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angelmonkey - December 19

thanks shelly.......its make me wonder, was i feeling my daughter at 14 weeks? i wouldnt say im fat i just have a baby belly still lol......hopefully i will feel it soon and i'll let you all know....i cant even remember how old Heidi was when i fell pregnant with this one....about 7 months......it is worrying lol....my partner works full time so its just going to be me....i breasfed Heidi for 6-7months and its made her really clingy to me .....i dont think she's going to like it much. well i thought my morning sickness was gone with a week of not having it...and the bam yesterday morning its back.....i so dont want to be throwing up over christmas....its 8:20am here and i havnt been sick so hopefully it will last......how is everyone doing?


stefkay - December 24

Hi, just having a not able to sleep morning...it happens a lot lately. I wake at like 5 and can't go back to sleep! Angelmonkey, I felt my dd move around 15 to 16 weeks and she was my first. This time I think I feel things here and there, but not sure yet. I'll be 15 weeks tomorrow so we'll see. I don't think it was definite until after 16 or 17 weeks though. I am about the same weight now as I was with my dd at the same point, so about 5'6" and 140 lbs.


angelmonkey - December 24

I was 15 weeks yesterday and have started feeling the odd movements for about 3 days now....just popping in to wish everyone a merry christmas...........it feels like i have been pregnant forever...i was pregnant last christmas and im pregnant thing this christmas lol


shelly08 - December 24

Hey everyone, I had my 17 week appointment on Monday and they did the quad screen. I always get nervous when they do those. I got a call from the doctors office yesterday and the results were negative so that was a big relief. I told my doctor that I hardly every feel her move and they said that most women don't start to feel movement until the 18th week. I felt it much earlier than that with my prior pregnancies. I guess I am more in tuned with my body, or was. He went ahead and measured my stomach even though they don't normally do that until the 20th week. He said my uterus was still way below my naval. Maybe I am just carrying her differently than I did with my three boys. Well, Merry Christmas to you all!


stefkay - December 31

Hi all, just checking in...I have my 16 week appointment today and hopefully will have the first tri screening results back. Shelly I totally understand the worry. My docs office takes 3 to 4 weeks to get the NT/first tri screening results back!!!! I was like WHAT? I just want to get past this part. If it is ok I won't worry so much about the quad screen. I will probably do that today or in the next week or so. I just wish they'd get results sooner. I was able to enjoy my daughter's pregnancy so much more after the 20 week point when all that was done and the anatomy/gender scan was done so we knew things overall looked good. Good luck to you all hope everyone is feeling better! Nausea is on its way out here so I'm eating a LOT more :)


angelmonkey - January 3

hey hope everyone had a good Christmas and new year......i had a scare last week at my 16 week check up, she couldn't find the heartbeat so sent me for a scan....everything was fine.......im 17 weeks on Wednesday....still not feeling much movement.....infact so little i actually wonder if i have felt any movements....i was feeling them alot sooner also...i've been told boys are less active....so who knows


stefkay - January 5

angelmonkey, glad to hear everything turned out ok! I'll be 17 weeks Friday and I had my appt. last week and 1st tri screening came back negative so that is great :) I am scheduled for gender scan on Jan. 28. Really excited!!! As for movement, I think I'm feeling a tad more here and there. It feels more like little "taps" and they are usually more prominent when I sit at my desk and I feel them down low. It doesn't feel like gas anymore and those feelings are usually up higher around belly b___ton and I know baby isn't there yet. I'm excited to feel more though and that will give me more peace of mind.


softbreeze200 - January 7

Hey Stefkay!! You are here again!! I too am again on the forum, but I am over on the July Mommies thread! How is your missy doing?? When does seh hit 18months? Jess hits 18mths on the 23rd. Can you believe we are doing it again? Do you find the forum really quiet now??ANyway, glad to see ya again on here and keep me updated how your pregnancy is going!!Talk to ya soon! Patti


angelmonkey - January 10

hey just popping in to let you know i have my scan next thursday i'll be 18 weeks 1 day...a little earlyier than usuall but oh well...i will be able to find out the s_x but we're choosing not too which will be hard but it will be a nice suprise at the end...how is everyone....im still not feeling this baby much


shelly08 - January 10

Hey angelmonkey, I have my scan on Thursday too. I will be 20 weeks 2 days. I plan on confirming the s_x again. Got to make sure she is still a girl. I am crossing my fingers.I don't know how you can not find out the s_x. The funnest part of my pregnancy is finding out if it's a girl or boy so I can decorate the nursery gender specific and buy clothes. I know you can do neutral nursery and clothes or just do the nursery after the baby is born. You have way more will power than I do! I hope all goes well at your scan. How is everyone else?


angelmonkey - January 11

i found out the s_x with Heidi and decorated her nursery and bought all pink clothes and then when she was born i bought more pink newborn clothes because i'd see them and look at her and think aww you'd look soo cute in that lol....we only have a 2 bed house atm so this baby will be in our room until we either get a bigger place or until when it reaches aroudn 6months and depending on how Heidi is they will share a room.......so if its a boy im going to have to re do Heidi's room neutral......i plan on having a weeks worth of neutral and then buying blue or pink although i already have lots of pink.....it is going to be sooo hard but my partner really likes the idea of not finding out since i mentioned it (grrrr) i will manage....i've found out with one i want to know what its like not to know until its born.....belive me its going to be soooo hard not to.......i'll be 18 weeks and 1 day the day of my scan i dont know why i have my scan so early....i had it at 19 weeks with heidi....its usually around the 20 weeks mark but oh well im not complaining.......im kind of hoping they tell me the baby has its legs crossed or something anyway that will make it easier lol


shelly08 - January 14

Hey girls, I went to my appt today. Had another sonogram. Still a girl. So relieved. She measured a full week ahead of her due date. How is everyone else?


stefkay - January 16

Hey! Just hanging around...waiting for the big u/s! Hoping all looks good with the baby. Feeling more movement all the time and feeling the stretch in my belly already. I swear I had LESS discomfort with the stretching and pulling with my first pregnancy than with this one...what's up with that??? Not much else going on other than work and chasing a toddler, lol :)


IsabellasMommy - January 18

Hi ladies. I hope that you don't mind me joining your little discussion. I'm 17 weeks and 1 day, due June 27. This is my 4th pregnancy, but will be my third living child. My first pregnancy went well, I have a 4 1/2 year old little girl. My second pregnancy ended in miscarriage around 11 weeks. My third pregnancy went perfect and I have a 5 1/2 month old little girl from that one. It was a HUGE surprise to find out that I was pregnant again so soon after having my youngest, but a welcome surprise. This will be our last baby and I'm getting my tubes tied when I have the repeat c-section. I have not had my big ultrasound yet and I'm not sure when I will get it, have to wait to see when the doctor wants it done. I am hoping for a little boy, even though having a little girl would be financially best for us right now. Wishing all of you a happy, healthy pregnancy. Jessi


angelmonkey - January 20

hey everyone i've had the big u/s but didnt want to find out the s_x...i was only 18 weeks 1 day so they want to repeat the scan on the 27th jan where i still wont be finding out the s_x.....how is everyone? 19 weeks today feeling movement all the time now...i started feeling movement more from 17 weeks....i was feeling movement with my first from 15 weeks which is strange lol


ReneeJ - January 30

Hi all, sorry I disappeared. My hubby cleaned out our computer, and it took me forever to find this site again. I am now 22w 3d. I had my ultrasound at 20weeks, and they said there money is on a girl. Baby has been kicking like crazy, we put things on my belly to watch them move around, Hope all is ok with everyone else! Has anyone been having trouble getting comfortable at night?



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