13 And Pregnant What About My Parents

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to whom it may cocern - February 20

if any of you that are pregnant want to put your child up for adoption i know a few couples who are not able to have a child and have already completed home studies and are looking for a child to adopt please contact me at littletresad@aol.com


new forum - February 20

http://teenmomsnotroll.14.forumer.com/index.php here is a new forum that is just starting out go check it out they need more people involved there


Abigail - February 27

You really should have thought about the consequences. You are 13 and you have had s_x! I dont think that is really good because you have got to finish school and everything! I think you should tell your parents because they could actually help you through this! Good Luck!


Tiffany - February 27

well im 13 right now and im watching things on this topic i think you should tell them i know your gonna be scared at first but later on youll be glad that you told them !!!


Josie - March 4

Hey, I'm only 15 and I'm pregnant to, I'm already 3 months and havn't told my parents either,but i told my boyfriend the day i found out. It makes it alot easier because you have someone to talk to, he got mad and broke some stuff but just let him do what he needs to do and then hopfully he will come to you and talk about it.


S.N - March 4

listen,i feel,ur pain!my BF,totally exepted that,and guss what!im 14!i had my baby when i was 13 to......u have to tell ur parents slowly then start crying though,cuz then they will feel kinda bad 4 u....its really hard,...TRY to eat really HEALTHY food.birth is hard.


lucy - April 29

well im 13 and pregnant my hole year mite know but im still having it what eva you lot say!


-Princess_Becky- - April 30

Am I the only one that thinks the majority of these "10 and pregnant" (or whatever the situation is) girls are fakers? Im sure one or two of them are tellin gthe truth but 13 and preg with your 3rd child!?


Savylilme - June 3

I am 17 And I have a 14 month old daughter the answer I have to tell you is that your parents are going to be the ones helping you more then the father! What you need to do is sit down with your mom and dad or grandparents who ever raised you. And tell them you have to talk to them you have been s_xauly active and you think your pregnant please dont be mad just help me. I need your help not your anger and saddness


animemom - June 3

You are young, and t will be hard, but there is no reason you won't be able to do it...Even if you wind up alone, how old is the father? I was 17 when I got pregnant with my daughter. Her father, was with me when I took the test, so he knew right away, he stuck around for a whole 4.5 months. My parents I waited about a week. Wrote them a note and went to school. They were mad, there was alot of crying and yelling. And my father didn't talk to me, till Eden was born. But in the end they were my biggest source of support. You do need to tell them.


tonilee7 - June 8

Holly c___p!!!! I can not believe what I have been reading, I mean I got pregnant when I was 16 but pregnant at 10 with TWINS and 15 with triplets, and then all you silly people telling them to have an abortion, If they are old enough to open thier legs and have s_x then they are old enough to take responsability for the outcome, and I mean no offence to anyone when I say this but people who are coming on here and teling these young girls that they should take god into thier lives and that god will tell them what to do and show them the way.....mmmmmm......these girls have enough on thier minds and I think what they do and wether they want god in thier lives is up to them it's not your job to push it on to them, they have made it quite clear they are old enough to make big decisions on thier own........sorry if I offended anyone but I am just so shocked with what I have just read..


tonilee7 - June 8

All you young girls (10-14)who have the question "How do I tell my parents I'm pregnant" well you are probably right they will flit out but you have to ask your selve one question.........."where were your parents when you were of having s_x and getting pregnant?" were they letting you do it, knowing that there would always be that chance that you would become pregnant or were they just not taking that much notice that you were able to do it behind thier backs without them knowing????......So really your parents dont really have the grounds to be flipping out, coz if they were taking more notice of your curicular activities they would have known that you were up to no good and would have stopped it or atleast prevented it from happening to the point where you become pregnant when you are still a child not even a teenager! The bottom line is it's not gonna matter how you tell them or when you tell them the outcome is gonna be the same either way........and for you girls who just want to go right ahead and have an abortion so your parents dont know, well have you thought how you are going to cope afterwards with the emotional stress especially if no one but yourself knows.........give this alot of thought......sorry if I offended anyone....but I felt this had to be said


Confussed - June 8

y is everyone on this page so young 11 year olds 13 year olds an they all want babys


mommie2b - June 11

you need to think about adoption 13 is just so young to have a baby and there is so many women out there that would love to adopt.


mimi93 - June 16

Why are babies having babies? there is soooo much to do out there...school, travel, sports it is really sad to think that an 11,12, 13 year old is either pregnant or trying to get pregnant. I wish I was 13 again and have zero worries all I would have to do is play and go to school.


hollyj - July 13

To all you YOUNG girls who are pregnant at ages 12 and 13, what in the hell are you thinking! A baby isn't something you just have because you think you look "cool" or cuz it will be fun! The fact that you are even having s_x (and unprotected) at that age makes me sick to my stomach. You girls aren't even old enough to make your own decsions for yourself how do you think you can be responsible for a child emotionally and financially. And if you think that a 13, 14 or 15 year old boy is gonna stick around you have another thing coming! They might stick around for a while but the novelty will wear off very quickly, they will move on and you will be left at home with a crying baby changing poopy dipers while hes out living his life. Not so cool now, huh? And if you are scared to tell your parents you should be. If your parents aren't mad I would say that their parenting skills leave something to be desired. You girls need to be kids not rasing one. You need to finish school, get an education, live life. Not be stuck at home taking care of a baby while your friends are out having the time of their life. Im not talking out of my a__s here, I know, I was 19 when I had my daughter and I was hard as hell it still is and im 26. I hope you make the right choices and be careful, a baby is not something you can take back when fun time is over



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