Pregnant With Negative Tests Or Is It In My Head?

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Jujubeans2008 - February 11

I'm 28 years old and I have NEVER, EVER missed a period.  Heck, I've never been more than a day late for my period.  I'm currently three weeks late.  All urine tests are negative.  I took a blood test about two weeks ago (one week after my missed period) and it was negative.  Now, I have a very strange body and a strange family history.

It seems as my family is this rare species.  My father has had two flesh eating bacteria in his life that are extremely rare, my brother had ocular menelonma (eye cancer, only 2% of people in the world get it), and I've had some strange medical situations as well.  Last year I had a parathyroid tumor removed after it was growing 10+ years and it's abnormal for someone to be so young and have them.  That disease is diagnosed by blood work, which mine was all normal.  But I found a doctor who operated on me based on an ultrasound.  I also was in the 2% of people in the world to tear a ligament off of the bottom of my foot instead of the top.  My doctor had never seen anything like it.  So you get it- I'm pretty strange.

I have taken countless pregnancy tests and they are all negative.  I went to the ER last night (I have the flu and asthma and couldn't breathe) and the test was negative- although they didn't test me until they pumped tons of fluid into me.  I went to urgent care Friday (the start of the flu) I also tested negative there but nobody would give me another blood test.  I did have some light brown bleeding that lasted a couple of hours only when I wiped that I thought might be implantation bleeding. 

I'm lethargic, I have no appetite, my breasts have changed they feel fuller, sometimes I get a sharp pain in them, the skin around my breast (not the areolas) is getting brown spots, the milk producers are rising, I get back pain from time to time and a strange sensation in my stomach.

I wasn't trying to concieve.  I have endemtriosis and use birth control to control heavy periods and the pain.  I was on birth control but started the pack late- not realizing I wasn't protected.  My husband did pull out but some of it did get near the vaginal opening.  I have stopped all of my medications (except what I'm being treated with-with the flu, and my singular for asthma).  I'm just so puzzled and I'm going insane.   I do have kidney stones which I have read can affect pregnancy tests because of the protien.

Has anyone been pregnant that did not test positive on a pregnancy test?  Is it in my head?  I feel crazy, but I have never missed a period.  Please tell  me your thoughts.  If I was pregnant I'd be happy, but right now I'm a big ball of mess.  Haha.  I just want a clear, definite answer.  I return to my general practitioner next week (when I'm due for my next period).  She was concerned that I missed a period because since I was 12 I have been very regular.  Thanks for any input.



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