Had A Vaginal Ultrasound No Heartbeat Yet

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Monique - January 4

Yesterday I went to the for my 1st prenatal visit. The doctor did a va___al ultrasound. She saw the sac but not a heartbeat. According to my lmp I am 6 weeks pregnant but I am sure I conceived on 12/3/05. Do you think I am to early for the heartbeat to be seen? Please help!


H - January 4

I just wanted to say that no matter what the doctors tell you, you wait this out! Doctors are so early to doom a pregnancy. You are still so early and you could have conceived late in your cycle and the baby could be younger than six weeks. When I first went in for my appointment I was suppose to be 8 weeks based off of my LMP but when they did the ultrasound I was on at 5 1/2 weeks with no heartbeat. They started throwing words out there like blighted ovum, missed miscarriage and doing a D&C. I waited it out and am now 21 weeks pregnant! Visit www.misdiagnosedmiscarriage.com it will help you. Good luck!


Also Monique - January 5

At my 7 week appt. I had a transv____al and we could clearly see the heartbeat. What did your doctor say? If he/she wasn't too concerned, I wouldn't be either. PS. I went at 4 1/2 weeks to confirm pregnancy and she couldn't see ANYTHING yet--not even a sac. Good Luck!


Monique - January 5

Thanks Monique! The doctor did say that I must be less than 6 weeks preg. Considering I know I conceived on 12/3/05 I agree with her. That whole LMP throws stuff off!


RL - January 5

I had my first sono at 5wks and there was just like you saw a sac looked like a dot to me!! no heartbeat yet but they had me come back in 3wks and did another and OMG WHAT A DIFFERNCE!! the fetus looked like a peanut and had little arm buds and leg buds and was even moving!! and there was a very strong heartbeat at that time so just wait a couple more weeks and you will be amazed!!! Good luck take care


Erin - January 10

Yes, just wait it out. Early scans often show nothing of use.


Elle - January 18

Hi Monique ~ just checking on you! How are things going? Please let us know. Wishing you the best.


Steph - January 18

I had a u/s at 6wks 3 days, and the doctor could not see a h/b either. I'm now 15 weeks pregnant and all is well! He did not seem worried about it at all. He said it was pretty early to see and not to worry as all babies have different rate growths!!


Monique - January 19

Thanks for your concern! I really appreciate it! I went to have a u/s on 1/9/06 and the h/b was beating away! 138 beats per minute. I was 7wks 0 days then. Come Mon the 23rd I will be 9 weeks! All is well. I just got the yucky felling real bad. Never know what I can and can't eat until I eat it. I learned I can't drink soda...and I love ginger ale! How are you all doing?


JanInBama - January 19

Thanks for the update! I went today for my first checkup (I'm 6 wks) and all they saw was a sac no h/b. I had a miscarriage last summer and I'm SO hoping that everything is okay! You all have given me some new hope!


monique - January 20

Janinbama there is hope! I was 6 wks and they saw no hb but 1 week later it was there. So fret not...you will see that hb real soon. When is your next visit?


JanInBama - January 21

They did bloodwork when I went Thursday and I have to go again on Monday for more bloodwork. I'll see the doctor then but I don't know if they'll do another u/s yet. I don't have a typical 28 day cycle - mine is anywhere from 31 to 35 days - so I'm really hoping that I'm just not far enough along for anything to show up yet! I've just been worried! My husband and I have a daughter (she'll be 6 in March) and we've been trying to get pregnant for 5 yrs (or will be this April). We've done the fertility stuff and finally gave up and then I got pregnant naturally but miscarried last summer. I should know more next week - but thanks again to everyone for the encouragemant you've given me!


Maryloo - January 23

I was happy to find this conversation because I'm feeling worried and disappointed about my ultrasound this morning. I thought I was at week 8 of my pregnancy since we're pretty sure we conceived on 12/06/05. So today we were expecting to see the heartbeat, possibly for 2 babies which is what the doctor had forecasted the last time we saw him. We got there, saw two sacs, no heartbeat. I know that I shouldn't worry but if I'm pretty sure that I conceived on December 6th, shouldn't there be heartbeats? Or is it possible to be so off?


MelissaK - January 23

I had a vag u/s at 5w3d and o HBs were seen, just 2 gest. sacs. I am waiting it out until 7w5d (this Thursday!) and we'll have another u/s. Wait It Out!


MelissaK - January 23

Maryloo... I think you better be sure to have another u/s scheduled for one week from today. At 8w, you should be able to see the HBs. At least the next u/s should show growth.


JanInBama - January 23

I went for my bloodwork today - my numbers were where they are supposed to be. I go in the morning for another u/s - wish me luck!


Erica - January 24

I too had a v____al ultrasound at 6 weeks due to previous miscarriages. The doctor did not see a heartbeat and said I was a little less than 6 weeks. Well, yesterday I went (two weeks later) and lo and behold there is a heartbeat and I am actually 8 weeks 4 days! Doctors aren't always right - that's why they have a "practice" - get it? Sounds like you and I are within three days of each other - my due date is LABOR DAY!! LOL!!



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