I Am Pregnant And My Boyfriend Was Cheating With Ex

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dianamloft - June 1

My boyfriend and i got back together at the begining of the year, then decided we wanted to have a baby together, i am now 9 weeks pregnant and we had said in one month from now we will get married, he said he will work on our relationship and he seemed sincere & happy but on Sunday as we were leaving his house his ex girlfriend showed up, tried to fight me & was screaming at him - seh said they got back together when me and him were broken up & that they have been together since then, he kept asking her to leave but not once denied what she was saying until she was already gone, i felt humiliated - he tried to talk to me after the fight but i was then too upset, the next day all i got from him was a hey message to which i didnt reply- that was the last contact we had since monday (thursday now). im not sure what to do , this is my first baby & i never thought it would be like this - im doubting myself about being a mom- i dont know what i should do, i love him but things that she said make total sense - i dont think i can ever trust him again - please if anyone has been in similar situation


Grandpa Viv - June 4

Ouch! What a traumatic encounter. The two of you need to get together and talk this through calmly. Text him back "That was an awful experience for me. Now I'm ready to talk about where we go from here".

When you have a break up your bf is free to explore other relationships  His new woman has claws and decided not to let go, and he has not been forceful enough in making her leave.

Now you have to figure out if you want to chance continuing the relationship and carrying his child




dianamloft - June 5

Good morning Grandpa Viv , i have to say i am truly thankful for your reply. I decided to be the first to text him and said he didnt have to explain to me anything and that we needed to talk, we met last night - He was there to tell me he no longer wants this baby and that he wants me to terminate this pregnancy - i am so hurt broken, he finally showed me who he really is , i havent had much sleep and i know this will be difficult specially being alone - he stated his family wants nothing to do with this, he has dreams and aspirations and that i am stupid for trying to keep it , but you see i have to be completely honest with myself - i am not okay with terminating this , it was my choice to get myself here so here i am . Please just pray that i will be strong enough and thank you


Grandpa Viv - June 6

Hi Diana, I'm not sure exactly how I helped other than it got you to grasp the nettle firmly. Now you have clarity in where you are and how you want to proceed. That takes heartache out and puts determination in. More power to you. I wish you well. Mail me if you want. 


Cassidee - June 9

I am so sorry that you are going through this. I can't imagine what you are going through. If you don't feel comfortable with terminating the pregnancy, you have other options. If you would like to talk, you may email me. I will keep you in my prayers through this difficult time. 



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