taking the pills because all she did was a pee test. So i went to the hospital and got an ultrasound and a v____al ultrasound which showed nothing and they also checked for cysts, and to see if my ovaires were twisted, my fallopian tubes and everything.! and they couldnt fine nothing wrong. So, i decided to take the pills for 10 days and 7 days later i finally came on which was in may.! since then i havent had any kind of bleeding so i called the doctor that prescribe the pills yesterday and told her whats been going on and she told me to take a test but im so scared to see negative that i havent took one yet i told myself i would do it the 1st week in august just to see if i come on this month..


MLCS0820 - July 20

Ya, i am now 71 days late and have had a million negative tests...i feel like something could be wrong and its stopping my periods, but being honest, i love not having them. At the same time, it worries me because i never know when ill start haha


stephz - July 20

Good luck kay9091! I know it is such a bummer to see the negative sign when all you want is a positive! Good luck, keep us posted please.


kay9091 - July 20

thanks stephz... make sure u keep us posted as well... GOOD LUCK !!


riyah18 - September 24

My first start date of my last period was Aug25-30 and one day i went to the bathroom and saw a little spotting on the tissue and havent seen it since and its been 25 days since my last period i've been tired lately and i'm tying to get pregnant. Could I be please help me.


stephz - September 24

Hi riyah18. I wish I could be more helpful. I know this thread is a year old and I still don't have a success story. I am hopefully on my way though. We are starting our 3rd round of follistim+ ovidril+iui. I would say don't wait to long to go and get a dr. opinion. We waited the year like they tell you to, but I don't think I ovulate on my own so waiting wouldn't have helped! Keep us posted maybe some good luck on this thread will bring everyone luck!!


Ashlie123 - September 30

Hi everyone , So im pretty much having the same problem as everyone else.I have been on birth control for about a year now. I had stopped taking it for about a month or so then went back on it. I have been taking it for about three months solid now except,the first month i had a period and the other two recent months i have had nothing. No spotting or blood nothing. Normally with the pills i take even if im not on my white pills and my body needs to release all the dirty blood(sorry kinda nasty) it dose it anyways. I am pretty sure im pregnant i have been really ga__sy including acid re-flux,urinating frequently,always hungry,i can smell EVERYTHING, always sleepy ,and my stomach is hard.I have had weird abdominal pains and i get these sharp like throbbing pains in my stomach/abdominal area. I have taken only one pregnancy test so far and it says negative. I am planing to take about three more before i get a second opinion. Yet , im a little confused and kinda worried ,because the fact that its negative ,but i have all the signs of pregnancy. Could the test be wrong? Could i be one of thoughts women who have all negative HPT and still be pregnant? If anyone could help me that would be greatly appreciated :)



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