Negative Result But Look 4 Months Pregnant And No Not Fat

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jean - September 11

my question is i have had light periods for four months and am now looking pregnant i have seen nurse and she thinks also i could be pregnant because of my shape but i have had two negitive results and now i have to see the doctor has anyone had the same problem i am convinced i am but i have dought because of my results


Vicki - May 7

I am 4 1/2 months pregnant and my belly just started to show this normal?


Amanda - May 21

I am 27 and have had similar symptoms, 2 months of much lighter than normal periods, slight weight loss and then weight gain, and an expanding mid section. My doctor has done both blood and urine tests finding negative results, however she has ordered a sonogram due to my increasing waist line. My mother never had a positive pregnancy test and had 3 unsucessfull pregnancies and 2 full term babies. She did not have children till after 25 years old and could not produce HCG at any time during the pregnancies. My first pregnancy was at age 20 and had positive results, but if the inability to produce the hormone is age related I am left to wait and see. I hope this is of some use.


shelena - May 25

When I first started having symptoms,the nurse and her staff thought that I was crazy beacuse I had taken a urne test,plus a blood test and they both came back negative.Plus,I am still having a period.But, guess what?A physical exqamination confirmed that I am 3 months pregnant.No matter what the doctors tell you,always listen to your body.Congratulations!!!


Britney - June 3

Jean, I am going through the same thing right now...I look about 5 months pregnant, but I have taken about 10 at home test and a blood serum test at the doctor's and all were negative....but I still look pregnant!! If you find anything let me know!!


Lisa - June 6

I am 49 and have not had a period since the first week of April. I have taken 4 at home tests all showing negative. My doctor just thinks it is menopause but I am experiencing swollen b___sts and seems to be spreading in the hips. Also my husband notices that I am "different" and thinks I am pregnant. I also have craved strawberries and other fruits. I had this my first pregnancy which resulted in a miscarriage. (The craving of fruits, especially strawberries and melon). I am not at all opposed to being pregnant but am mainly concerned because I take blood pressure medicine and stomach medicine. I take vitamins too. What to do? Is there a fail safe test? Thanks! Lisa


JAI - June 8

I have had three hpts and two blood tests and they all came back neg. The dr just ordered for me to have a sonogram done sometime later the later this week. I just feel pregnant. I am having all the symptoms and I just find it very odd to have a period for all these years and then for it to just up and quit.I am really glad that I have read you guys stories because I was just about to start taking pills to jump start the cycle,but I will have the sonogram done first before I take any meds.


Nicki - June 11

I have had 5 negative urine tests, and 1 negative blood test. I haven't actually had s_x, but im concerned about s____n that was in the area, and for the past 2 months my periods have been lighter than normal. I'm so tired all the time, headaches, I'e been feeling sick for a month, have an expanding stomach, sore b___sts, and a white substance come out of my left nipple. I feel pregnant, but my tests keep showing no, i haven't ACTUALLY had s_x, and i've been getting periods, even though they are light. My friends think i'm crazy, and the doctor's tell me I'm not, but what else could explain what i'm feeling? i've also been gaining weight, yet eating less. I don't want to be pregnant, and i'm so confused. please help me.


Lisa - June 14

I'm back...(see my prior post). I went to my gynedoc and she ran a pregnancy test and it was negative. She offered meds to start my period but I declined. I don't want any hormonal confusion. I have had a minor amount of spotting this week but nothing to get upset over. I still have a hard time believing I'm not pregnant. Also she ran the blood test to see if I am menopuasal and I hav a slight v____al infection. I think I will go 2 weeks and if no change I am taking another at home test. One can't be too safe.


Nicki - June 14

I went to the doctor again, and he did a pelvic exam and told me i was not pregnant. However, my stomach is still expanding, and the nausea is getting worse as well as my sore b___bs, my weight gain, my reddening nipples....i think i would be almost 2 months pregnant right u think this is really possible> considering that for me to get pregnant, s____n would have just had to swim its way up......what could be going on w/ me? oh yeah, and im having v____al discharge for a verryyy long time.. someone please help


dawn - June 15

im going thru the same thing except it;s been a month now and no period at all.. 2 hpt tests came back negative and a blood test.. confused and worried.. :( if u find out anything let us know


dawn - June 18

wow im having the same problem but it;s been a month now since i have had my mp and i have gained 9lbs in the last 2 weeks all in my stomach... 3 negative htp tests and a negative blood test... let me know what u find out........


Shantay - June 20

Hey to everyone. February 14, 2004 was the last time I had s_x. Around that time I had a flat stomach and a small figure. About a month after that until now I went from 107.5 pounds to 113.5 pounds. I am the type of person that don't gain weight at all. I never eat that much either, but I am always full after eating one meal and small amount of snacks on a daily basis. Now I am still gaining weight, eating more, feeling sick, terrible head ache, something moving in my stomach. I think I am pregnant because I a lot of the symptoms. I have taken 5 home pregnancy test, 2 pregnancy test at the doctors office and I took a blood test. They all came back negative. Now I don't know what to do. I also took a pap test and the doctor claim my uterus is larger than it should be. My results of the blood test and pap test was that I didn't have a disease either. My period still is on, but it is light and then it skips a day and come back on. It also only last for 4 days instead of a full week. If anyone of yall have any remarks please make them because i would liketo know how others think.Thank You so much for your time!


Alicen - June 21

FAIL SAFE TEST!! this is going to sound wierd but there is a plant that will solve all ur problems You need to find a Dandelion Flower (weed actually) with very large leaves pluck as many leaves off as many dandelions as you can find you need the leaves not the flower top take them home now in the morning urinate on two of the leaves then wait about an hour if RED BLISTERS appear your pregnant ok store the other leaves in something they wont dry out in. It is about 99% acurate even if your only about 2 weeks late but I read ur thing if your as far along as you say you should only have to wait about 10 mins but give it about an hour just incae now I fail every pregnancy test on the planet even when I was swollen huge pregnant and the doctor could hear the heart beat I still failed haha but the dandelions worked for me feel free to post this where ever it will be helpful to women like us also I do not take any medacations at all so maybe the failing the tests is just natural with me please also feel free to e-mail me any time with Questions at


sweetie - June 23

WOW ALICEN!!!! I will research on that seems like a cool project, where did you get it from?


bbygyrlk - June 23

I was 7 days late, and thought I was pregnant. I took a HPT at day 5 of my missed period because I had all the signs/symptoms, especially the cravings. I am a vegetarian and I started desperately craving meat. However the test was negative. Then when I got my period(7 days late),it was really heavy, but I usually have it for 7 or 8 days and I only had it for 5 days. I still have pregnancy symptoms but I haven't taken another test (they're too expensive). From what I've read, it is possible to have your period during pregnancy but it is not normal or common. So,I am a__suming that I am not pregnant. It is very possible to get a false negative anytime you test before your period is due. The best way to determine pregnancy is with your doctor, if you insist they can do a sonogram.


BRANDY - June 23

Hi everyone. I am 27. Last month I had a heavy period (like really heavy). Which seems to be quite normal for me. My last period was 5/31-6/3 I am usually like a 4 day girl. On June 13th I went for a pap smear. I had an urine test that day. It was negative. I did the pap smear, everything looked normal. I got a prescription for birth control and left. I have been especially careful too. Yesterday I got my period 6/22.. early. It's also very light.. like almost just spotting. I have used maybe 3 tampons in 2 days. I have also been feeling bad: fatique, etc. But, I am not having my normal PMS symptons: extreme cramps, bloating, etc. It's real strange.. so I took two tests tonight that came up negative. I know I have been extra careful.. My fiancee & I haven't had a condom break or anything. Is it possible to get pregnant from pre? Wouldn't she know if she gave me a pap smear? I'm confused here.



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