Baby Swings - A Fun Way for Your Baby to Relax And Be Monitored

Baby swings are a lifesaver for many parents. Not only do they soothe your baby and make her feel happy and relaxed but, because modern baby swings are automated, they also free up your hands for a few minutes to make a bottle, with a watchful eye still trained on your child.

Baby swings come in all styles and sizes. There are swings for travel, traditional swings, ultramodern multisensory swings, baby cradle swings and more. These swings also come in different price ranges, so hopefully almost all parents will be able to find a swing to suit their baby's needs and the layout of their home.

Of course, when it comes to baby safety, many parents are a little nervous about putting their children in a moving structure. It's important to be aware of baby swing dangers, but rest assured that there are many safe, tried-and-tested baby swings on the market from reputable manufacturers.

Baby Swing Styles

Baby swings or infant swings are understood to be swings for very young babies, who need a reclining swing seat. Toddler swings are for older children who can support themselves better and hold on.

Cradle swings are for rocking very young babies in a fully reclined position from side to side - like the old-fashioned cradles that parents had to push gently to achieve motion.

Unlike those old cradles, most baby swings on the market these days move by themselves. They generally run on batteries, although there are wind-up versions which are gradually becoming obsolete. Some of the battery operated swings also come with CD players, allowing you to play gentle, soothing music.

The only push swings you're likely to find in the shops nowadays are outdoor baby swings. Set one of these freestanding swings up in your garden, and then it's up to Mom or Dad to provide the motion! (Generally outdoor swings are best for babies aged 6 months and over).

Baby bouncers are swing-shaped "jumpers," often made of soft but strong materials. The bouncer hangs in an open doorway attached to the door frame by a detachable, secure clamp. (Needless to say, you need to make sure the door is secured in an open position and that there is absolutely no way it can slam shut.) Your baby's feet can touch the floor, allowing him to push himself up and down - in other words - bounce!

Baby Swing Brands

Some of the most innovative baby swings on sale in the United States are produced by companies such as Graco and Fisher Price, but that's not to say that less-known brands don't produce safe, good quality swings also.

Graco baby swings include, for example:

A travel baby swing - this swing seat doubles up as a car seat. It comes with a free-standing, collapsible frame that you can take with you and set up wherever you go.

"Traditional" swings - the only traditional thing about these baby swings is the shape. Put your baby in the reclining swing seat and let the batteries do the work.

The 2 in 1 swing and bouncer - a swing that converts to a free-standing baby bouncer (no surprises there).

The piece de resistance - the multisensory soother swing - comes complete with a rotating canopy to keep your baby entranced, automated gentle rocking motions and a head support.

Baby Swing Dangers

For reputable baby swing manufacturers, child safety and baby health is of the utmost importance. Although baby swing accidents do happen, serious accidents or fatal accidents are extremely rare - but that doesn't mean you should be any less vigilant. Never leave your baby unsupervised in his swing.

Some of the dangers associated with baby swings include: falls, bumps, bruises and scrapes; entrapment and strangulation.

Make sure this doesn't happen to your child. Buy a new, modern baby swing that adheres to the latest safety standards (baby product safety requirements are constantly being improved).

Also, keep an eye out for baby swing product recalls. Although swing recalls are rare, no manufacturer has complete immunity from them. In 2007, Fisher Price, a trusted and much loved household name (and rightly so) recalled its Rainforest Infant Swing. Fisher Price did the right thing - it became aware of a possible entrapment risk with its product, and then took action to protect children.

For the very latest baby product recall updates, visit the websites of the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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