June 2010 Babys

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angelmonkey - December 1

hi everyone thought i would make a thread in the 2nd tri as most of us are there or nearly there...........good luck with your pregnancys


angelmonkey - December 1

hey everyone i am currently 12 weeks in 2 days....i have another scan on the 10th dec to double check dates.....this is my second my baby i have a daughter Heidi who is just coming up 10months...........everyone lind of dissapeared in the first tri board so hopefully we'lhave a few people in the secodn tri board to talk to


shelly08 - December 1

hey angelmonkey, I am currently 14 weeks and just found out this morning that we are expecting a girl! I couldn't be more thrilled. Im so glad you started the thread over here. I don't know where all the june ladies are.


angelmonkey - December 2

congrats! i live in the uk and they wont even try to determine the s_x until 18 weeks earliest! im not findind out the s_x this time......i have a 10month old daughter and i found out with her, i think it would be nice to have suprise this time. im not sure where they went either......hopefully we'l have some more join us


biskz - December 9

hi ladies.i will be 12 weeks on monday and have my scan that day too :)


angelmonkey - December 11

hi biskz.........shelly how are you.....i cant beleive there are only 3 of us! i had another scan yesterday......messured 13 weeks and 1 day......so they have taken my due date back by 1 day so im now due june 16th...


shelly08 - December 12

Hey angelmonkey- Im doing good at almost 16 weeks. I have my next scan in 9 days so Im excited to see her again. I have been an emotional wreck. I am either crying or yelling, I've got acne that won't quit and Im at the point in pregnancy where you don't quite look pregnant so people just a__sume you are getting fat. Boo. I wish I could fast forward a month or two when I look pregnant and can enjoy it. I can still wear my regular clothes but I have this roundness that pokes out where my zipper sits and it looks gross. Can't believe no none of the other june mommas have decided to post. Im bummed. Would love to know how everyone else is fairing.


angelmonkey - December 13

ughi knwo that feeling....i just feel fat right now.....my emotions havnt been to bad...now my morning sickness is slowign down i dotn really have any other signs....apart i still have sore b___bs but i only notice that when my daughter is climbing all over me lol...i have a midwife appoinment at 16 weeks...so the end of this month....then my 20 week scan


KSM - December 13

Hi All, I am 12 w 4 d with baby #2. I can't wait to find out what we are having. I have a 2 year old little girl. I took an intelli gender test that said boy.. so we'll see!


shelly08 - December 14

Ksm: I too took an intelli gender test at 10 weeks and got a girl result. I already found out that it was correct. I have another friend who took it as well and got a girl result but she still hasn't gotten confirmation via sonogram yet. I was a little skeptical about the test but I am a little more convinced of its accuracy now. Let us know how it turns out.


KSM - December 14

I will let everyone know for sure if my sonogram results matched the intelli gender. From what I've read on the internet and from my friends- it seems to be pretty accurate. I can't wait!


stefkay - December 14

Hi everyone, my name is Stefanie...I didn't post on the first trimester thread because I was just kind of waiting until the first tri was over to really feel more confident about this pregnancy. I used this forum a lot when I was pregnant with my dd who is now almost 18 months old. I am due with #2 on June 19! I've had 3 ultrasounds so far and the last one was at about 12 weeks and it was the first trimester screening/NT scan. For some reason I wasn't worried much with my dd, but now am worrying myself over this one so I just want to get my results back and be done with that part. Just nerve wracking I guess! I had several miscarriages before having my dd so although I loved being pregnant with her and am so excited for this one, it's anxiety inducing nonetheless. I just pray all goes well! I'm feeling girl in my gut on this one but really have no idea. We do plan to find out but my doc won't do the gender scan until about 18 to 20 weeks. I see her next at 16 weeks so I bet she will schedule me for gender scan 4 weeks out from that, so 20. Ugh! Have to wait forever it seems :) Nice to meet you all...


shelly08 - December 16

Hi Stephanie, so glad you've joined us! I know it seems like forever till you find out the s_x of your baby but it is a good thing sometimes that they make you wait that long. I have a neighbor who was told she was having a girl at like 16 weeks and went in for a 20 week scan and they said it was a boy. I was told at 14 weeks with my last two that they were boys, and there was no doubt! This time at 14 weeks they told me girl and she had her legs spread eagle so I hope they are right. Now I go back in on Monday and I have been going crazy wondering if I the baby will still be a girl. I sure hope so. Keep us updated!


stefkay - December 17

Hi shelly, with my dd they told me girl at around 12 weeks (the tech did it at my NT scan and said it was only "for fun" and told me not to take it too seriously) and then I had another scan at 14 weeks and they said girl too. At my 20 week she was still a girl! :) I think with girls once they see the 3 lines or whatever it is they look for it is pretty definite. Congrats! I'll keep you all posted. I can't believe how dead this forum is now...when I used to use it when we were trying to conceive and then when I was pregnant with my daughter there were tons of posts daily. Now it seems noone posts on here or the toddler forum for days at a time. I guess it started happening when facebook came around.


angelmonkey - December 18

hi everyone........i was just wondering how many of you are pregnant with your second or more? this is my second and i didnt even give birth a year ago lol....i was 14 weeks on wednesday my daughter is 10 half months....well i was wondering when i'll be feeling movments? i was rather slim with heidi when i fell pregnant and could feel movments at aroudn 15-16 weeks.......and could see movments from the outside at 23 weeks......well i still havnt felt anything! and i heard you feel it sooner the secodn time.....is it still to early or could it be the fact that i had no fat at all on em with heidi where as this time i havnt lost all my baby weight so may have a bit more cushioning lol....


shelly08 - December 18

Hey angelmonkey: I am pregnant with my fourth baby and felt movement around 14 weeks. I am not slim but not big either. Don't worry, you may not notice it. I only notice it when I am sitting down. I lay down at night and think maybe I will feel something but never. If you are really active and always on the go then you may not notice it. The more kids you have the less time you have to pay attention to what it going on in your body. Relax, you will feel the baby move soon enough. I fell pregnant with my third baby when my second son was only 8 1/2 months old so I am right there with you. It is really grueling on your body to become pregnant so soon after having a baby. Enjoy this time because when this new baby arrives you will have your hands full. Looking back, I wish I had spent the time I needed to enjoy my second son instead of worrying about what it would be like when the new baby arrived. Anyway, back to your original post, it's still really early and I know you can't wait to feel it but it will happen all in good time and probably when you least expect it. Let us know when it finally happens!


angelmonkey - December 19

thanks shelly.......its make me wonder, was i feeling my daughter at 14 weeks? i wouldnt say im fat i just have a baby belly still lol......hopefully i will feel it soon and i'll let you all know....i cant even remember how old Heidi was when i fell pregnant with this one....about 7 months......it is worrying lol....my partner works full time so its just going to be me....i breasfed Heidi for 6-7months and its made her really clingy to me .....i dont think she's going to like it much. well i thought my morning sickness was gone with a week of not having it...and the bam yesterday morning its back.....i so dont want to be throwing up over christmas....its 8:20am here and i havnt been sick so hopefully it will last......how is everyone doing?



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