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daleb0202 - July 28

Finally talked some since into niece.  She has agreed to start taking birth control pills if she does not get pregnant on the babycation.  She plans to have sex 2-3 days on the babycation and figures she will be ovulationg during that week.  Thinks she has 100 chance of get pregnant.  I have not agreed to have sex but she thinks I will change my mind and keep her full of sperm for the week.  If I can't get out of all the sex is there something I can do to keep from filling her with sperm and a baby.  She will not let withdraw if my penis is hard and I have not cum inside her. Won't let me use condums.  Need ideas on how to keep from cum inside her vertile womb


daleb0202 - August 18

Babycation has come and gone.  Just waiting to see if we are expecting.  Niece is wearing her maternity clothes hope that she got pregnant.  She as promised to wiat until 16 if she did not get pregnant on babycation.  She made sure that I filled her with cum every time we had sex during babycation.  She register for school at the school for expecting mother with her knocked up friend.


Grandpa Viv - August 18

You don't tell the dates of the vacation. If she is getting pregnant she would be talking of early signs in the week before her expected period. 


daleb0202 - August 19

According to niece she was ovulating during the babycation.  She wants to wait until period is late to do home pregnancy test


daleb0202 - August 22

The baby count is on.  Niece claims she is three days late and horny as hell when she is not sleeping or eating.  She is eating us out of house and home.  will eat anything but her favorate foods make he sick.  Do you think she is pregnant Grandpa Viv.  She is wating until she is 10 days late to test.


Grandpa Viv - August 23

It sounds quite likely. She could test any day now using first morning pee. 


daleb0202 - August 23

Day four no period.  She said she would not test until day 10.


daleb0202 - August 24

Day five no period.  Niece and pregnant friend when to mall to shop for school clothes.  Got a white maturinty top and jeans to wear to school.   Top top tp custom tee shirt shop and had them add the word Baby to top  so the top read  Baby Grand Opening May 2018 in large letter on the top.  Niece is sure that she is pregnant


daleb0202 - August 25

Day six no period in sight.  She is count hours to test approximate 82 hours to go


daleb0202 - August 27

T-40 and counting.  Hoping for a negative test


daleb0202 - August 30

OMG what a couple of days it's been.  Niece is pregnant.  She claims it happened on the third night of the babycation just lke she planned.  Want's to be home school now.  So I can enjoy our pregnancy together.  Has a name picked out and is wearing nothing but maternity clothing even though she has not started to show.  Want's to stay home and breast fed just like her pregnant friend.


daleb0202 - September 20

Niece is happy as a clam.  Never seen anyone happier to be pregnant.  She is hornier than ever, and we can't have enough sex.  She is going to school and is enjoying all her parenting and baby type classes.  Said she wishes she would have gotten pregnant years ago.  Want three babies before she finishes high school and expects to take GED in two years.  Wants to go to someplace where we can get legally marry.  Runs around house in bra and panties so I can see how big our baby is growing.


daleb0202 - April 22

Well niece (she thinks of herself as my wife) is in her last month.  Just weeks to go.  She has never been happier, she even enjoyed her few days of morning sickness.  Can wait until she goes into labor.   Soon the real fun will begin


Grandpa Viv - April 23

Thanks for the update. It’s good to hear things are working out well. My calculation has her due by the end of this month, but the docs may have told you different. Come back a month from now with an update. 


daleb0202 - May 10

It's a girl, both niece and baby are home from hospital and doing good.  Niece is breast feeding and is horny as can be talking about get pregnant again


daleb0202 - July 27

Niece has decide being a mommy is a lot of hard work and she does not want another baby ever!  At least for 3-4 years  Hooray for us.  I don't want another baby either.



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