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Kristin72 - June 22

Here we are ladies... the home stretch!!! Update us on your pregnancy!!!XO


Kristin72 - June 22

Hi Ladies!! I am now 28weeks2days!! Feeling bigger! Was I this big last time? 2 months to go!! Starting to feel anxious. Had my gluclose screening last week. Also had a 3D sweet! I have my OB app weds so I should have my results. I will update when I know more. I have had some swelling..I feel tightness in my legs..trying to drink more water. Also getting leg cramps at night. I have had more frequent urination too!! Ahhh one ever said it was easy!! Update when u can girls!!!!


flroses1120 - June 23

Hi all! I'm right behind you, Kristin, at 27weeks4days. I can't believe how close we are getting! I just found out a couple minutes ago that I failed my glucose tolerance test. :-( So, I have to do my 3-hour test this week. Of course, i'm stressed about it, but that seems to be my "lot" for this pregnancy. Sigh... Oh...I SOOO want to have a 3-D ultrasound! I did have an ultrasound (regular) yesterday, but for some reason, it is so hard for me to see anything in the pictures! I can make it out on the montior, but when I get home and look at the pictures again, my husband and I just can't make anything out. The "face" shot we got yesterday looks to us like an adult human face with teeth and everything! I just KNOW my little girl has to be cuter than that! LOL


flroses1120 - June 26

Hi all... just another quick update. I'm 28 weeks today! It seems like clockwork that i'm getting "3rd trimester" symptoms/problems. For the past 2 days, I've felt so much pressure in my lower pelvic area. Actually, it's mostly a pain there when I walk. I'm fine sitting down. Just when I try to move around -- it's awful! I was completely pain free and moving around fine in my pool -- that WONDERFUL anti-gravity pool. LOL. I called my dr.'s office today just to make sure it was just baby's position and nothing to be concerned about, and they basically told me that "it sounds like you are just going to be pretty uncomfortable." GREAT. LOL. Hope everybody is hanging in there...


Kristin72 - June 28

I hear you flroses on the third trimester symptoms coming on like clockwork. It just seems I am more tired now. I have been having bouts of breathlessness. I am also having pressure in my lower abdomen. I feel like I should almost be at the end..but knowing this will continue for the next two months really sucks. But I shouldn't complain. This will be the last time I will ever experience this in my life and I should cherish it. Hoping everyone else has a great third trimester. My results from my gluclose screening were not available at my visit last week at my OB appointment. So I will have to wait till next week. I did have my Rhogam shot on Thurs had to wait over an hour for a booked appointmenet. Other than that I am nesting like crazy and my dh is driving me Nutty with his lack of help..I can only imagine what it wil be like after the baby comes. HAve a great day ladies!!


tryingx3 - July 1

Hello! Haven't had much to now over 28 weeks myself...had Rhogham shot yesterday, tested for G. Diabetes and Iron... Guess what...low iron this time too. Kristin - did you get your iron checked? Fatigue and breathlessness (both I have) are symptoms of low iron too. No name - yet...


JMP - July 7

HI guys finally 28w1d!! FINALLY! lol. My cervix has stayed the same for the past 9 weeks, so they said I can pretty much go back to my normal routine but they still don't feel comfortable telling me to go back to work (I don't mind!!lol) My legs are starting to go numb lol sometimes I think I lay on my back when I'm sleeping and he lays on my nerves! My back is shot and bending over makes me laugh so hard because I just can't! LOL..My Mother and future MIL I can see are not going to like each other lol, it's a power struggle for the baby shower!! Anyone else with troubling in laws?


Cdnbrd - July 9

Hi All! Glad to hear everyone is doing well! I am 28wk5d and doing good. Well, except my diabetes test came back high and now I have to go see the specialist next Tuesday, so I am feeling you flroses! In the meantime, no sweets, white bread, etc...oh well, there's not long left now; I can grin and bear it for a few more weeks! All this healthy eating will mean less to loose after the little bun is born! She has been kicking up a storm, with the pokes getting stronger (was probably all that extra sugar!). I finally bought a crib, changing table, playpen, and found a really cute bedding set. I also gave in and had the renovating guys paint her room, which I thought I would do myself after she was born. Our house is in a state of chaos, with no kitchen access until the renovation is over. No cooking! What a shame!! I am looking forward to my surprise shower at work next week (overheard them!). Great to hear everyone's updates! Take care :)


flroses1120 - July 13

Hey everybody. I'm so happy that i pa__sed my 3-hour glucose test. I guess I just needed a little longer than an hour to process that gross syrup. How did it go with the specialist, Cdnbrd? It SO wouldn't kill me to follow a better diet, even if I did pa__s. I've never in my life been SUCH a worrier. I keep getting worked up over things. I have a great mom who tries to tell me all is normal. Lately, (warning: TMI), I feel so Leaky. Of course i panic that i'm leaking fluid. But, more likely, urine. Gross, huh? Of course, I explained to the dr. and he totally wasn't concerned. Didn't even want to test if it was fluid. And that pain i've been having when I walk, the only way to describe it, is it feels like my bladder is being crushed, and the dr. told me it likely was. Do bladders bounce back???? Geeze I hope so. Also, I have a funny story (I think it's funny, anyway). My insurance company has this "healthy pregnancy" program -- where they call you 2 times a trimester just to gather data and to make sure everything is on track. Everytime they call, they ask things like, "do you drink, smoke, do drugs....can you afford prenatal care, are you abused, etc." They want to make sure that women aren't afraid to seek help when then need it, I guess. Anyway, the last time they called, and they asked if I was abused, this is how I answered: " husband started calling me 'Big Momma' and last night he teased that I was a baby elephant and called me Babar the elephant -- even though Babar is a boy! Is that abuse?" DEAD SILENCE on the phone. Then, laughter, thank goodness! LOL. She told me that Big Momma is pretty cute, but she'd draw the line at the elephant comments. We had a good laugh and she told me she'd call back after I delivered! Now, my sweet husband has a funny way of delivering endearments, and I tried to tell him i was super sensitive right now. So he tried to make up for it by telling me this morning: "i think you are losing some of your baby weight." me: "excuse me? my tummy is getting bigger and bigger??" him: "i mean, that your b___t doesn't look as big as it did a couple weeks ago. You look good, honey." Good Grief.. he tries SOO HARD. LMAO. I explained to him that it's just an optical illusion cause of my baby belly and that if he just stuck with the "you look good, honey" it would be perfect! MEN! :-) I leave this VERY long, rambly post with a question. Anybody picked out a carseat/stroller yet? I need one that will fit in a smallish 4 door sedan and just thought I'd see if anybody picked anything yet before I started researching.


tryingx3 - July 15

My dd weighs 3lbs. 14oz at 30wks 5 days...she is measuring 31 weeks 4 days and is in the 63rd percentile...a whopper or an early bird...we'll see. BP was 120/64 - my weight is killing me...but here I am with a milk I guess it is my OWN fault!


JMP - July 15

Hey guys-anyone experiencing sciatica? I'm dying! My ds weighs 2lbs 11oz at 29 weeks and 1 day, so excited!! It's starting to get a little hot and baby shower is in August, already tension between the mother in laws over the shower and the presents-help! LOL..other than that my cervix has remained the same and really couldn't ask for anything better! No more cervical measurements!! woohoo! Hope all is well xoxo!


tryingx3 - July 15

No sciatica pains at this point - sure did the 1st time around...but not so far with this one...however, I am walking less with this one...


Cdnbrd - July 16

Hi! Hope everyone is well! After my appointment at the specialist I found out that I do indeed have gestational diabetes. They gave me a machine and I have to take my blood sugar after every meal. Hopefully I can control it with diet, otherwise I have to take insulin - and I really don't think I can give myself a needle! Oh well, it is what it is so I will suck it up and deal with it. People deal with this their whole lives, I can certainly make it through the next two months! I had my "surprise" baby shower at work yesterday; what a blast! Lots of nice gifts, but my favorite was a blanket that the girls knit themselves. Played lots of shower games; I really enjoyed a pictionary type game we played in teams - watching our politically correct male boss try to draw "dialating" was a riot. It seems I have appointments all the time now; but I am looking forward to my u/s at the end of the month to see how my bump is doing. I know the diabetes can make babies quite big! We'll see if I can beat Tryingx3, lol! That's all my news, good to hear from everyone!


tryingx3 - July 16

Cdnbrd - I'll be checking back! The race is on! ha ha


flroses1120 - July 16

ooo ooo -- I'll join the race, too! I have a growth scan next Tuesday (I'll be 31w4d). At my last scan about a month ago, I measured 5 days ahead and in the 60 percentile. I'm so curious to see where she's at on the chart, now!


Kristin72 - July 20

Hi Ladies! I past my GD test. Had 5.3. I forgot to mention that before. I am in my 33rd week. Have my app on Weds. My last app I was measuring dead on. I am still having breathlessness episodes. But other than that pretty good. JMP I had sciatica for 9 weeks with my former pregnancy and in this pregnancy earlier on in the first and second tri but not in my 3rd tri thank gawd. JMP when my baby switched (flipped) sides it was no longer sitting on my sciatic nerve..that's all I can tell you but I know kneading your pain with your knuckles and wearing flats is essential. Try to lay on your left side and prop up your right hip with a pillow while you sleep to try and ease up on the sciatic nerve. Take epson salt baths if possible and get your dh to message too. There are some excersizes you can do to help..but likely you will just have to live through it. So that's about it. Anyone have confirmed names yet?? I am still toying around with a few as I don't know the s_x. I was thinking Khloe Elizabeth or Arianna Rose, or Alexa or Alexis..I dunno I still have to investigate a little more. For a boy my husband wants to name after his father..I am not keen (AT ALL) on that name George. I do like Zachary or we shall see. Hope everyone continues to do well!! XO


tryingx3 - July 20

no name here - husband still not ready to talk about it... DEFINITELY still a girl. :-)



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