My Face Regimen For Acne Hope It Helps Someone

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Prissanna - February 4

With my first child my face looked awful. With this one I was hopeful that it wouldn't happen. The first few months were great. And then it started. So frustrating. You feel like c__p and you feel like you look worse than that because of your face breakouts. Anwya, I wanted to share how I think I might have overcome this problem. *crosses fingers* I wash my face every night with Proactiv (My Dr. & Pharmacist) said Proactiv was fine while pregnant) cleanser, then I use the toner. Every other night I use the repairing cream. In the morning I use Ivory soap to wash it again and then use the toner (this helps get the oils out). My face has so much improved. I hope it continues to get better. Once my proactiv gives out, I'm going to try to find something over the counter that has the benzol peroxide in it since my pharmacist said Proactiv is overpriced for what it is. I really think the Ivory soap is what is helping though - that's what I've done differently in the last few weeks. Hope this helps others of you who are suffering from the same thing.


Jenn - February 4

My doc reccomends that no pregnant woman uses any acne medication as studies have not shown if they cause birth defects or not---I have had acne as well with this pregnancy and my doc said that he reccommends good old fashion soap and water and patience, I am surprised that your doc has said to continue its use, personally I wouldn't.


Prissanna - February 4

I used Benzol Peroxide with my first pregnancy as well. My phramacist says that the benzol peroxide doesn't cross the blood stream so it can't harm the baby. I trust him completely. Anyway, just thought I would share what I've discovered.


Lyd - February 4

I use Benzoyl Peroxide a few times a week. I was told it was fine to use.


Hope - February 4

I too was told it was fine to use. Walmart makes a generic brand of procactiv. It's called Proacne! Its the same thing and I love it. Good Luck!


Prissanna - February 5

Thanks for that tip about Proacne! I had no clue! I'd like to keep up the same regimen that I have but wasn't sure if I could find anything close.


N - February 5

My doctor has said the same thing as Jenn' acne medication, especially those containing Salycilic Acid (sp?) and definitely no Proactiv. I figure it's only for a few more months, so why risk it?


Carissa - February 6

I too have acne and I'm going to go back to using what my dermatologist recommended a few years ago. It's a cleanser called Cetaphil. I'll try that and an alcohol free toner and moisturizer 2 times a day. When I used the Cetaphil though I was also put on oral acne medicine as well as topical creams and gels. I'm not using any acne medication because the stuff I used to use that had benzoyl peroxide said not to use while pregnant. So I'll just try the cleanser, toner and moisturizer technique and see if that works. If it does I'll let you all know.


Emma4328 - May 26

ClearPores Acne Treatment - great results in quick time. this helped me reduce the signs of my acne in time for my brothers wedding!



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