Anyone Hate Being Pregnant

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annie - April 13

I have friends that say they loved and enjoyed their pregnancies. But I don't feel that way at all. I am overjoyed to be having a baby and can't wait to see him/or her, but I am counting the days till I am not pregnant anymore. It feel like my body is just not mine. I hate all the symptoms and body changes. I just haven't enjoyed being pregnant at all....anyone else out there??


eire - April 13

can't say I hate it, but I hate the flabby tummy I have at the moment.. (15 weeks gone). Wish it was a proper bump so I look pregnant rather than fat!!


Lesley Ann - April 13

I can't really say that I hate it but I don't like the fact that I worry all the time. Every little symptom scares the c___p out of me and I could really do without that. Everyone tells me that it's worth it so I try to listen to that and hope for the best. The nausea is really annoying though.


Jennifer - April 13

Sorry, I LOVE IT!!!


Heidi - April 13

I can relate. My experience hasn't been that great. My morning sickness was terrible but I never threw up so I guess that's a plus but I felt like I would 24/7 and I never slept. Then at about 10 wks I started feeling better and had more energy, then I started getting this pain in my tailbone that lasted about two weeks. Then the headaches started. I asked my doc about them last week and she said it's common until 18 wks!!!! Gees! If it's not one thing, it's another! Some days I'm bloated and constipated so now she tells me to start taking Metamucil or some other stuff so I don't get so bloated every five days cus I feel like a total cow up until then and afterwards I'm back to normal. I don't say I totally hate it but I do say I can't WAIT till I'm NOT pregnant anymore and I definately won't be doing this again :) So I can relate to how you feel. I'm only 13 wks so I have a long way to go. Fortunately I still can wear all my jeans but my shirts don't fit cus my b___bs are too big! What I thought would be so great is now annoying cus I feel like a tramp when my tank tops are super tight! Ha ha! I'd take my small b___bs back any day! I'm not looking forward to the stomach either like a lot of pregnant women wait for. I hope I stay fairly slim until later in the pregnancy. But I'm dealing with it and just telling myself it'll all be over in October. Too bad I have to be pregnant over the summer though! It's been an interesting experience so far. I'm glad I get to experience it once at least.


Foxy - April 13

I love it too. It has it's disadvantages, but I waited a long time to have a baby (Too many c___p relationships!) and I never thought it could happen to me so I'm making the most of it. It's only 9 months, and what a prize you get at the end of it! :-) However my cousin said she really hated being pregnant. She felt like she'd been invaded and couldn't wait to have her body back, so you're not alone.


sarita - April 13

I LOVED my pregnancy with my daughter...this one (a boy) is a little rough. Ive been told its a hormonal thing..I wouldn't say I HATE it, cuz i know what its for....a healthy baby...but i will say im not as enamored with the experience as before. GL, youll feel better soon!


Maleficent - April 13

i loved every second of pregnancy with my first two babies....this time not so much. there just hasn't been anything to enjoy yet. lol. i've been puking since the day i concieved. it's a struggle to stay hydrated. i've got heartburn from hell. i'm tired all the time. and thanks to an anterior placenta i havent even gotten to feel the baby kick, and probably wont feel it much the entire time. (feeling the baby move was my favorite part of being pregnant and i'm so bummed out!) i'm ready to be done and i've just barely gotten started! i keep the end result in sight. i love my baby, i just don't like being pregnant this time around.


Beth - April 13

I absolutely love being pregnant!!


camie - April 13

i don't hate it. I just don't like the fact that my legs and but are growing along with my belly. lol


KellyB - April 13

I don't hate it but not liking the way my body looks (big b___t and thighs). My belly is still small so I feel like I just look heavier. I love talking about being pregnant, the baby and our plans for the baby's room, etc. I think if i was more noticeable showing I would love it more, cause then it's a conversation piece! People love to talk to prego people but if you don't know me, you wouldn't know I am pregnant yet! (I'm 23 weeks) Time if flying though!


tara - April 13

I just love being pregnant! But there has been a lot of my friends who think I'm wierd becuase they, like you couldn't enjoy it becuase of all the symptoms and the change that the body goes through. I have to admit though I can not keep up with the ever changing body - my stomatch is growing by the day and it's hard to adjust to it as fast as i'm growing. But I take pride in it becuase it's not somethign that I can experience often. It's really different with each person and each pregnancy - one my friends said the other day if she didn't have to be pregnant to have kids she would have 10! Not enjoying your pregnancy is by no means an indication that you won't love being a mom. :o) all the best


B - April 13

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing. So I cannot say I hate it. Keep your head up and it will be over before you know it.


monica - April 13

with my first pregnancy I hated it. I almost felt guilty because I hated being pregnant. I couldnt wait to stop wearing maternity clothes and be able to start running again. With my second one which I am 24 weeks I dont mind so much, almost sad because this will be my last baby. So I am trying to enjoy it because I will never be pregnant again in my life.


Tan - April 13

Hey Annie, I am with you!!!!! Morning sickness, then tired, now really bad carpal tunnel so that I cannot sleep, I cannot concentrate at work, I feel depressed sometimes just because of hormones, I cry for silly reasons and on and on and on!!! Dont get me wrong, we are very thrilled to be having a baby ....LOL, just not sure what some pregnany woman are "glowing" about!


Christine - April 13

Hi Annie I don't hate it; actually at 25 wks I rather enjoy the feelings, i.e. kicking, etc., but I have been honest throughout in saying that I am not thrilled or excited about seeing my skin stretch, feeling my ligaments pop and my bones re-adjust! Who really would be? I am happy for what all these changes will bring though, and I feel the two are really separate issues. I don't mind sharing my body with baby, but the only thing I can say I HATE is the perception that my body has become public domain for comments by mere acquaintances, i.e. popping into my office to try to "cop a feel" of the belly or see if it has grown or comment on how I'm not showing so much, or can they see my belly or how they "observed" me slip into a pregnant waddle. People do not allow themselves these comments when you are not pregnant; I actually said to one woman who asked to see my belly that I would show her mine if she would show me her's. That got a good laugh out of my boss, who was standing right there when she asked me. I think these open comments are inappropriate, and would not be tolerated if they were said to someone who wasn't pregnant. I have made it very clear that I will show my belly and share my pregnancy woes with those people I am comfortable with; to all the others in the peanut gallery, I've asked them to MYOB. Might sound harsh, but my body is still my own (oh, and baby's!), and I don't feel it should be invaded any more now than when I am not pregnant...


NM - April 13

Hi Christine, I feel the same way you do. I even had one woman pull my shirt tight to see my belly. This was at work. People are saying you don't look like you are 22 wks. Don't you know that you are eating for 2. It is really starting to get on my nerves.



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